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We, the people who are known as Mexicans and “Central and South Americans,” are not allowed to speak as Nican Tlaca (Indigenous people). But we are in reality Nican Tlaca (Indigenous people). We are the people who are called Mexicans, “Central and South Americans”. We are over 180 million strong just in what is called "North America" (with over 32 million in the “U.S.”). We are projected to be over 50% of the “U.S.” population in the next 100 years.

We are not allow to speak as Nican Tlaca. We are not allowed to speak collectively as one people. We are not allowed to speak outside of the artificial European borders that separate our people by false nations, imposed languages and religions, and by the raped DNA that force us to speak falsely as "Indios" and "Mestizos". We are only allowed to speak of ourselves as the slaves of, the property of Europeans, as Hispanic, as Latino and Latinas.
We are not allowed to speak of the stolen land of our people. We are also not allowed to speak of the biological warfare that killed 23 million of our people (killing 95% of our population in the 16th century). We are almost forbidden from speaking of the European destruction of our cities and civilizations, the enslavement and rape of our people, and the ongoing cancerous colonialism that eats away at our people’s humanity. We cannot say any of this very loud without being called “racists” or “whiners”. What irony! We are told to stop playing the victim, to forget about the past. We are not playing the victim! We are being victimized by racism, through the theft of our land and our wealth. We are being erased (exterminated, eradicated, killed-off) as a Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) people through cultural assimilation, the enforced ignorance of our people, and the false labeling of our people as Hispanic and Latino (pretending as if we are part of the colonialization, part of the oppressors, as if we no longer exist as an Indigenous people).

When we speak of European crimes in this document, you have to understand that these are ongoing crimes of the people of European descent. If you are one of our people, you are a victim of these crimes. The rest of you who are of European descent are an active or passive participant in the crimes that we are speaking of.
These crimes are not of some distant past or in some Third World land. It is here and now, in the “good old USA”. The colonial crimes have not stopped. The land is still stolen, the wealth is still being taken from our land, and ignorance of the criminal birth of European capitalism has everyone blissfully partaking in this looting of the wealth of our land and all of its resources.

We are told not to speak of the crimes committed against us because European descent people might get their feelings hurt if they are collectively called racists, thieves, murderers, and holders of stolen property. It is felt that they will see themselves as being attacked for just being part of the “white” race, not for being descendants of people who committed the most monstrous crimes in the history of humanity or for the fact that they are still profiting from the crimes of the last 500 years.

They behave like gangsters, like terrorists, they want to keep the stolen property and at the same time they want to keep us poor, deprived of the wealth of our land. And they want us to not complain.

The Jews are not called racists for pointing out the crimes of the Germans against their people. We hear again and again about the holocaust of 6 million Jews, but never of the 23 million people of Anahuac (Mexico and “Central America”) that were killed by another group of Europeans called Spaniards. Cortez was one of Hitler’s Aryan heroes.

We are supposed to forget about the past crimes of the Europeans and we are supposed to ignore the ongoing crimes against us (by the European descendants). If we try to educate people on this history, we are again called racists for using words like invasion instead of “discovery”, pirates instead of “adventurers”, squatters instead of “settlers”, Genocide instead of “conquistadores and frontiersmen”, and occupation instead of “America”.

This information was written with a serious urgency and alarm because our people are today faced with the biggest disaster that has happened to us since 1492, when Columbus broke the door into our continent and nation with his band of European murderous pirates. His fellow Europeans broke into the rest of our continent and began a looting, raping, enslaving, destruction, and killing that has not stopped to this day.

Our disaster today is this Genocidal Hispanic/Latino labeling of our people.

We in the Mexica (Meh-shee-kah) Movement have been sounding the alarm on this attack because we see that this Hispanic/Latino agenda is like a terrorism that is bombing-destroying our past and bombing-destroying our future. The Cuban-Spaniard descent controlled Spanish language media out of Miami has intentionally confused our people as to their true identity and history in order to exploit and control the value of our Mexican/”Central American” majority demographics (Spanish speaking and Spanish surname) and the buying power of our people that fuels that so-called Hispanic/Latino label.

This Hispanic/Latino agenda is reconstructing and resurrecting the old parasitic and racist Spanish colonial empire. They are using the spiderweb of an “umbrella” of Hispanic/Latino “unity” to fool our people into this new colonialism of Spanish-speaking Europeans.

It has been bad enough for us that we have been kept ignorant of our great history of civilizations and of the scientific, intellectual, and philosophical contributions that we have given to the world before the Europeans invaded our land in 1492; but we are also ignorant of the crimes that the Europeans have perpetrated against us.

Today we are losing what little we have of our Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) identity, and our Anahuac (Ah-nah-waah-k) history and heritage. European descendants have told their people and our people that we are part of the invaders, that we are the “illegals”, the foreigners, the thieves, the uncivilized, the immoral ones, the oppressors. Europeans and their descendants on our land are the ones who are all of those monstrous things! Not us!

Europeans, look at the truth! Open up your eyes! Look at the criminal in the mirror! You are European (even if you were born here on our land-continent, you are still a European!) You, the European on our land or European in Europe, you are all responsible for the collective crimes of your ancestors, for the crimes that are now being committed against us.

It has been made very clear to those of our people that study the actions of Europeans on our land (not their lying words), that there is no future for us as a proud and independent Nican Tlaca people in their agenda for the future of our land and our people.

This Hispanic/Latino agenda now controls our lives, our land, our wealth, our education, and our media. The Hispanic/Latino agenda is only different from the Anglo-American agenda in that it uses Spanish instead of English. Remember that neither English nor Spanish are our languages (we have our own Nican Tlaca languages that are suppressed).

This new deadly Hispanic/Latino agenda is part of the parasitic and cancerous colonialism that has been destroying and enslaving us for over 500 years.

Europeans and European descendants have been succeeding in the domination of our people and the control of the resources of our land because they originally used biological warfare in the form of smallpox to defeat us and because they have managed to keep us ignorant of our great heritage and of our rights to our land.
Europeans were not successful against us because they were more intelligent or more advanced than our civilizations. Nor did they succeed because of their canons, horses, or because of the European lie that said that we thought they were “gods”. They succeeded because they were immoral, collectively sociopathic, and because they used biological warfare against us (in savage ways, and for unconscionably long periods of time, and in proportions that are unworthy of being called actions of human beings).

This current genocidal Hispanic/Latino colonial agenda has been powerful and extremely successful because there is no defense of our people or of our people’s interests.

There has been no attempt by any of our (Mexican and “Central American” descent) so-called thinkers, writers, or intellectuals to offer up an option that will get us out of this colonialism, this racist and genocidal attack on our heritage and our people.

There is no conscious awareness of this Genocidal disaster because 100% of these “leaders” have chosen to embrace the destruction of our people, to vote for a “white” future for themselves and to throw our people into the mouth of this Hispanic/Latino and Anglo-Saxon colonialist cancer.

In the little that falsely passes as resistance by our people, we only see passive castrated dialogues, aggressive cowardice, New Age masturbatory rituals, Eurocentric individualistic “spirituality”, writers with a lack of imagination, and the old fashioned propaganda of ignorance and treason. Our situation seems hopeless, lost. We need Anahuac (Pre-European) knowledge, collective heroes, and our total liberation from this slavery in which we serve.

The Mexica Movement is an educational organization for the people of Mexican, “Central American”, and “Native American” descent. We promote the Pre-European history of our people in a positive and constructive non-Eurocentric manner, based on the Pre-European books, archeology, anthropology, linguistics, and other sources of our Anahuac nation and our Mexica people. We research all of these sources as a base from which we can educate, redefine, reconstruct, and give rebirth and vision to our Anahuac nation.

We are thinking beyond violence, beyond counter-terrorism (against the European ongoing terrorism against our people), beyond the easy dead-end routes of intellectual masturbation and the selfishness of Eurocentric individual “spirituality”. We are way beyond the cowardice and total dead-ends of ritual, folklorico, “American” politics, and Eurocentric genocidal interpretations of our people’s place in the world.

