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First Introduction

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Below is the regular text Brief Introduction to Anahuac Theology


Anahuac Theology

A Brief Introduction

(revised December 30, 2005
March 11, 2006


For the Nican Tlaca (Indigenous Full-blood and Mixed-blood)
Mexican, "Central American", "Native American", "First Nation"
People of Anahuac

(Anahuac refers to what is called "North America", which includes what is called Canada, U.S., Mexico, and "Central America")



Olin Tezcatlipoca

Copyright ©2002-2006 Olin Tezcatlipoca  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Olin Tezcatlipoca is the Founder and Director of the Mexica Movement

A Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) Rights Educational Organization


Understanding Anahuac Theology

We all have referred to our parents as “mother”, “father”,
or by their specific first name
or sometimes referred to them
by their first name and surname
when speaking to others about them.

We might more scientifically
refer to them biologically
as egg provider, semen provider.

In generations prior to today,
we might have referred to them as

my mother who takes care of the house
and as my father who has a job to pay for food and clothing.

In a thankful and acknowledging way
we might refer to our mother as:
the one who gave birth to me;
the one who gave milk to me from her breast;
the one who held me;
the one who changed my diapers;
the one who guarded over me.

In a thankful and acknowledging way
we might also refer to our father as:
the one who provides for home and health;
the one who protects my life;
the one who guides me;
the one who helps me with my homework;
and the one who disciplines me.

In other ways, in prior generations,
we acknowledged our parents by:

showing respect to their rules;
doing as we have been taught to do in morality and ethics;
being obedient to their commands;
and being thankful for their gifts, their love,
and the life that they provided for us.

These are just some of the ways in which we relate with our parents.
We use different names to identify them.
We describe them in how they help us.
We know that without them we would never had been born.

Our ancestors acknowledged Our Creator in a similar fashion
by referring to Our Creator as
Our Mother, Our Father, Tonantzin, Totatzin.

We also referred to Our Creator by many other names,
to suit the purpose for which we were addressing Our Creator.

We used the following names,
to give full recognition to the major manifestations of Our Creator that we acknowledged as:

Creator of the Universe, Moyocoyatzin

The One Who Gives Us Life, Ipalnemohuani

We also looked at the two manifestations of Ometeotl and called them as:

The One Who is in All of the Elements of the Universe: Coatlicue
referring to Our Creator in the material manifestation of the universe, as Our Mother.

The One Who Causes Movement of Matter in the Universe: Yohualli Ehecatl
referring to Our Creator as the Mover of Matter in the universe, as Our Father.

Together Coatlicue and Yohualli Ehecatl

are Ometeotl

The One who is Everything in All Directions,

In All Space,

in All Times

Tloque Nahuaque.

Our ancestors scientifically pointed out

the main manifestations of Our Creator

Matter and Matter-in-Movement as

Water (Atl) represented by Tlaloc, the blood of the universe,

who is represented by the moon (meztli) and the eastern direction
and by the animal symbol of the owl (tecolotl);

Earth (Tlalli) represented by Tezcatlipoca, the flesh of the universe,
who is in turn represented by the earth (tlalli) and the northern direction
and by the animal symbol of the jaguar (ocelotl);

Air-Wind (Ehecatl) represented by Quetzalcoatl, the breath of the universe,
who is in turn represented by the planet venus (tlahuizcalpantecuhtli) and the western direction
and by the animal symbol of the quetzal feathered serpent (quetzalcoatl);

and Fire (Tlachinolli) represented by Huitzilopochtli, the heart of the universe,
who is in turn represented by the sun (tonatiuh) and the southern direction
and by the animal symbol of the eagle (cuauhtli).

We understood Our Creator to be everything.

Our Creator was understood to be in everything:
Our Father the Sun, as essence of the Sky, that which lights and warms us;
Our Mother the Soil, as the essence of the Earth, who provides for us and nourishes us.

In all of these understandings we understood Our Creator very scientifically,
based exclusively on observation, based on proven physics, chemistry, and astronomy.
We wrote of these understandings in metaphor, myth, poetry,
and mystic intellectual concepts,

and in art and architecture.

We have a very beautiful theology, a very complicated theology.
We should show it respect by studying it.
We should not speak lightly of this great heritage of our people.


Part One

Anahuac Nation: Mexica People

Anahuac Theology is meant to be a summary, and the initial installment on a series of books titled: Anahuac Theology.

This brief introduction book will primarily focus on the Mexica (so-called Aztec) branch of Anahuac Theology. From this rich Mexica source of understanding our theology, it will then be easier to understand the larger Anahuac Theology---and in turn this understanding will give us a better understanding of the Maya, Hopi, Huichol, and all of our other Anahuac traditions that express our one same cosmic and theological view. On a practical level, Mexica Theology is the only version of our Anahuac theology that has come down to us in a state where we can reasonably reconstruct it, by way of extrapolating and interpolating it (keeping in mind the European biases, distortions, omissions, and insertions of Christian and European filters that went into the actual compiling and editing of these documents, and the core collection of codices and art that verify these interpretations). Remember that the re-gathering of all of this now available information came to us from our 16th century ancestors who were our priests, the students of the Calmecacs, and other highly educated people, the VENERABLES (people of books and universities).

