Mexica (Meh-shee-kah) is the original Nahuatl (the so-called "Aztec" language) way of pronouncing Mexican, Mexicano, and Chicano and Chicana.

The Mexica civilization (incorrectly called "Aztec" by later European historians) was the last of our great Anahuac civilizations (1325 to 1521).

Mexica is the only one of our cultures and civilizations which has enough surviving material (codex manuscripts, archaeology, ethnographic studies, linguistic compendiums, etc)  from which we can fully reconstruct our Nican Tlaca Anahuac nation.

The Mexica were victims of an ethnocide that left no one today who can authentically call themselves Mexica, much like in Italy there is no one who can authentically call themselves Roman. Therefore, the rest of us who have lost all of our civilization identity and culture or tribal identity and culture, and even those of us who have a civilization or tribal identity, can and should embrace Mexica identity as a collective identity for all of us in order to reconstruct our Anahuac nation and as a means of Liberation.

Note: The overwhelming majority of our people were not descendants of tribal cultures.  In our vast majority we were an urban people: cities, towns, and villages.

Mexica does not negate Maya or Huichol or Comanche or Shoshone or any of our other Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) civilizations or tribal cultures. Mexica is our point of unity and our means of reconstructing all of our nation.


Last Update October 3, 2008

We reject all racist and Eurocentric labels which artificially divide us and our lands (i.e. "Hispanic", "Latino", "immigrant", "illegal", "raza", "mestizo", etc.) Full-bloods and mixed-bloods...we are ONE peope! We are ONE nation!

We are Nican Tlaca (Indigenous)!
We are Mexica!
This is our continent of Anahuac (Ah-nah-wahc)!