We are also thinking beyond the next 30 years, beyond the next 100 years to a time in our land when our people have progressively regained their independence and their honorable place in the world, without Europeans.

This last paragraph is what is unimaginable for our people. It is of course even more unimaginable for the people of European descent who are having a great old time with stealing the great wealth of our land and enjoying the benefits of the slave work and ignorance of our people.

Even progressive European descent people on our land who normally speak of the ideals of truth, justice, law and order, and the end of capitalism, take a serious pause here. They temporarily see the logic of our demand for justice from Europeans and people of European descent, and they see why they are being made the target of criminal prosecution (prosecution for possession of stolen property and for profiting from the European crimes of slavery, ethnocide, and Genocide of the last 500 years). But when they think about it a bit more (selfishly), suddenly everything becomes cerebral, “ancient history, irrelevant,” and “not relating realistically to today’s world”. We are supposed to continue in our ignorance and our enslaved and land-resource-wealth-deprived condition forever, enslaved to Europeans. How convenient. How profitable. How racist and arrogant.

All of a sudden we are told that we should forget about the past, that it was too long ago, that we should move forward (in the beaten and robbed condition in which we have been left in, as a psychologically damaged and impoverished people who have been denied access to the wealth of their land).

Where does this same so-called logic of “it was so long ago” come in when it is about the Jews and Israel? Wasn’t that over 2000 years ago? Why has that not been allowed to be forgotten?

We are not allowed to remember our great civilizations in a positive and constructive way. We are not allowed to remember the destruction of those civilizations by the Europeans. We are not allowed to remember the 23 million (95%) of our people who were killed by the Europeans. We are not allowed to speak of any of this in a real or meaningful way. But we are allowed to remember the 6 million Jews killed by the Germans.

We are not allowed to remember the Genocide of our people because we might demand justice. They (Europeans) are afraid that we might begin thinking in our own interests instead of the interests of the Europeans who are now occupying our lands.
The reality of today is that we have no major or minor leaders teaching us any of these important facts. There is no one guiding us out of this cancerous colonialism (of the Europeans on our land). We have no knowledge of our legitimate history, the history that should be our pride, and the pride of the world. There is no vision for any sort of future for our people. Treason to our people and our heritage is popular. There is no shame in being a sellout. Clairol hair dyes are making a killing in our communities, across all the “borders” of our people’s lands in Mexico, “Central America”, and in the “USA” where there are shades of fake blond, fake red, and fake brown hair. Blue-eyed contacts. Skin bleachers. Counterfeit Europeans. A blond Nordic spouse has been presented to us as the ideal spouse, for an ideal future. Our people are refusing to marry their own people when they feel they have a chance to marry “white”. They are looking for the “white” exit from our race.

In all of this we are still innocently, or not so innocently, thinking that Europeans are a people of justice, a people of morality, a people of Christianity. Historically they have been a savage people of lies, of theft, of immorality, injustice, and Genocide against our people.

We need to see that the ignorance of our people, the poverty of our people, the loss of our land, the loss of our heritage, the Genocide of our people, the loss of our media, the destruction of Chicano Studies, the Latino/Hispanic takeover of MEChA, the blond dyeing of hair in our communities, the gangs, the problem of drugs and alcohol, and the hopelessness of our people, are all tied to this colonialism that is all around us. This is all about ignorance. We are ignorant of our beautiful history (before the Europeans). We are ignorant of our ownership of all our land, and we are ignorant of our Nican Tlaca Mexica identity.

What else could explain why our people (as a whole) like this Hispanic/Latino labeling so much? Is it because we think it sounds “whiter” to say Hispanic or Latino than to say Mexican, Salvadoreño, Nicaraguan, Honduran, Costa Rican or Guatemalan? In our ignorance we like the idea of somehow becoming more “white”. Who taught us this attitude, this racism?

We already know the European view of the world that we have been taught all our lives. In this document we are presenting an Anahuac point of view--as the Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) people of Mexican, “Central American”, and “Native American” descent. In this document we present to you all of the issues that will help you see the racism, colonialism, and the Genocide that dominates our lives.



Raphael Lemkin defines Genocide as, “...the planned annihilation [killing] of a national [Mexican/’Central American’] or racial group [Indigenous] by a variety of actions [biological warfare, oppression, enslavement, denial of Indigenous identity] aimed at undermining the foundations essential [our Pre-European Anahuac history and the wealth of our land] to the survival of the group as a group”.

Colonialism is the European parasitic habitual crime of invading other people’s land, stealing their resources, destroying their society, committing genocide against the majority of the people, enslaving the remaining population, culturally annihilating them by executing their leaders and destroying the pride in their heritage, and by forcibly occupying their land with European squatters.
Colonialism is by its nature parasitic in that it depends totally on the stolen foreign land and the enforced ignorance of the enslaved foreign population to sustain it.
Colonialism uses terrorism as its main tool against the people who are colonized.

Terrorism is colonialism’s main tool against Non-European people. It was first used against us (in the “Western Hemisphere”) by the Europeans in 1492. The first attack was by the pirate-terrorist Columbus and his thugs. The second attack began in 1519 under the genocidal gangster Cortez in Anahuac. In the first one hundred years of heavy racist terrorism, Europeans collectively destroyed our civilizations by genocidal biological warfare. These terrorist crimes have continued against us non-stop for over 500 years. We are still being kept terrorized by Europeans in order to finish off their Genocide of our people. They want to own our land, without the threat that we may want it back one day. They want to be assured that there are no remnants of our people or of our resistance.

Section 1

Anahuac (Ah-nah-waah-k) means “the land between the waters” in the Nahuatl language of Mexico and **“Central America”. Anahuac was the name of our nation before the 1492 European terrorist invasion of the Western Hemisphere. Our Anahuac nation is today divided into the eight European-descent-controlled colonized areas that are called Mexico, “Central America” (made up of six “Republics”), and the “West, South, and Midwest of the United States”. This last part about the “U.S.” you need to know, understand, and be willing to open up your minds about in the reading of this document.

After the initial 1492 European invasion and 1519 occupation of our Anahuac nation by Cortez, the Spanish occupation government made laws against our people’s rights to our land, our wealth, and our heritage. Then they officially passed a law in 1577 [Utopia and History in Mexico by George Baudot p.xi] prohibiting our people from learning our history, our theology, and all other aspects of our Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) Pre-European heritage and identity. They did this in order to **culturally castrate us and to enslave us to the wants and needs of Europeans. That law is still in effect today.

During this same period (1519 to 1580) a holocaust was perpetrated [American Holocaust by David E. Stannard] against us by the Spaniards with their use of weapons of mass destruction (biological warfare using smallpox, amongst other diseases). This was all part of a planned **Genocide of our people that killed 23 million of our people, killing 95% of our population [Course of Mexican History by Michael C. Meyer and William Beezley]. This monstrous Genocide was made possible when Europeans discovered that we had no immunity to smallpox and other European diseases. These monstrous killings were not a matter of accident as we have been told. The Genocide using biological weapons of mass destruction started as an ad hoc action in a few locations, then once other Europeans learned of this it turned into a general plan to empty out all of our land by killing our people with this weapon that Europeans looked at as a sort of “pesticide”. The European criminals in this action knew that this biological weapon of mass destruction would allow for the easier establishment of European settlements, and that it would bring about the end to our resistance to the theft of our land and its resources.

During this massive invasion of our land, our cities were destroyed (We had three cities larger than any city in Europe of that time). The libraries of our cities were burned (Yes, we had many cities, and libraries! The majority of our population lived in cities and large towns, a very small part of our population in “North America” actually lived as nomadic tribes). Our education system of schools and universities was destroyed and our professors and leaders were executed [Daily Life of the Aztecs by Jacques Soustelle].