Remember that this knowledge had been hidden for over 300 years (a 19th century discovery) and that we, the Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) population, have not had easy access to it until the middle 1980's.

Remember that 99.9% of our books were burned and that all of the High Priests of our major cities were executed by the Spaniards.

Also keep in mind that Mexica Theology is the theology of an Anahuac metropolis (Tenochtitlan, 350,00 inhabitants), as opposed to that of a village or town or any of the other supposedly purer "tribal elder " surviving preservations of our Anahuac theology, which has been distorted by the insertion of Christian and European concepts.

Mexica Theology is verifiable in context of the Maya, Mixtec, and Purepecha surviving original documents---which make up the other great bodies of knowledge of our great civilizations of Anahuac.

But in order to understand the Mexica Theology of Anahuac we must first understand the history and definitions of what is Mexica, Nahuatl, and Anahuac. We must understand why part of our history is unknown to us in any reality-based form. It is also a must to understand how this state of ignorance came about---in the briefest way possible---before we get into the heart of our Anahuac Theology.



Part Two



All human theologies begin with the question of who created us and who created the universe---and why. Humanity, without exception, has asked these two ever-present questions.

Superstition has been the simplistic (and irrational) answer that we human beings have given ourselves again and again, instead of the more logical and understandable answer that is right in front of our eyes.

Today we are dominated by the Judeo-Christian European superstitions which have come down to us by the gun and the sword, which speak in illogical and contradictory words that have been put to memory or paper and have been called the inspired ("with the spirit" ) words of "God"---the words of Our Creator.  Judeo-Christian European traditions have also declared a man named Jesus Christ to be "God" or to be speaking for "God". In the Middle East certain women have repeatedly (Alexander's mother, Jesus' mother, etc.) been declared "Mother of God".

In the Islamic tradition they come closer to a sober understanding of Our Creator with a simple and profound statement, "There is but one Creator and The Creator's name is Allah." Islamics have no saints, no gods, no man as "God", no woman as goddess.

In our Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) Anahuac theology (study of Our Creator) we did not "believe" in "God" or "gods" . We cannot even properly use the word "God" for Our Creator because it is tainted for us by Europeans with their narcissistic and male-centered idea of a bearded racist old white man who gets angry, spiteful, and who is always wanting our love. This He, this "God", is a man-like creature too much like humanity, a "God" created in a human image, with all the faults of humanity. We, in Anahuac, did not believe in "God", we acknowledged the reality of "The Self-Created Creator": Ometeotl.

This is the big difference between a European and Middle Eastern "belief" system and our Anahuac scientific theology, a theology that acknowledges (with scientific proof) the reality of the Universe (Creation) and the reality of Ometeotl (Our Creator).

When our Anahuac ancestors observed and studied the Universe, in our obsession to understand Our Creator and the Universe, we found the obvious: that Our Creator and the Universe are one, One Body (the Universe and its elements which is Moved by Our Creator) and One Mind (that which is Our Creator as the Mover of all of the elements of the Universe).

When we understood this basic scientific reality, which doesn't require "belief", we understood that we are part of the fabric of the Universe and in being part of that universe we are a tiny part of the One and Only Body and Mind of Our Creator ---which is both The Moved Universe and the Mover of the Universe. This is a very provable, visible, tangible, logical, and acknowledgeable reality.

The Mover is what Europeans and the Middle East call "Spirit".  Expressions such as "the spirit moved me" are an indicator how even Europeans understand this concept.  What is it that Our Creator Moves, other than Matter (Material, rooted in the Latin Mater, which is Mother).   Matter [Tloque Nahuaque] (all of the elements of the Universe, the body of Our Creator) are the things that are Moved by the Mover [Ometeotl] (Our Creator's Mind).

Our ancestors came to this conclusion by simply observing the Sun and the Stars in the sky and the Earth and life at our feet---and we found our obvious Father-Mother, Our Creator.

The Earth out of which we came (which gave humanity birth) and that holds us and nourishes us, is Our True Mother, Tonantzin.

The Sky that holds the Sun and Stars who light up our day and our night skies, who lets us see with the miracle of light, who enlightens us with the movements of the sky, keeps order, this is Our True Father, Totatzin.

All this we understood about the inseparable Sky-Earth, our inseparable Mother-Father who is The One and Only Creator (in the Dualities of Day-Night, Order-Chaos, Space-Time, Life-Death, and the countless other dualities which are the core of the Body and Mind of the Universe, Our Creator's Body and MInd).

This great enlightenment all came to our ancestors not as a belief, or from a drug induced revelation, it came to us from scientific observation of the Earth at our feet, the Sun and Stars in the sky, the seasons, and the elements of the Universe. This enlightenment became scientific proof from the astronomical studies which we documented in books written over hundreds of years. This enlightenment gave us our calendar, the most accurate in the world even with today's standards.  This enlightenment gave us a clear acknowledgment of that one indivisible reality: Ometeotl, as the Mind of the Universe; Tloque Nahuaque as the Body of the Universe.  This enlightenment gave us our theology.  Our theology is a lot more complicated and scientific than this brief outline will explain to you. 