These Europeans came here to our lands for the “free land, free slaves, free wealth” under the outrageous European pretense of “God’s authorization” to kill our people, to loot and vandalize our cities, and the added bonus of what they saw as the legal right to rape our population.

Those of us who survived this nightmare of European savage biological warfare and Genocide were enslaved to serve the interests of Spaniards and the other Europeans who would come to take our land. As slaves of the Spaniards, we were continuously physically raped as a people (for generations). We were forced to take on the Spanish language and Christian religion. We were branded with Christian first names and Spanish surnames.

In the last 500 years we have been deprived and robbed of the wealth and resources of our land, and we have been denied access to the full scope of our heritage and identity [Mexico Profundo (1996) by Guillermo Bonfil Batalla]. We have been racially scarred and psychologically damaged as a people, with the **raped-in DNA of Europeans.

We have up until now been denied our independence and our right to take back our heritage or our land--in a real way, not under the European and European-descent (1% of the Spanish speaking population) powers that now control Mexico and “Central America”. We have been unable to successfully revolt for the last 500 years because psychologically our people have been programmed to accept subservience (slavery). We do not question the theft of our land or our poverty, and we do not know or care about the Genocide of 95% of our population by the savage actions of Europeans.

European descendants now control our land, our wealth, our people, and the governance, education, media, economic system, and the minds of our people--and the past, present, and future of Mexico, “Central America”, and our lands in the **“United States”.

It sounds shocking to us at first to refer to the Mexican, “Central American”, and “United States” area as land occupied by Europeans, as stolen land, as one united cultural area before the Europeans invaded. We normally think of Pilgrims, **Louisiana Purchase, **Mexican American War, and frontiersmen, as if our land was empty of cities and civilizations, as if the land didn’t really belong to us and that it really belonged to Europeans (because supposedly we didn’t believe in owning land--not true, individually we could not own land, but collectively we definitely owned and still own our land). Europeans pretended as if these criminal acts of trespassing and theft were not crimes, as if it wasn’t really Genocide but a simple clearing of the land. They looked at our people not as the owners of the land but as animals like wolves and bears that had to be killed to make the land safe for Europeans to exploit. They didn’t see anything wrong if one European would just trade or surrender part of our land and people, from the French to the English (the “Midwest”) or the Spaniards to the Americans (Florida). We have to understand this history of how our nation was carved up by the European colonial powers and European criminal “settlers” (squatters) who forced themselves on our land.

In the last 500 years we have been completely exterminated in some of these areas, moved out of one location into another in other areas, and reduced in numbers by biological warfare Genocide (90 to 95% killed) in all areas and deprived of the ownership rights to our land (and its wealth) in all of these areas. We have been impoverished and enslaved to a merciless savage European capitalist economic system that is both racist and dishonest at its core.

We know this history is complicated and even confusing to most people, **including our own people. We will attempt to clarify the most important points in this document.

Section 2

Hispania comes from the Latin language of the Romans, referring to the country of Spain [Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language (1993) by Thunder Bay Press]. From the word Hispania comes the word “Hispanic” which refers to the people, the language, the culture, and all things related to Spain. Spain is a country in southern Europe.

We, the people of Mexican and “Central American” descent, are not Spaniards or Europeans, and we are not in Europe. We are a Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) people. We are one people who are **Mixed-blood (so-called Mestizo Indigenous) and Full-blood Indigenous people. We are on our own Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) land, a land of great natural resources and wealth, this continent. We are a people under occupation. We are a people who have been subjected to massive rape and cultural castration. We are a people who have been forced into ignorance, self-hate and poverty (by the theft of the wealth of resources that are on our land). We are a people enslaved within the worldwide empire of European racism, Genocide, theft, greed, and capitalism.

We are the people who are mislabeled as “Indians” and insulted as “half-breeds”, “wetbacks”, or illegals (May we ask who crossed that great Atlantic body of water, to fraudulently and illegally enter our land?). Overall we are ignored as a people because we are ignorantly looked on as the remnants of a long-ago conquest of an **inferior people. This ignorance is not just the ignorance of European descent people on our land; it is also the ignorance of our own people.

Section 3

If we had not lost our independence and we had not suffered the Genocide of 95% of our population, our nation’s name would today be Anahuac. We would be the Anahuac nation of over one billion people (in 1519 we had a population of 25 million, and in 1519 China also had a population of 25 million and today China has over one-billion-three-hundred-million people. That means it is possible that we could have had over one-billion-three-hundred-million people today if Europeans had not killed 95% of our population--we are today more than 150 million people in Mexico and “Central America” and over 32 million in the “U.S.” This means that there are over one billion of our people that are missing because of the genocidal crimes of the Europeans).

There were great possibilities for us as a nation. We were more advanced than the Europeans of that time [Colonizer’s Model of the World by J.M. Blaut]. We would today be the wealthiest and most advanced nation on the face of the Earth if the Europeans had not invaded our lands with biological warfare and aborted the further development of our nation. And of course Europe would be nothing like it is today without the wealth that they have stolen from us, and other parts of the world, to say nothing of what they have gained by occupying our lands, from which they have made **their fortunes. Fortunes made from our slave labor (and the slave labor of Africans) and the minerals, forests, farmland, and the other great wealth of resources of our land that they were able to get “free”, which in turn allowed them the luxuries of a better life-style, a better education, and the luxury of investing in the military and technological research which would advance their race.

Our Anahuac lands encompassed the cultural areas influenced by our Olmec civilization [Mexico by Michael Coe] which started between 2300 B.C. and 3000 B.C. [Mexico’s Indigenous Past by Lopez Austin and Lopez Lujan]. This cultural area includes all the lands from what is today called Costa Rica in “Central America” and north from there to include Mexico and what is now called the Western USA [Ancient Pueblo Peoples by Linda S. Cordell], Midwestern USA [The Moundbuilders by Robert Silverberg], and the South of the USA [American Indians of the Southeast by Theda Perdue and Michael D. Green].

Olmec civilization brought about the cultural development of all of these areas with its science of agriculture. Corn, squash, and beans were grown in all of these areas utilizing the sciences that were taught to them by the civilization of the Olmecs. Our Olmec ancestors gave us **great accomplishments in astronomy, mathematics, writing, and the best calendar system in the world. Our Olmec father-mother civilization also developed accomplishments in medicine, education systems, engineering, and the arts [American Indian Contributions to the World by Emory Dean Keoke and Kay Marie].

Our nation was fragmented by the Spaniard’s 1519 invasion of what is now called Mexico and “Central American”. Our land was further fragmented by the French and English invasions into what is now called the South, and into the area that later became known as the Louisiana Purchase area. Because of the invasion of our nation and the Genocide of our people, all development toward the unification of all of those areas of our Anahuac culture came to a halt.

It is true that our nation in 1519 was not united as a complete modern-day nation, but the same can be said for **Germany and Italy in the Europe of 1519, and most of the nations of the world.

Our Anahuac unity was cultural, and that culture was based on the civilization of the Olmecs. Olmec influence was found up the Mississippi River with the Moundbuilders (up to the Midwest) and in the Southern states where there were great mounds and large towns that were influenced by our Olmec civilization. The rest of our culture was in the Southwest with the Anasazi and other cultures, and in the **Maya, Zapotec, Teotihuacan, Toltec, and Mexica (Meh-shee-kah) civilizations of what is now called Mexico and “Central America”. There were more cultural ties in the “Western United States” in the form of linguistic, agricultural, and theological unity.

This great history and civilization of ours has to be understood in a non-Eurocentric way, and in a non-apologist way (in a way that does not always make excuses for the monstrous crimes of the Europeans) and in context of that time (that does not apply today’s views and standards to that time, unless we also apply those same views and standards to the Europeans who at that time were not bathing in their whole lifetime and were in all practical terms just murderous savage pirates and vandals).

It is absolutely necessary that the massacres of our people, the theft of our lands, and the destruction of our civilizations and cultures be understood by European descent people and our own people in a more humane way, in a more empathized way, in a totally truthful way, in a civilized way.