But to most of us who have grown up in Western (European) so-called Christian society, which includes the Nican Tlaca (Indigenous Mixed- blood and Full-blood) Mexicans, "Central Americans", and "Native Americans" of this continent, these ideas of a Creator who is a Creator in Duality (Sky-Earth, Mother-Father, and all the other dualities of our theology) appears to most of us as weird, not understandable, and overall as superstitious nonsense.

But then again we have to question the reality of what we now so easily accept from Christianity. We have to ask what is so provable, sophisticated, scientific, and monotheistic about the claims that a man (Jesus Christ) is "God", and that he is also the "Son of God"---equal with "God". Jesus Christ, a man who has disciples who then go on to establish a war and money cult of Judaism that becomes a religion which is filled with a pantheon of so-called saints who are prayed to as if they were different faces of a multiplicity of unequal and divisible "minor gods", and a Virgin Mary who is prayed to instead of "God".

This is the Christian religion (a fanatical-hypocritical war and money cult of Judaism) where Jesus Christ is prayed to instead of "God", the "God" of Abraham and the Bible.  This is a Christianity which is in direct violation of even Jesus' instruction as to how to pray to "God" (in the New Testament) via The Lord's Prayer ("the Our Father"). Where is "Mother" we should also ask of this prayer?  This prayer is not meant to be a prayer to Jesus or Mary or any of the "saints". It is a prayer to "God", the Father "God" of the Jews. Mary (Hail Mary) is a last minute scrapped together Mother to balance the uneven and unacceptable male-centric divinity.

Christianity goes on to violate three of the Ten Commandments: "Thou shall have no other Gods besides me" (there is no mention of any son of God or Trinity in the Commandments---or anywhere else in the Old Testament); "Thou shall keep holy the Sabbath" (Sabbath is Saturday, not Sunday---a pagan holy day); "Thou shall have no engraved images" (crosses, pictures of saints, statues, pictures of Christ and Mary, relics, and fish icons appear more often than any visual representation of a monotheistic "God"---in fact there is a total absence of representations of "God" or thoughts of "God", the "monotheistic God" of Abraham).

In reality, there is very little logic, cohesion, or clarity in Christianity---in all its forms. This "Christianity" is an illogical, contradictory, and self-centered (personal salvation) religion that is supposed to be superior to our Pre-European Anahuac theology (a non-individualistic, non-self-centered, collective theology).

Sadly, we have had to take time to explain and deal with Christianity, from our Anahuac-centric (logical and scientific) point of view, because we know that the majority of the readers of this book (our people) are supposedly Christian, and because all of the materials available to us for the study of the sciences, literature, and more specifically the study of theologies is imbedded with Christian language bias and filters that distort our viewing of anything outside of its white sphere, and we---in slavery---are a product of that sphere (distortion). It is very difficult to get through all these racist, colonial, enslaving barriers, but for most of us that is our only route to escape, enlightenment, and liberation for our people---the end of Christian and Eurocentric enslaving thought in our lives. 

We will also make note here of the now unavoidable reality that we are forced to read from the Latin script and the English language.  We will proceed in this entrance into ourselves, conscious of these chains and aware that there are other chains that we are not conscious of.  Remember that we have been robbed of our true free minds.  Remember that you must have knowledge before you become aware of truth. 

At this point in our lives most of us have been fed lies all of our lives about our history and the theology of our ancestors.  Here is the opportunity to free our minds from at least one chain of the Europeans.

Here is the key:  Anahuac-centered knowledge of our history and heritage must be gained first before embracing our theology!  Awareness of how that knowledge affects us today through colonialism and occupation will come second before our theology.  The courage to act on this knowledge and awareness will come third before our theology. We must learn that our theology is not independent of knowing our heritage.  It is also not independent of having the courage to help to educate and liberate our people.  The best way to be whole in our heritage is to participate in the liberation work of the Mexica Movement.  This will be a way of living our theology without the European pretenses of "religion" and the sacrilegious sterile false rituals of New Age sweat lodges, danza, and pow wows.  You must participate in strong knowledge of our heritage and with an active participation as a Mexica Movement warrior for our people or else you are approaching our theology like a European, a fraud, committing sacrilege that dishonors our ancestors.  You must confront your Eurocentric selfish mind with this truth.  To deny this is to be selfish, to be Eurocentric, to be a traitor to our people. 

All of this having been said (and no mention being made of the Christian crimes of Genocide, theft, murder, enslavement, and lies which you will find in the rest of the Mexica Movement website), let us begin to look in more detail at our Anahuac history and our colonized condition.




Part Three

Background (Past) and Foreground (Present):
Over Four Thousand Years of Civilization
without  Europeans

and over 500 years of Genocidal and Psychological Damage

to Our People Under European Racist Colonial Oppression

Anahuac, our ancestral cultural continent, covers the "North America" geographic area that is now called Canada, U. S., Mexico, and "Central America" (including Costa Rica).

We, the Original Inhabitant people of this continent, have been sharing, melding, and weaving our nation for over four millennium. We have historically been a united single culture with many languages (like India), many city states (much like Italy was at one time), many climates, many versions of our Anahuac civilizations and cultures---all sprouting from our original Olmec mother-father civilization.

The core of our Anahuac civilizations had been founded by our Olmec mother-father civilization well before 2300 B.C., could be as early as 3000 B.C.   This civilization spread from the Veracruz part of Mexico south into "Central America", north into the Mississippi river delta, northwest to the so-called Southwest, and then into all of what is called "North America".

Our Olmec mother-father civilization gave us the science and seed of corn, the root of all our cultures, and provided the necessary genius for our all our Anahuac civilizations.

Most of our people and the rest of the world do not know that before the Europeans invaded, we people of Anahuac had already built scores of cities, and hundreds of towns, developed sciences, philosophies, and the civilized arts---all begun long before 2300 B.C. (see

For at least four thousand years our people have been the product of a single unit of civilization: Anahuac (from our Nahuatl language, meaning "the land between the waters"). Our civilization was begun and was flourishing long before Rome or Athens were even started.

We had created and developed magnificence in art and architecture. We had made discoveries in mathematics, geometry, engineering, astronomy, and medicine. We had developed universities (in many ways equal or superior to those of Europe) and libraries, the world's most accurate calendar, one of the great bodies of literature of the world, and one of the greatest and most complex theologies in the history of humanity.

We had created our own world of brilliant accomplishments and genius: The civilizations of the Olmec, Zapotec, Cuicuilco, Teotihuacan, Maya, Huaxteco, Tolteca, Mixtec, Purepecha, Mexica (so-called Aztec), and the hundreds of other cultures of our Anahuac lands.

All of this greatness of our people came to a sudden end with the European invasions of our lands.

Since 1519 when the first Europeans invaded our Anahuac lands (Mexico, "Central America", and the "U.S. and Canada), we have been subjected to their destruction of our cities, the executions of our leaders, and the genocide of 33 million of our people (23 million killed in Mexico and "Central America" and another 10 million that were killed in Canada and the U. S., 95% of our people were killed by European use of smallpox and other biological weapons of mass destruction).  We have suffered the theft of our continent and its immense wealth of natural resources which has left us in poverty.  We have been enslaved to do their labor and to be assimilated into their culture.  Most importantly, in the last 500 years we have suffered the theft of our true Nican Tlaca Anahuac identity, history, heritage, and theology.

Our lives are today controlled, and our continent is occupied, by European squatters (white people who call themselves Americans, Canadians, Hispanics, Latinos, Cubans, and Spaniards---and who have tricked a lot of our people into calling themselves by some of these names). This control and occupation all of what is called "North America": Canada, U.S., Mexico, and "Central America".

Sadly we have been presented with the lies of borders and culture that Europeans have forcibly defined for us.   They tell us what is our land!   They tell us what we are and what we should be called.  They define our past and our future.  They define our rights to our culture and our continent. They define our existence because we are ignorant and because we are cowards in fear of confronting their lies and criminal activities of the last 500 years.

Today we have European boundaries making scars on our land, on our bodies (with their DNA raped into about half of us), and scars on our souls (mutilating the essence of who we are). The scars-borders (they still shamelessly keep calling our continent their land) put the power, the wealth and our continent in the hands of these European Squatters (so-called settlers, who keep us from the knowledge of who we are and what is ours---and who they are and what crimes they committed in the past, and continue committing to this day).

We also have to deal with the psychological "racial scar" that resulted from the racist raping of our people and the initial and continuing invasion and occupation of our continent. That "racial scar", and our ignorance and cowardice, are what cripples us as human beings today. That crippling scar (the mixed-blood in half of us and the ignorance of who we are) is the result of the racist rape of our people and the theft of the wealth of our continent.

We continue to be a culturally castrated and racially raped nation---ignorantly in an enslavement to the interests of the European squatters/criminals on our continent. Our enforced ignorance, conditioning to self-hate, oppressive states of submission, and the perpetuated poverty of our people are all directly related to the presence of European squatters on our continent, and their depriving us of the immense wealth of our continent, while they continue to steal all our wealth. The Mixed-blood element in us only adds confusion to our ignorance. It tips the Eurocentric imbalance more monstrously in the favor of our people committing a mass genocidal suicide and treason---a treason that has hopes that one day in the future, in a few generations, we will rid ourselves of that "Indian" blood in us and the shame that goes with it---an unjustified shame and an insane racist desire.

We have been conditioned for 500 years to look at ourselves as Mixed-blood Europeans working to become more European, instead of the Mixed-blood Indigenous people that some of us are, (30% of our population is still Full-blood and another 20% "looks" Full-blood, and the rest varies closer to Nican Tlaca or closer to European but in reality we are all Nican Tlaca---the people of this continent).

Ignorance is such an ugly burden to suffer. It is such a monstrous crime to impose on a whole race of people. It is the stuff of Nazis concentration camps, atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Trail of Tears, Massacre in Cholula (6,000 unarmed killed by cowardly Spaniards), Massacre on the Feast of Huitzilopochtli (10,000 killed by more cowardly Spaniards). It is the stuff that deadly nightmares are made of. It is the nightmare that Europeans have impaled us on.  We are living in a European-made hell.