We reject
the status of
our people
as the cultural slaves
of the Spaniards
(with this
“Hispanic/Latino” labeling
of our people).
We also reject the continuation of the cultural castration
of our people.
We will no longer be denied our heritage, our history, or our true identity.

Section 4

It is only since the early eighties that the use of the term “Hispanic” became more official and more common in its use. Before that period, being Mexican, Mexican American, **Chicano/Chicana was not an issue of total rejection of our heritage. All of those labels did say that we were of Mexican descent. But even in those days our knowledge of our Pre-European heritage was still weak. We had no knowledge of our contributions to the world, how ancient our civilizations were, that we had cities that were larger than those of the Europeans at the time of their invasion of our land, that we had universities, and that Europeans had killed 23 million (95%) of our people with biological warfare.

After the 1970’s destruction of the Chicano movement that began in the 60’s, the **Miami Cubans hijacked our media and they began spreading this racist neocolonialist Hispanic/Latino labeling of our people through their now-Miami-controlled media. Cubans used the money of Pre-Castro corruption and exploitation of their people in Cuba, and the special grants that the U.S. government gave them, to take over our media. These Cubans were racist and oppressive in Cuba to the African descent Cubans and now they have continued their racist habits against our people “in the U.S.” Castro’s revolution called them Gusanos (parasites).

Gusano Cubans were able to be parasites on our people because we have no one defending our interests or guiding us out of our ignorance and slavery.

Today, that situation is changing. Our people are now being defended (in this document) and guided by the Mexica Movement.

Gusano Cubans have had a lot of success in their racist plan for our people. Their biggest success is that our people are today called Hispanic simply because we speak Spanish. Our own people don’t fully understand the history of how we came to be Spanish language speakers to begin with. The simple answer is that it was by the savage force of 500 years of European racist genocidal **colonialism that we speak Spanish today.

Speaking a language does not make you part of the culture of that language or part of the people of that language; ask the Jamaicans or **African descent people in the United States or anywhere else that non-European people speak the English language. The more enlightened African descent people will explain to you that they use the English language only because of colonialism. It is not their heritage or their identity.

Having a Spanish surname supposedly is the other criteria for being labeled Hispanic. But most of us carry Spanish surnames because they were forced on us in the same way that African descent people were branded with British names (Jackson, Washington, Jones, etc.). This was done to us in the first three hundred years of Spanish occupation. We were forced to take on Spanish slave names on the haciendas, ranchos, missions, mines, and the other property stolen by the Spaniards in Mexico, “Central America”, and most of what is now called the United States of America. Martinez, Garcia, Gonzalez, Hernandez, and all of those other Spanish slave names were all forced on us, along with their Spanish language.

African descent people have some European blood that was raped into them, but they are not called Europeans, Afro-Euros, or Britanics to glorify that blood. Which brings us to that other point, which is a taboo in our community: the fact that we were raped in the same slave fashion as African descent people. The English and French raped the Africans for centuries. The Spaniards also raped our people for centuries.

They also raped the children of those who were raped, and on and on for generations after that. We were raped, but somehow we have assumed that Spaniards married into our families. That is how we have the common lie, the **“oral tradition”, of “my grandfather came from Spain”. These assumptions and lies of our “oral tradition” are the products of our forced ignorance under the savage boot of the Spaniards.

The same logic that goes for African descent people not being called Britanic because they speak English and have some white blood in them, also applies to us with Spanish language and Spanish surnames (and Hispanic/Latino). No matter how light an African descent person is, they in general will proclaim their identity as “African descent”. The logic and morality in this is something along the lines of not subjecting a woman to giving paternity rights to a rapist (not forcing the rapist’s surname or interests on the child or allowing for custody rights that would engender further abuse). That same logic and morality applies to us as a people when it comes to the Spaniard’s rape of our people. We explain it in this “rape case” way, to say more forcefully that just because Spaniards have raped their blood (DNA) into us that fact does not oblige us to give them paternity rights over us, or any rights over us or our land. We give no rights to the culture of those genocidal Spaniard rapists. Remember that more than 30% of our people (Full-bloods) have no European blood at all.

We are
re-defining ourselves
in the context of knowing
Pre-European history,
and knowing the crimes
of the Europeans!

We are rejecting the Eurocentric racist interpretation of our history and the racist labeling of our people. We are reconstructing our humanity as a Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) people, as the Anahuac nation, and as the **Mexica people. Don’t get confused on this last part, this is much like how the nation of the Netherlands (also known as Holland) has the Dutch people.
It’s never too late for a nation to reconstruct itself, or to liberate itself. The Jews did it only 50 years ago. The Germans and the Italians did it only about 150 years ago.
There is no logical reason to call Mexicans, “Central Americans”, or any Indigenous (Mixed-blood or Full-blood) people by this culturally enslaving “Hispanic” and/or “Latino” colonialist label.

The only reason
to insist on using
this Hispanic/Latino
labeling system
on our people
is if you are
working to continue enforcing
the colonialism,
the cultural castration and Genocide
of our people.

Section 5

Our people still do not have proportional representation in the Spanish language television that’s directly aimed at our people (we are less than 2% of the faces, versus 98% White European Colonialist-Centric Spanish Speaking faces). In **English language films about our “Mexican culture” it’s pretty much the same thing with non-Mexicans playing Mexicans 98% of the time. You see the same or worse in magazines, radio, commercials, and other media. This is part of disrespect and the **blatantly racist attitudes of the European descent Spanish speakers toward our people.

In Spanish language media we only see white faces, white people, white interests, and our people are only occasionally presented, but as passive servants, wrongdoers, or other negative roles.

We see Spaniards progressing (Spaniard Antonio Banderas regularly playing Mexicans in the movies), Cubans exploiting our people (controlling Spanish language Univision and Telemundo out of Miami), and Puerto Ricans and other nationalities benefiting from our demographics (we are 82% of the so-called Hispanics/Latinos nationally and 92% in the Western United States). These European descendant Spanish speakers are exploiting our buying power, and our ignorance--ignorance of the insults that they heap upon us with their Hispanic/Latino labels and the ongoing theft of our wealth that is siphoned off from us by their colonialism.

These same European descent Spanish speakers present their European “white” people as the role model, the hero, the beauty, and the intelligence--instead of the historical oppressors of our people, the colonizers. They have taken away from us our independent voice, our Indigenous civilized mind, our honor, and our proper place in the world.

These same colonizers present to us the lie of, “we have common causes, the same heritage, and we all come from the same place”. White Cubans and white Argentines and other Spanish speakers do not have the same causes or the same heritage as Mexicans and “Central Americans”. They are not of Anahuac-Olmec-Maya-Mexica civilization origins and we are not of Sumerian-Egyptian-Greek-Roman European origins. They are not discriminated against because of their **color or race, because they are white Europeans; they also do not suffer from gangs, crime and dropouts, or poverty and low self-esteem in the high numbers that we suffer. We Mexicans and “Central Americans” don’t come from the same place as Cubans, Argentines, and the other Spanish speakers out of “Latin America”. Those “whites” come from a European heritage, from European origins. We are not of European origin. We are the oppressed/exploited/enslaved/victims-of-genocide and they are the oppressors/exploiters/enslavers/perpetrators-of-genocide. The Nican Tlaca enslaved and the European enslaver are not the same people.

You have to understand all of this from our point of view, as the Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) people of this land, not as the colonizer, not as the exploiter, or the invader, and definitely not as the people committing Genocide upon our people. Europeans killed 95% of our people in a very savage way! They are still destroying us.

Do you really understand what that means?! You should see it from our point of view; we have seen it from the European point of view all of our lives. We will continue to tell the world of all of these injustices and crimes. And, we will not “get over it”!