Part Four



Today, we the modern day Anahuac-centric descendants of the people of Anahuac (as opposed to the Eurocentric majority of our people) collectively look at ourselves as a Mexica people and as an Anahuac nation.

Mexica (Meh-shee-kah) is what our people from Tenochtitlan called themselves in our Nahuatl language. From Mexica we get the word Mexicano (mejicano) in Spanish, Mexican in English, and Chicano in Calo (Nahuatl-slang).

We are Mexica, because that was our last great civilization.  The majority of our people have been culturally castrated of any connection of a specific civilization or culture.  Mexica is the only realistic way that we can collectively reconstruct ourselves as a nation, while maintaining the culture and identity of those of our people who have survived such as the Maya, Zapotec, Purepecha, Hopi, Shoshone, and others. 

Mexica is correct and Aztec is inaccurate because Aztec does not just refer to the Mexica, it refers to all of those dozens of cities and hundreds of towns whose people originated in the northern lands of Aztlan-Chicomoztoc.  It is also inaccurate because none of our people ever called themselves Aztec.  This was a term ignorantly coined by Europeans.

The Mexica of Tenochtitlan were one of those original multiple waves of Aztlan-Chicomoztoc migrations that arrived in the Valley of Mexico and the surrounding valleys over a period of 200 years, starting around 1100 A.D.   The origin of the Mexica is in dispute, but when we read the stories of how Aztlan was described as a place of lakes we can eliminate the "Southwest" as the original home. We can look to evidence of the Moundbuilders on the Mississippi and to Cahokia in Missouri, along with the Adena and Hopewell civilizations of the "Midwest" to get a more realist and a less Spaniard-centered understanding of where the Mexica came from.

These Aztlan-Chicomoztoc waves joined our Maya, Otomi, Tolteca, Huaxteca, Mixtec, and many other Anahuac civilizations that had been in collective existence for over 3,000 years at that time in what is now called Central Mexico and "Central America" (or "Mesoamerica").

Mexica is what we can rebuild from our destroyed Pre-European nation of Anahuac, much like the Italians re-built their nation based on their Roman civilization, in light of the fact that there were Etruscan, Greek, Arab, Phoenician, Carthaginian, Germanic and other components to their history, blood, and heritage.



Part Five


We will pause here to reflect on the history that we have not known. We will pause to remember our ancestors who have been dishonored and our descendants who will one day be liberated. And in this pause we should clearly understand that there is a massive amount of our Anahuac history that is unknown to us even today. We have a duty to learn what we have of it, embrace it, live it---and to teach it.

We have a past, present, and future that has been mostly stolen from us and that is being kept from us. We have to be conscious of that fact.

We have to be conscious of the Eurocentric enslaved present condition of our minds (in which we barely survive). Our Eurocentric minds hold us from embracing all of who we are and what is ours---including our continent, our culture, and our Anahuac Theology. Anahuac has to be understood in context of the overall history of our people, the present history---and the yet to be made and yet to be written future history of our people.

We have to be honest and reasonable to acknowledge that Anahuac theology without knowledge of our Anahuac history, and the obligations of being a warrior, becomes a fraud when taken and isolated purely for "personal fulfillment".

All of this has been said here at this point so that we all can be aware of the history, the occupation of our continent, the languages (English and Español) that filter our thoughts, that prejudge, distort, and prevent us from looking at ourselves and our culture in the true light of day, instead of the imposed artificial Eurocentric dark light that enslaves us---blinds us to the reality of our land at our feet, our Nican Tlaca faces in the mirror. This is all said so that we can hear the voices of our ancestors---the voices that reach out across the centuries to us by way of the writing of the codices, the writing that is called art, literature and architecture.  All that they have left to us is waiting for us if we have the discipline of love for our people.

Keep all of this in mind, as you absorb the information being presented to you in this book. Be aware of all of this so that you can catch yourself when you are thinking Eurocentric or with Judeo-Christian biases.

Also keep in mind that this book is solely intended for the Nican Tlaca (Indigenous Mixed-blood and Full-blood) people of Anahuac. This book is not for the Hispanic-minded (Cortez lover), the oxymoronic "Indigenous Latino" (which is just an ignorant self-hater), or the Mestizo-Raza people who are proud of their supposed Spanish heritage and who celebrate the rape of our people by calling themselves "Raza", "Raza Cosmica", Mestizo, and other names that deny them their true Nican Tlaca Anahuac heritage.

In this book we understand that almost all of us (and the world) are ignorant of our Pre-European Nican Tlaca Anahuac history and culture.

In this Introduction part of the book we have worked to make you keenly aware of the background (Anahuac history) and the foreground (our present Eurocentric enslaved mentality) that prevents us from looking clearly at our Nican Tlaca reality as a reality. It is meant to wake you---shake you from the Eurocentric, to help you see how we arrived at our condition of ignorance and how we can, at least temporarily, remove this enslavement of ignorance, false Mestizo pride, and our smothered Anahuac dignity, and most importantly our ignorance of Our Creator, Our Mother-Father, Ometeotl.