We also want to address in this document the European Spanish speaker’s deceptive idea of “our joint economic power” as it is presented to our people. This monstrous lie is the product of the colonialism machine which totally exploits Mexican and “Central American” **demographics and buying power. The Miami colonialism machine controls, or de facto controls, all Spanish language media (television, magazines, radio, public relations firms, marketing, and newspapers). Cubans and the other Spanish speakers could never generate the numbers of our demographics or our buying power out of their minuscule Miami or New York population, even if they dragged in the non-white Puerto Rican and Dominican population to exploit as “Caribbean unity”.

Section 6

Latin refers to the language and the culture of the Romans. This language is the root of the southern European Latin languages: Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Rumanian, and several other numerically smaller dialects derivative of Latin. From the word Latin comes the Spanish word “Latino”, which refers to the people, the languages, the culture, and all things related to the southern Europeans whose culture is rooted in the Latin language and the Roman culture.

The secondary historical meaning of the word “Latin” is in its reference to the southern European colonial powers who invaded our **Western Hemisphere. They (Spaniards, French, and Portuguese) had in common a European heritage and race, a Latin derived language, the **Catholic religion, and racist colonialism in the “Americas”. These racist colonialists invaded our Western Hemisphere’s lands. They did this with a genocidal savagery that the world has yet to see again. The holocaust of World War II Jews, Gypsies, and other people of Europe doesn’t even come close to the percentage of our population that was killed or to the cultural destruction that we have suffered in the Western Hemisphere.

Estimates of the overall
Genocide in the Western Hemisphere
are between 70 and 100 million human lives
killed by biological warfare,
being worked to death,
executed, massacred,
or by the suicide of our own people
to avoid the tortures
and mutilations of the Europeans.

This “Latin” branding of our people, the Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) people of this continent, as property of these southern Europeans is a total fraud. We are not their property just because they forced upon us their names, language, religion, and the enslavement of our people. This sick inhuman behavior is pretty much the way they renamed our continent “America” and “Latin America”, and how they renamed our rivers and mountains. It is this racist arrogance that has Europeans on our lands (refusing to leave), and how they dared to rename us as a people, as if we have already been exterminated (culturally and physically) and that we have lost our rights to our land and its wealth, and that we have lost our right to even express ourselves as Nican Tlaca (an Indigenous people), and our right to demand our land back. They find our rights laughable.

The origin of the word “Latino” in this context derives from the term “Latin America”. This was to distinguish the “Latin” part of “America” from the Anglo-American Protestant part of “America”. This term was in reference to the European descent people in all of those colonial lands.

There is a curious part to all of this though, since Latino was clearly only meant to be in reference to the colonists in that “Latin American” part of this Hemisphere and was never meant to refer to Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) people and it was clearly not meant to refer to the Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) people in the United States (us, the people of Mexican and “Central American” descent, the Nican Tlaca, Indigenous, Full-bloods and Mixed-bloods). It was always intended to refer to the Europeans in their colonies, and the descendants of those colonists in the Western Hemisphere. It was not meant for the Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) people or the African slaves or the people of the mixing of all those enslaved and raped races.

According to the new colonialism, a Latino can be a German-descent person in Buenos Aires, an Arab-descent person in Madrid, an African descent person in Havana or New York or Miami, a person of African descent in the Dominican Republic, or a Maya in Guatemala who speaks no Spanish and has no Spanish surname.

In the “USA” these new Latinos are not **“Latino Americans”, as in “African Americans”. We are forced to be Latinos, international (colonial) in nature. We are all controlled by the white people in Europe and the white people in the lost colonies of the Spaniards. This new colonialism is not dependant on race or history, it is totally put together for the colonial economic exploitation of our people and our land, and the total benefit of “white” Europeans and European-descent Spanish speakers.
This new colonialism puts an odd spin on everything that is logical and fair. We, who are Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) in our majority (90 to 99%) are controlled by Spaniard descent Full-blood Europeans and other Europeans who are a tiny minority. Yet, we find nothing wrong with that. It seems natural and reasonable to us.

“Latinos” are now anyone, of any race or culture, in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Antonio, Mexico City, or anywhere in the world that there is a Spanish speaking or Spanish surname people (except Filipinos, and people in Africa who speak Spanish, for some strange reason). Can you imagine such a thing being done (an “umbrella” to cover all the English language speakers) in Africa, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Jamaica, and Aborigines in Australia?

Do you see it now; the idea of an “umbrella” to include all of the Spanish language speakers makes as much sense as putting an “umbrella” over all of the English language speakers.

This same lack of logic and obvious colonialism also goes for the Hispanic label, which is not even about Hispanic Americans. This Hispanic label is about “Hispanics everywhere”.

Logic, consistency, and truth fail miserably on this Hispanic/Latino agenda. For us, it is a total disaster. A disaster that is over 500 years in the making.

Section 7

Justice and the end of racism demand that we get the right to be called Nican Tlaca, the Indigenous people of Cemanahuac, the collective owners of this continent that is falsely called "the Americas".

At the very least we should be called by our own less colonialized labels: Mexican; Salvadorean; Guatemalan; Nicaraguan; Honduran; or Costa Rican, Peruvians, Bolivians, etc. In a total non-colonial manner, we should be called regionally in the north of Cemanahuac, as the Nican Tlaca Mexica people of Anahuac and in the south of Cemanahuac as the Nican Tlaca Inca people of Tahuantinsuyo. We are together one people, on race, one nation, the collective owners of the whole of our continent from what is called Alaska to what is called "Tierra del Fuego."

The people who are forced into this “cage” of Hispanic/Latino do not have one racial identity (or one cultural/national identity) in common, nor do we have one heritage or history in common, no cuisine or art in common, and no **genetics or blood group in common. Colonialism is the only thing that we have in common, and in this the colonialists are not the equals of the colonized and we are not deriving the same benefits as the colonizer, they exploit and we are exploited.

European colonialists have had all of the advantages over us for the past 500 years. Their second best weapon against us has always been to keep us ignorant of our true history of great accomplishments and the crimes of the Europeans (their best weapon has always been the inhumane biological warfare weapons of mass destruction). This ignorance has taken away our rights to our land, along with knowledge of the ongoing Genocide of our people.

Our people need to know who we really are. We have already told you in this document about our Olmec civilization and of the accomplishments of our people and of the crimes of the Europeans (theft of our land, biological warfare, Genocide, rape of our people with the scar of European DNA, cultural enslavement of our people, enforced Spanish surnames and Spanish language, and the continued theft of the wealth of our land and the continued occupation of our land).

Next you have to use your eyes to see that the majority of our people are Indigenous in their DNA, their features and/or in their color. In other words they are not white, not European. And those of our people who are “light” in color or who look “white” are in fact still Indigenous because their overall being is still Nican Tlaca (Indigenous).

Confusion enters the minds of many people with the “mestizo” (“mixed) and “raza” (“race”) concepts that have been forced on us by the neocolonialism of the “Raza Cosmica” racism of Jose Vasconcelos. He enslaves us to European culture and participates actively in the Genocide of our people and our heritage. This is the current other root of the internal racism that our people encounter. Again and again this “melting pot” assimilationist racism fuels the self-hate of our people. Be aware that you will encounter this “we are a blend of two races” nonsense, with a fierce defense of Spanish culture and a weak pretended defense of Anahuac culture. But it is all still Spanish language, Spanish names, Spanish religion, Spanish control, and European colonialism. There is no blend. There is only assimilation and Genocide.

Jews, Turks, Italians, and many other major cultures around the world have a “mixed” background that does not dilute their core civilization. Being invaded and raped as a nation does not doom us to be slaves of European culture. But the mestizo/raza concepts celebrate the rape of our people. “Dia de la raza” is celebrated on October 12 (Columbus Day) in Mexico. We celebrate the rape of our nation, the enslavement our people and the destruction of our civilizations. Who taught us this treason? Why do we encounter vicious resistance when we try to educate our people on their true Nican Tlaca identity?

We have to confront
this internal racism.
We must explain
to our people
that we have to
minimally re-think of ourselves
as an Indigenous people
and not as “mixed”,
but as a people who have a heritage
that is in our land,
a heritage that is
in our Pre-European history,
and a heritage that is
in the rich Mexica culture
which was our last civilization.
After that
we can acknowledge the crimes
of the rape of our Nican Tlaca DNA
and the non-permanent slavery
in which we are caged.

In the “Southwest United States” and most of what is called the Western United States, we can easily be referred to as the “Mexican and ‘Central American’ community” (who make up over 82% of the so-called Hispanics/Latinos in the United States and 92% or more in the West). There is no need to insult our people with the racist Hispanic/Latino colonialist label. “Mexican and ‘Central/South American’ community” would refer to both the Spanish and English speakers, and the Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) speakers of Mexico and “Central/South America”.

We Mexica
(Mexicans and “Central Americans”) all have a common Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) heritage, race, cuisine, and Nican Tlaca linguistic ties
(not the Spanish European context which is just a colonial remnant
of the last 500 years, versus 30,000 to 50,000 years of our people being on this continent as Indigenous people). We also all share an ancient
common geographical location
(the “North America” part of the Western Hemisphere)
and the true collective ownership
of all of this land that has been “bordered” by Europeans and their descendants into the false nations
that we now have;
and finally we have
the united history
of our Olmec, Maya,
and Teotihuacan-Nahua
(“Aztec”, Mexica, and Pipil) origins in common.

Beyond the context of the Southwest and West you can refer to the “Spanish-speaking community” (“hispanoparlantes” in Spanish), if that is who you are exclusively referring to, but remember that you are only referring to those of us who are Spanish speaking, and not to those who are Spanish surname and who do not speak Spanish. DON’T EVER USE HISPANIC/LATINO for the majority Mexican and “Central American” community who are an Indigenous people, not

Europeans, not Spaniards or Latins.
As to the others who are 18% or less of the so-called Hispanics/Latinos, and who are not Mexican or “Central American”, they can be addressed by their individual national origin names: Spaniard; Argentine; Cuban; etc., the way you would refer to Jamaicans, Irish, or Australians by their nations of origin, instead of just calling them all English or Britanic or to just refer to them as English speakers as their ethnic identity. There is no need for the majority of us to lose our identity for the sake of forming a convenient colonial enslaving label to lump the tiny minority colonizers-exploiters (who are true European “white” Hispanics/Latinos) with the vast majority colonized-exploited (who are Full-blood and Mixed-blood Nican Tlaca people). We should not be put into the same “ethnic” label, because we are not the same people. It is disrespectful and criminal to do such a thing.

When more of our true Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) Pre-Europeans history is known, it would be more accurate, more authentic, and more comforting to call the Mexican and “Central American” community by its more Nican Tlaca identity: The Anahuac nation and/or the Mexica (Meh-shee-kah) people.

Anahuac is easy to understand if you know our history as we have presented it to you in this document. Mexica is more complex to explain because almost everyone is ignorant of this great history.

The Mexica were Anahuac’s last great civilization, the people who are mistakenly called Aztec. From the **relatively large base of Mexica (the so-called Aztec) books, history, and other sources that exist, we can reconstruct our Mexica society in a modern non-Eurocentric context. Under our Mexica heritage we can reconstruct our education system and the remnants of our history, philosophy, and theology. Under a Mexica framework we will one day be able to reconstruct ourselves without a European context or label. We are Mexica!

This Mexica Movement organization of ours, that has put together this document, is in its infancy. We promote our heritage. We clarify our heritage. We confront the attacks on our heritage. We defend our people’s interests, as a people Indigenous to this Hemisphere, as the Anahuac nation and the Mexica people. We offer our people a realistic hope, Anahuac knowledge, aggressive courage, dignity, and pride. We are offering the vision of a proud future for our people, a future where our people have reconstructed their heritage, and where we have secured an honorable place in the world for our people.

To bring this to a close, and to punch it in one more time: Hispanic/Latino are colonialism; colonialism is racist and genocidal; there are no benefits to our people being labeled Hispanic/Latino, these labels only enslave us to European culture and European descendant economic interests; we need to know what our history was before the invasion of the Europeans; we need to know the past and the ongoing crimes of the Europeans.




of the Anahuac nation,
in the traditions of the Mexica civilization;


of the Tahuantinsuyo nation,
in the traditions of the Inca civilization;


--but we should never be referred to as:





The Mexica Movement is the Nican Tlaca rights educational organization for the people of Anahuac. We work to educate our people in Anahuac (“the Western and Southern United States”, Mexico, and “Central America”). We are educators and liberators for all Nican Tlaca people in the “Western Hemisphere”.

We declare ourselves independent from the Europeans on our land. We refuse to be slaves to their culture or their interests! We are taking the necessary steps that will liberate our people. This document is one of those steps.

We do not advocate violence or terrorism (as the Europeans have done against us, and are doing to us even to this day). We know that militarily (through violence & terrorism) we cannot win our land back in the near future, but we will win our land back through a disciplined united educational liberation war. The Mexica Movement’s educational liberation message is the main message of this document.

We do not advocate the surrender of our rights to any of our land or our heritage. We are working to end our people’s passive acceptance of the theft of our land and resources. We are also working to regain our people’s true studied knowledge and pride in our heritage.

We are educating our people against the ignorant suicidal assimilation into European blood. We are also warning them not to embrace the European culture that is the Genocide of our people.

We reject the surrender to exploitation and all of the other ongoing savage forms of European racist oppression.

We do advocate the Anahuac-centric education of our people, and the education of the European people who are now our oppressors (keeping us from the wealth of our land, the accomplishments of our history, our true identity, and the knowledge of their crimes).

The Mexica Movement is not part of any terrorist, Marxist, capitalist, anarchist, or “New Age” agenda. Nor are we part of any of the corrupt rituals, sacrilege, “Christian Aztec danza”, or the “spiritual” masturbatory frauds and music-revolutionary posers that misinform and confuse our people. We reject all Eurocentric or colonialist-serving agendas, and anything that keeps our people from the true knowledge, courage and dignity that will give our people complete liberation.

The Mexica Movement philosophy (love of wisdom) is founded on an Anahuac-centric study base and a Mexica way of being. These are our two initial goals:
1) BASIC RESEARCH that takes an Anahuac-centric approach to studying our codices (our books), art, anthropology, archeology, cosmological-theological sources, linguistic, and other resources that will provide the necessary resource base from which we can educate, envision, define, redefine, reconstruct, and liberate our Anahuac nation. The Mexica Movement uses the best of our Anahuac ideals and accomplishments as a starting point from which to reconstruct our Anahuac nation.
2) COLLECTIVE LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT that takes into account the absolute necessity of properly (positively, constructively, and non-Eurocentrically) educating all of our people in our complete heritage. We reject the popular Eurocentric “New Age” nonsense that says that our people can learn their heritage from their blood, through “energy”, by rituals and dance, or by posing as an Argentine-Cuban “Che” Marxist revolutionary. We know that our people have to be educated in the interests of all our people, and not just the interests of the individual, and not through Eurocentric capitalist or Marxist dogma (capital that was made from the Genocide of our people and the theft of our land; and Marxist theory that is based on our “collective” Indigenous approach to society). We know that it is absolutely mandatory that we learn our Pre-European Mexica education system, our ideals, ethics, morality, logic, and science, in a positive and constructive way. We need to re-learn our ancestor’s sense of obligation and loyalty to the whole of our people, not the materialistic needs of the individual. We also need to learn our ancestor’s cosmology-theology in a way that is respectful, scholarly, logical and sacred.

We invite all courageous, disciplined, and honorable people to join us as a part of the Mexica Movement’s educational liberation of our people.