Now, with all of this super-consciously imbedded in our minds, we can try to view ourselves as our ancestors intended, on our terms, in our interests: Past, Present, and Future. Read, think, take off your blinders, remove your deafness, find your courage---and then read on some more, you may discover yourself waiting for you in the thoughts of this book, the memory of our ancestors, and in the sacredness of the One and Only Creator, Ometeotl .






A Scientific Understanding of Our Creator


Thousands of years ago

our ancestors had discovered,

through observation and study,

visually and intellectually,

Our Creator's script for the Universe:

written in the Sky and in the Earth

and in the elements and logic of the Universe.

We then understood the role that we had been set to play,

and we embraced it all with enthusiasm

---an enthusiasm for our place in the Universe,

an enthusiasm for the absolute beauty of Our Creator,

for the Material and Movements

that were the Body and Mind of Our Creator.

Our ancestors knew

that the very act of Being,

the fact of our very Existence,

was a privilege.

We understood that we had an obligation

to intellectually participate

in the natural beauty and magic

of the Movements of the Universe

that The Creator

had set in place

all around us.

We formulated dramatic

and super-reality ways

to explain all of this enlightenment.

We did this in many ways that

would reveal Our Creator, Ometeotl,

in the daily lives of our people.


We acknowledged Ometeotl in the rituals and ceremonies of our lives.



Ometeotl Manifestations

We understood Ometeotl

as The One Material

and the Infinite Movements

of the totality of the Universe.

We saw this in the
4 Manifestations of Ometeotl: 

Tezcatlipoca, Tlaloc, Quetzalcoatl, and Huitzilopochtli .

We saw this in the
4 elements that work in unity in the Universe:

Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

We saw this in the
4 directions of the infinite whole of the Universe:

North, West, South and East.

We intellectualized all of this with the
4 colors and 4 animals that we developed to represent all of the "fours":

Black and a Jaguar for Tezcatlipoca, Earth, and North;

White and a Quetzal Feathered Serpent for Quetzalcoatl, Air, and West;

Blue and an Eagle for Huitzilopochtli, Fire, and the South;

and Red and an Owl for Tlaloc, Water, and the East.

Our Creator was understood

to be this one measureless Material of the Universe

Moved in countless times and ways by Our Creator.


Water---the color Red, The Blood of the Universe,
whose name is Tlaloc,
who represents the moon and renovation.

Earth---the color Black, the Flesh of the Universe,
whose name is Tezcatlipoca,
who represents the stars, Our Mother Earth,
Bringer of Death and Disorder, the Bringer of Challenges and Changes.

Air---the color White, the Breath of the Universe,
whose name is Quetzalcoatl,
who represents Venus, the Morning-Evening star,
the Creator of Humanity, Bringer of Life and Order, Bringer of Knowledge.


Fire---the Color Blue, the Light of the Universe,
whose name is Huitzilopochtli,
who represents the Sun, Our Father The Sky,
The Keeper of Time, The Bringer of Courage.

Ometeotl Words

In the myriad of our languages,
through the recollected images of the mind and dreams,
and in the multi-metaphoric metaphors
that were the sacred incantations
spoken in the atmosphere of the
Mover and the Moved,
Space and Time,
and in the super-sacred realities
of Life and Death,
this is how we addressed The Creator:

Ometeotl, The All-Sacred Duality, Creator of the Universe,

Mover and Moved,

who is also known as

Tloque Nahuaque, the One Who Is Everywhere,

who is also known as

Moyocoyatzin, Self-Created Creator,

who is also known as

Ipalnemohuani, Giver of Life,

who is also known as
Totatzin, Our Father the Sky,

who is also known as
Tonantzin, Our Mother the Earth,

who is also known as

Yohualli-Ehecatl, The Mover of Material,

who is also known as

Coatlicue, the Material that is Moved,

who is also known as

Xipe Totec, Space, the holder of the Universe,

who is also known as

Xiuhtecuhtli, the Maker of Time,

and who is also known as

Tezcatlipoca, Tlaloc, Quetzalcoatl, and Huitzilopochtli

All are one.

All are just actions, aspects, manifestations, and concepts to describe

the beauty of Ometeotl.

Our Creator is the Mover

of the Universe,

planets, Earth, seasons, life, flesh, blood, breath, heart, DNA, atoms,

and all things in existence.




The uncountable faces of
the One Body and Mind
of Ometeotl
as Manifested as the Mover of the Moved Universe:

Our Creator Wears The Universe As A Mask, As Costume.




Our ancestors used our prescribed motions and words,

icons, and regalia
as a way of remembering-acknowledging
the Manifestations and Sacred Masks of Ometeotl
as seen in:
the Sacrifice of our blood

and the sacrifice of our lives in battle and ceremonies.

We understood the full magic of

Our daily education was sacred.

All rituals were education.

Puberty, marriage, honors,
and the calendar that tracked the movements of Space through Time

were all ritualized and kept sacred.

All the movements that govern our existence

were ritualized because they were sacred.