(Please read them in this order:)

•1 Daily Life of the Aztecs by Jacques Soustelle
•2 Mexico by Michael Coe
•3 Mexico Profundo by Guillermo Bonfil Batalla
•4 Anahuac: The Secret & Forbidden History by Olin Tezcatlipoca
•5 Stolen Lands by Olin Tezcatlipoca
•6 American Holocaust by David E. Stannard
•7 Year 501 by Noam Chomsky
•8 Colonizer’s Model of the World by J.M. Blaut
•9 American Indian Contributions to the World by Emory Dean Keoke & Kay Marie
•10 Heritage: Denied by Olin Tezcatlipoca
•11 Mexico’s Indigenous Past by Lopez Austin and Lopez Lujan
•12 Latin America: From Colonization to Globalization by Noam Chomsky
•13 Encyclopedia of World History by Michael Stam
•14 Oxford Atlas of History 2002 by Oxford Press
•15 In the Language of Kings by Miguel Leon-Portilla
•16 Skywatchers by Anthony F. Aveni
•17 Flayed God by Roberta and Peter Markman
•18 Aztecs by Nigel Davies
•19 Mexica Guide Book by Olin Tezcatlipoca
•20 Cultural Evolution of the Ancient Nahua Civilizations:
The Pipil-Nicarao of Central America by William R. Fowler, Jr.


**“Central American”: We put “Central American” in quotes because we reject that label too. We are not “Americans” as in “The Americas” or in the “Central American” part of the “Americas”. But we are aware that “Central American” is what people understand. “Central American” is the only way that people are going to know who we are speaking of. Most of our people who come from that part of Anahuac are unaware of the fact that up until 1823 all of the “Central Americans” were part of Anahuac. There was no separation of “Mexico” from “Central America” at that time because even the Spaniards knew that we were one culture.
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We of Anahuac have over 4,500 years being part of one civilization.

**culturally castrate: A people can be said to be culturally castrated (unable to culturally reproduce themselves in an authentic fashion) when that people, or nation of people (the Mexican and “Central American” descent people in our case), are denied access to the true and complete, positive and constructive, history of their people. This denial of their true heritage blocks them from their true identity and their honorable place in the world.

**raped-in DNA: This rape does not affect the 30% of our people who are Full-blood and who have no physical evidence of the rape. That 30% (or more) of our population does have an internal psychological scar from the effects of the racist colonialism of the last 500 years.

**“United States”: There is so much that can be said here, but the best information that you can get on the truth of the history of the “United Poor and Rich White People of America” can be found in LIES MY TEACHER TOLD ME by James Loewen and PEOPLE’S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES by Howard Zinn.

The best of “American values” “ can be seen in Jamestown’s parasitic colony that was established without enough food to last the winter (they expected to steal food from our people or to be freely given food, they died). Slavery, segregation, racism, land theft, lynchings, lies about how they acquired everything they own, and of course their unique form of Christianity that did not treat other people the way they would want to be treated.

**Louisiana Purchase: This is one of the most bizarre cases of buying known stolen property on a massive scale. This land was originally stolen and occupied by the French and the Spaniards. It went back and forth between them until Napoleon decided to sell something that he knew didn’t belong to him and that the Americans knew didn’t belong to him.
This is more on a history of theft, lies, savage behavior (of Europeans), and the continuation of Genocide in the Western Hemisphere.

**Mexican American War: This war proved that the greed of Europeans would never end.

Going back to Columbus, they had more land than they could ever use in their lifetimes. They took and stole, and lied and killed, spreading their
biological warfare all along the way.

By the time it came to the Mexican American war there was enough immune resistance to biological warfare to have the occupying American army rethink its strategy of taking over all of Mexico. They decided to only take half of our land. They had already taken the so-called South and the so-called Louisiana Purchase land from us. In real history this meant that three-quarters of what is now called the United States should have been part of the Anahuac nation
(See Anahuac: The Secret And Forbidden History by Olin Tezcatlipoca) .

**including our own people: White people know and can see that the majority of us are not anywhere near being white (European). But still our people insist that they are mostly white (not Indigenous). The darker we are, the more we insist that we are Spanish or white. Our people think that hair dyes, bleaches, and blue-eyed contacts can disguise our race, our true roots.

**Mixed-blood (so-called Mestizo Indigenous): This condition of our people is at the heart of so much confusion. This small note that we make here can in no way give you the full meaning of this word nor can it give you an idea of the complete devastation that it has inflicted on our people.

One of the best ways to explain this condition of our people is to say that those of our people who are Mixed-bloods would not exist if the Europeans had not invaded and occupied our lands, and then raped our people. Prior to 1492 this Mixed-blood condition did not exist. This rape was a way of mutilating our DNA, and scarring and branding our people with their European DNA. We do not celebrate this rape. We acknowledge its historical reality and we see the damage that it does to us, but we do not see assimilation into the European race as a solution to our rape or our confusion. Nor do we see our Mixed or scarred condition as something
that has no remedy. We can reconstruct ourselves little by little.

We have been impaled by this defiling of our Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) DNA and we have needlessly been lessened in the clarity of our identity and our heritage.

No matter how light or dark we are, we who are in this confusion of mixed DNA need not and should not victimize ourselves by rejecting the victim and embracing the rapist. If we are very light or if we can pass for white, that only means that you just have a deeper scar than the rest of our people.

Even those of us who have no raped European blood in us; we too are scarred, emotionally, internally. We have been raped psychologically by the internal racism and the self-hate that has been forced on us.

**inferior people: The irony of this is that we were a civilization older than any European civilization and we were more advanced in the sciences, ethics, morality, theology, and justice.

We only lost the wars against the Europeans because they were savages in the way that they conducted war: with biological warfare against military and civilian targets; men, women, and children were indiscriminately killed.

*their fortunes: Europeans claim that it was their genius that made them a great people, not our land. If that is true why didn’t they go into the Sahara desert and become a great people or why didn’t they just stay home in Europe without stealing other people’s land to become a great people.

**great accomplishments:
SCIENTIFIC APPROACH: We scientifically observed, studied, and wrote about our discoveries in astronomy, mathematics, medicine, a calendar, and Our Creator.
ASTRONOMY: We studied the movements of the sky. We had better detailed information than Europeans. We predicted eclipses and the cycles of the moon.
MATHEMATICS: We had the abacus & geometry, and we invented the concept of zero and point placement before anyone else in the world.
WRITING: We had writing long before Europeans.
MEDICINE: We had better doctors, hospitals, surgery, medicine, antibiotics, anesthetics, & dentistry than Europeans.
CALENDAR: The most accurate calendar in the world, even for today.
ARCHITECTURE: We built three cities larger than any in Europe of 1492.
UNIVERSITIES: We were the first people in the world to have mandatory education for males and females, of all ranks in society.
AGRICULTURE: We gave the world some of the most nutritious foods: corn; tomato; squash; chiles; avocados; & chocolate.
ENGINEERING: We developed irrigation, aqueducts, canals, & bridges.
LIBRARIES: We had great libraries in all of our major cities and large towns. Our libraries contained great histories, philosophy, genealogies, astronomy, art, & poetry.
THEOLOGY: We scientifically devoted our studies to an observational understanding of Our Creator. Our theology was not an unproven superstitious belief system, and it was definitely not about “gods” as Europeans have claimed.

**Germany: Germany was never a fully united nation until the nineteenth century under the leadership of Bismarck. For thousands of years they had been loose bands of tribal people. Then about a thousand years ago they became dozens of principalities, kingdoms, and vassals of other European nations. They only became a full nation under the Prussian empire of Wilhelm I in 1871.

So, when people argue that we were not a full nation when we were invaded by Europeans in 1519, they should remember this piece of nation development information and give us the same respect as Germany (in allowing it its time for development).

**Maya: The Maya reached the highest development in Anahuac. Our Mayan astronomy, mathematics, calendar system, writing system, and theology were amongst the most sophisticated and most advanced anywhere in the world. Our Mayan calendar is still more advanced than any in use today.