The processions,
and words
that stopped the mundane daily lives of our people
through a series of
and ritual acting out
of the mysteries
of The Giver of Life,
The Self-Created Creator, Ometeotl.


a human being
was a walking-talking cosmos metaphor,
blood as water, as the blood of the Universe,
flesh as earth, as the flesh of the Universe,
breath as air, as the breath of the Universe
and heart as fire, as the heart of the Universe.

In Regalia
humans carried the earned honors and rankings
of priests and warriors,
and the earned iconic history of our theology.

Regalia was the resume, authority,
dignity, and proof
of worthiness.




The metaphoric, allegorical, and multi-dimensional, stories
of our intellectual
and emotional understanding
of the open and closed secrets
of Our Creator's universe
---Body and Mind.



These monumental structures
were stages for the ritual, regalia, masks,
and words
that together expressed and acknowledged
the metaphoric and actual presence
of The Creator In The Universe.




Expressing in arts
the beauty and creativity
of our love for all aspects and manifestations
of Our Creator, Ometeotl

It was a record
of our intellectual achievements.

Art was only meant
to be an expression
of our love
for Ometeotl.


Warrior Societies

Educating, training, and preserving
the warriors'
knowledge of HONOR, duty, courage,
fierceness, humility,
loyalty, merit,
rank, nation,
and the Sacredness
of the manifestations of Ometeotl.

In essence all is sacred, because all is
The Body and Mind
of Ometeotl:

Under the authority of our Warrior Societies

Birth, Puberty, Education, Priesthood, Warrior, Marriage, Death,
and all of the other rites were to meant to enhance our knowledge

of Ometeotl and to bring HONOR, order and dignity to our societies.




We Must Now Earn Our Knowledge

This in essence was the thick and endless forest of thoughts and images that was our Anahuac Theology. It is even more dense and more enigmatic, more mystical, than we can imagine. But at one point we found a connection, a thread, of understanding, of enlightenment, and we hung on to it as if our very lives depended on it.

One day you will understand all of what you have read here

and you will be filled with the beauty of a full enlightenment, you will be liberated. For now, you can study, live your life as a real warrior, not a play warrior. You will learn honor. You will learn how to honor Our Creator and thus honor our people.




our Mexica name for Our Creator
the Creator of the Universe.

Mother of Earth
Father of humanity.

in the fabrics of the universe:
fire, air, water, earth.

who is everywhere,
is in everything:
space, time, and all
of existence.

of order and chaos,
day and night,
master of duality
mistress of the universe

who is in our love for our people,
in our blood and bone,
in our birth and death
in our knowledge of ourselves

You who are
the beauty of the universe

help our people to help themselves out of our slavery,

out of the European occupation of our continent.

our Anahuac people.
Help us find our Mexica history, our Anahuac history,
our honor,
our courage.
Help us out of our cowardice, our selfishness,
our treason to our people,

and our slavery
to all things European.
Help us embrace
our true history and identity.
Help us become Mexica once again!
Help us love You Ometeotl,

You Who Are Our Creator,

Help us understand You
Help us help ourselves.




that has been imposed on us by Europeans through our slavery to Christianity

Our ancestors did not speak or know of "Spirituality"
We understood Mother Earth and Father Sky as "The One Creator In Duality"
It was always understood that Mother Earth was part of Father Sky

and that Father Sky was part of Mother Earth,

that they were two parts of the One Creator.

We knew Mother Earth and Father Sky

to be one and the same: Our Creator, Ometeotl.

That was the way our theology spoke of Our Creator.

Our Creator is The Mover of all things Material.

Our Creator as The Mover moves Material (that which is Moved) things in the Universe.

Our Creator is both the Mover and the Moved.

Our Creator is Material and that which Moves Material.

We will use the word "Spirit" with caution in this Anahuac Theology document,

aware of the limitations of this word,

and aware of the baggage that this word carries,

but we will use it to get certain points across.

This word has many meanings which distort the meaning

which we want to limit it to:

the meaning of being a Mover (that which "spirits away"),

that which Moves the Universe

that which Moves our blood,

that which Moves everything in existence.

Our ancestors knew that you could not speak of Mover
without knowing the full context of that which is Moved.
Much like you can't just speak of a car
without knowledge that a human built it
and that only a human can drive it.
You can speak of the car by itself
but only in ignorance of the fact
that a human designed and built it
and is only usable for a human to drive or to use.

We knew that you could not speak of Life realistically
unless you spoke of it in context of its other half: Death.

This was understood.  Much like rain is wet and fire is hot.

They are both understood by their obviousness,

but that obviousness is only obvious through experience,

the experience of wetness and warmth.

Death is the thing that we all eat everyday
(vegetables, fruits, nuts and/or meat, the dead and dying things)
Even if you do not think of it as eating Death,
it is still a reality that your Life

is dependent upon the eating of Death.

Just because you don't acknowledge it
and you only Eurocentrically speak of Life as a thing all by itself,
it does not make it in reality a thing all to itself,
Life is not independent of Death.

Death is not independent of Life.

This is said here to have you understand that when you speak of "Spirituality "
you are speaking as a Eurocentric: Christian, incomplete, not in our traditions.

"Spirituality" speaks of "Spirit" as if it is an independent entity.

This is in the individualism and selfishness view of the world of Europeans.