There are still racists out there who refuse to acknowledge the genius of any of our civilizations. When they do give recognition to any of our accomplishments, they generally want to attribute that genius to people from Europe, outerspace, Africa, China, Vikings, or anyone but our own people.

**Chicano/Chicana: The Chicano movement of the 1960’s was a nationalist radical declaration of our Mexican Indigenous heritage and our “Mexicans in occupied Aztlan” identity. It was a way to reject the “Mexican American” label and to protest the disproportionately high casualties of our people in Vietnam.

The Chicano movement brought about changes for our people in civil rights and in the revival of our culture. It meant better jobs and better housing.

The Chicano studies that were established at universities during that period were the inspiration for radical thought in our communities.

Today all of the accomplishments of the Chicano movement have been rejected by the traitors in college and university Chicano Studies who now favor the treasonous Hispanic/Latino label and its colonialist mentality.

These Chicana/Chicano studies traitors have raped, castrated, and mutilated the Chicano/Chicana term. It now consists of a colonialist agenda of “inclusiveness”, to the point that anyone and everyone is considered “Chicana/Chicano”. They have killed the Chicano movement.

This pattern of ”Hispanic/Latino” racist revisionism within Chicano Studies, which claims that we have always been Hispanic/Latino, is also going on in history books, novels, music, commentaries, editorials, art, film, schools, universities, organizations, and cultural groups.

**Miami Cubans: They were the “white” colonialist exploiters, the people who were the racist elite of a dictatorship that had turned Cuba into the whorehouse of the Western Hemisphere. Corruption thrived in that undemocratic racist Cuba, along with gambling, prostitution, and every sort of inhumanity and injustice.

The African descent Cubans suffered greatly under these “white” monsters. When the Cuban enslaved population revolted against these racist monsters, they left for the United States to see if they could find new slaves. It was like Columbus and Cortez all over again for us, these racist Gusano Cubanos had found us, and they began exploiting us immediately.

**colonialism: Colonialism is the European parasitic habitual crime of invading other people’s land, stealing their resources, destroying their society, committing genocide against the majority of the people, enslaving the remaining population, culturally annihilating them by executing their leaders and destroying the pride in their heritage, and by forcibly occupying their land with European squatters.
Colonialism is by its nature parasitic in that it depends totally on the stolen foreign land and the enslaved foreign people to sustain it.
Colonialism uses terrorism as its main tool against the people who are colonized.

**African descent people: In this Hispanic/Latino identity fraud, the African descent people who speak Spanish (Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Panama) are treated to an even worse situation than those of us who are Indigenous. Notice how they too are forced to pretend Spanish heritage. Celia Cruz (African descent) wears her blond straight wigs and white pancake make up. She looks like a clown and proclaims her Hispanic heritage. It makes you feel sorry for her every time you see her.

**oral tradition: This fraud of “oral tradition” implies that that was the only way that our people passed on knowledge. It ignores the vast knowledge that survived in books, transcripts, archeological and anthropological evidence, and in actual writings of our people.
Granted that a lot of our surviving materials are polluted with European/Christian corruptions and Eurocentric interpretations, but with study we can filter out those corruptions.
The other “oral traditions” of our people are the traditions of ignorance and self-hate. All “oral traditions” should be questioned, as should all written documents.

**Mexica: Mexica is the name of our last great civilization. The Mexica left us vast amounts of written knowledge, from which we can collectively rebuild our Anahuac nation.
Mexica is our collective identity because Mexica is the only study base from which we can realistically reconstruct ourselves as a united Anahuac nation.

**English language films: In films about Mexicans like La Bamba, Selena, Mi Familia, Traffic, Frida, and in racist films like Road To El Dorado and countless other lesser known films there are almost no Mexicans in the lead roles. In television’s Resurrection Blvd. and American Family we have seen Cubans, Puerto Ricans and other non-Mexican actors portray Mexicans, in over 95% of these projects. Disney tried to hire the Spaniard Antonio Banderas to play our hero-of-heroes Emiliano Zapata. This last project was only stopped because of the work of over one-year of picketing by the Mexica Movement.

**blatantly racist: The material coming out of Miami now goes beyond the “India Maria” racism of Mexico (which ridicules the contemporary Indigenous people in the form of a woman named Maria, who is both ignorant and clever). The Miami media aggressively ridicules Mexican culture and history. They never once ridicule Cuban culture, history, or the Cuban people. This Cuban media bias documents the racism of putting down Mexican and Indigenous heritage while at the same time showing Europeans as the most beautiful and the most intelligent people around.

**race or color: Europeans discriminate amongst themselves. The blondish Nordic-Germanic people don’t consider southern Europeans (like Italians, Greeks, or Spaniards) to be their equals, or even truly white (Aryan). On the other hand southern Europeans dye their hair blond to try to look like the northern Europeans. The majority of these Europeans have skin that is light in color in various shades from pale parchment paper to pale pink, but none of them are actually “white”.

**demographics: We Mexicans and “Central Americans” are the majority of the people who are labeled Hispanic/Latino in the “USA”. The 2000 census shows that we are 82% of that false category. Our numbers are used for the benefit of Cubans and the other whites who speak Spanish. In reality we are probably a higher percentage if you count all of our people who are undocumented, and if you include our people who refused to put anything but Hispanic as a category. The Census people don’t know quite how to deal with this labeling issue. They contradict themselves in their own materials. They only give us a choice of white, black, or “other”. “Other” is the majority. That “other” category is us, the people who are Indigenous to this land. We are the Full-blood and Mixed-blood (the so-called mestizo). We would like to suggest to the 2010 Census that they have the categories of white, black; and a category that would include our people: “Full-blood or Mixed-blood (mestizo) Indigenous people of Mexico” and the category of “Full-blood or Mixed-blood (mestizo) Indigenous people of El Salvador” and all of the “Central American” republics.

**Western Hemisphere: This term is Eurocentric in the sense that our hemisphere is west of Europe, but realistically it is not inaccurate from the point of Europe. In a compromise, over the word “America”, we can accept our land being called the Western Hemisphere.

In an Anahuac-centered sense we can refer to our continent as Cemanahuac (“the complete world”, in context of Anahuac being “our world, the land between the waters”).
**Catholic religion: Our people are predominantly Catholic in their religion. Most of our people attempt to be “sincere Christians” in the way they live their lives. Our people believe the same things that other Catholics believe. They believe without proof that Jesus is “God”. They believe without proof in the articles of faith that there is a heaven and hell, the forgiveness of sins, that Holy Communion is the body and blood of Jesus Christ, and that there will be a resurrection of the body at the end of times.

All of this belief system is dependent on our people having a “faith” in all of this.

Yet if they knew that the church was responsible for setting off the Genocide of our people, the burning of our books, the executions of our leaders and teachers, and for keeping our people cultural slaves of the Europeans; perhaps our people’s faith in a European religion of a “white” man as “God” might be questioned.

**Latino Americans: It is curious that this is never brought out as an issue, that “Latinos” are not “Latino Americans”. Why is it that a Latino can be a person anywhere in the world, anyone in the world who speaks Spanish (and by extension Portuguese because of Brazil being in “Latin America”, and French with the Haitians). It also applies toward the Hispanic, as to why “Hispanic Americans” is not used. In the USA you are a European American, Irish American or Italian American but not a Latino American. Where’s the logic in this? Perhaps it is logical to continue the inconsistencies, to confirm the colonialism, to confirm the nonsense of this Hispanic/Latino labeling of our people. Perhaps the colonists can’t keep track of their lies or their crimes.

**genetics: In a general sense we have nothing in common with a Spaniard’s blood group, genetic diseases, or with the origins of their “racial type”.
We also have nothing in common with them in all the forms of health problems that our people suffer, or in the mental health problems that we endure.

**relatively large base: Our Mexica libraries at one time were in all the major cities of Anahuac. The Spaniards under the bishop Zumarraga burned over 10,000 books in one night in one city. Another Spanish priest named Landa burned thousands more in the Maya areas.


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