You cannot separate the Mover ("Spirit") from the Moved ( "Material").
or the Moved ( "Material") from the Mover ( "Spirit").

One cannot exist without the other.

Therefore no one can speak of an independent "Spirit" (Mover)

anymore than they can speak of an independent Material (Moved)

because they are both the inseparable parts of Our Creator.

The existence-reality of both would cease if there was a separation!

The Mover ("Spirit") moves the Body:
through the Space and Time in which it is in.
Only Mover ("Spirit") can move the Moved (Material, the Flesh of humans)
or the body of the Universe (that which is Moved).

Material cannot move itself, it needs a Mover.

Mover cannot be a Mover

without Material (the Moved)

to Move.

Mover and Moved ("Spirit" and Material) are one.
Speaking of "Spirituality" is like speaking of the body only in terms of blood.
Yes, without blood the body is dead!
But blood without the context of the rest of the body is not a reality.
You cannot realistically speak of the heart without the body!
The brain without the body is nothing!
Body needs heart and blood, and a brain just to function as a body!
It needs a Mover to give it all life!

The Body (that which is Moved) is only complete

when it is whole---with its Mover ("Spirit")!

"Spirituality" is not in our tradition!
It is superstition and not in the traditions of Anahuac.

"Spirituality" is more of Christian "belief" (something for which there is ZERO evidence)
It is totally a pretend game of heaven and angels, evil "spirits" and superstition.
It is not the reality acknowledgment of Ometeotl, Our Creator.
"Spirituality" is more of a New Age "spiritual masturbation"
than anything of Anahuac traditions.
"Spirituality" is more like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.
It's a game that requires mass "belief" in order for it to function as a pseudo reality.

Ometeotl is observable, provable, logical, and a reality.
We know that Material is immovable without the Mover ("Spirit") manifestation.

We also know that if there is no material to be Moved, then there is no Mover.

All Material is the body of Ometeotl
Mover ("Spirit") is inseparable from the Moved (Material).
You cannot speak of "Spirituality" in our traditions
without making sacrilege to Ometeotl and dishonoring our ancestors.

In Our Traditions We Had No "SPIRITUALITY":
In Anahuac, with our ancestors, we had both Venerables and Elders.
The Venerables were the priests and teachers of our cities.
The vast majority of our population lived in cities and large towns.
We have to get away from the notion that we were all tribal,
or that the majority of our population was tribal.
The Elders were the priests and teachers of our tribal areas.

Venerables spoke from the books that we had written
(the books that we had before the European invasion).
Venerables studied our books and taught from our books
in the universities of our cities.

Elders spoke from memorized oral high theological traditions
(oral high theological traditions that were kept secret in warrior societies).
Elders also taught in general to our tribes of the basic theology and traditions.

Both traditions served our people well
in the large cities and in small wandering groups:
Venerables in the cities; Elders in the wandering tribes.
But only one tradition has survived less tainted then the other:
The written traditions of the Venerables of 500 years ago.

These written traditions have some or many corruptions
but there are many sources from which we can study to find truth out of them.
The oral traditions have been thoroughly corrupted
with Christianity's impositions and/or New Age Eurocentric tastes

that have nothing to do with warriors, our traditions, or the liberation of our people.

For us of the occupied Anahuac of today, in order to be authentic,
we must acknowledge Our Creator, Ometeotl.
Ometeotl is our Father the Mover ("Spirit"), our Father Sky, our Father Time.
Ometeotl is also inseparably our Mother the Moved (Material), our Mother Earth, Our Mother Space.
This is the complete Duality of Ometeotl!

We must forbid and eject "beliefs" in the European
and Christian traditions that have polluted our theology
with their deadly virus of "Spirituality".

Acknowledgment of Ometeotl is not a belief.
Acknowledgment of Ometeotl is to look at Sky and Earth
and to make acknowledge Our True Mother and Our True Father.
Acknowledgement of Ometeotl is to see, smell, taste, touch, and hear
the four manifestations of Ometeotl:
Water, Earth, Air, Fire.
These four manifestations are the cloth of the Universe.
These four manifestations are also the cloth of your body.
These four manifestations are not something that you have to "believe".
These four manifestations are there for your senses to acknowledge.

You don't have to pretend about acknowledging Ometeotl.
You can use your senses to confirm Our Creator as Ometeotl.

Ometeotl is Space and Time.

Ometeotl is Life and Death.

Ometeotl is Mother Earth and all Material.

Ometeotl is Father Sky and all that Moves The Universe.

You cannot confirm "Spirituality" or "belief".
Use your Creator-given logic and senses to confirm the reality
of Ometeotl, Our Creator. Study our ancestors' acknowledgements.

Leave the Christian-European pretend game of "Spirituality" & "belief".
Ometeotl is both Creator and Universe,

Mover and Moved ("Spirit" and Material),
Life and Death,

Order and Chaos.

Acknowledge this by simply looking at the Universe all around you.
You cannot separate the Mover from the Moved ("Spirit" from the Material) and still speak in our theology.
Spirituality is a European concept!

Spirituality is not in our tradition!

that has been imposed on us by Europeans through Christianity!

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