(early 2000's We Protested him over 20 Times
after his "Road To Eldorado"
Racist film which he promoted)

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Here we confront Eddie Olmos at his "Latino" film festival in Hollywood.  In this photo he claims that he doesn't underestand why we are picketing him.  We explain to him that we have already written to him and picketed him once more before this date.  We have picketed him for many years after this photo.

  Here he confronts Mexica Movement members demanding to know why we are calling him a vendido.  We explain to him all the reasons why we call him a traitor to his people.  One main reason on this occasion is his promotion of the racist cartoon "Road To El Dorado" which portrays our people in totally racist ideas.   

We need more people to help us confront the racists who are destroying our people.  If we had a few hundred people here on this occasion we would no longer hear the name Eddie Olmos.

We went on to protest him over 20 times on different days and different locations.  Join us in future confrontations and pickets of the people who are traitors to our people.

  Here one of our members is confronting Olmos about his gang film American Me.  We explain to this idiot how his film has promoted the culture of gangs.  We called him a criminal for causing the deaths of thousands of our people in gang culture.  We explained to him how he has made it "cool" to go to prison for gang crimes.  We expained but he didn't care, the movie made a lot of money for him.

Here he confronts another member

thinking that he will "charm" his way out of the protest. He fails and moves on to the next and the next, each of which explains to him why he is a vendido.

  He demands that we stop the protest. He asks that we go meet somewhere to talk it out "friendly".  He supposedly has paid his way out of his other big problem that came out of "American Me".   Here he tells one of his henchmen to not attack the members of the Mexica Movement (tv cameras are nearby). He says he has to go.  We confronted him everyday of his film festival.   The sidewalk gets crowded with members protesting Olmos and his "Latino" film festival which has mostly a criollo (white spanish speakers) audience attending.
We are there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for two weekends for three years at this money making "Latino" film festival.  We later protest his "Latino" book festival.   The media gets to record our signs which call Olmos a liar, a racist, a traitor, and explain how he is contributing to the destruction of our people with his promotion of "Hispanic/Latino" to our people.   On the second night he hires some white people to come out to protest our protest with signs that read "Irish Mexicans" for Eddie Olmos and "Italian Mexicans" for Eddie Olmos.  Funny how the so-called "white Mexicans" love Olmos.  He promotes their racist agenda.   We bring back in our members who had gone to get something to eat.  We quickly drown out their signs with our signs.  Their racist comments against us should easily explain why these white people support Eddie Olmos.
We were there all the nights of the protest.  We wanted the whole world to know what a traitor and a racist Eddie Olmos is. The movie stars came.  The government officials came.  They all saw the protest but ignored it.   Here is a white supporter of Olmos giving us the "down" sign.  Of course her real "Hispanic" Spaniard people have been keeping us down for 500 years.  They have yet to learn the word "shame" for all of their crimes.   This one on the left is a racist Cubano Gusano who kept making racist comments to our members.  There were mostly white spanish speakers in the audience.  Mostly with the racist attitude of this Gusano.   This Española explains to us why we are wrong in protesting "that wonderful man".  We explain to her how her people have been committing crimes against our people for over 500 years.  She, of course, doesn't care.
These cops are amazed, they have never seen "Mexicans with courage".  The top white cop there gave us a testimonial as to how well organized we were.  He got a good history lesson from our members about Genocide.   This is at a protest where Olmos was promoting his "Americanos" book.  He's not happy enough with Hispanic/Latino.  He wants our people to call themselves "Americanos" and "American Me".   Here he drives off in his limo.  Too bad we couldn't have hundreds of people there to block his exit.  Maybe you the one reading this will one day join us in defending our people.   Here's the sign we had for Olmos as he left his book signing in Whittier, California.
Here we are in San Bernadino protestinig at Olmos' "Latino Book Festival".  This is one protest where danzantes crossed our picket so that they could do a "sacred" dance for their hero Eddie the vendido.  This was the sadest part of this protest.   Here youcan see the wanted poster which we made of Olmos.  Read our articles section to see the article that came out in the Los Angeles Times about our protest in Hollywood.   Here we are protestin Olmos in Los Angeles at the Museum of Natural History where photos from his book "Americanos" were on exhibit.   We were able to talk to a lot of our people who were going to the exhibit.  Most of them were not aware of the racist comments that Olmos has made or the damage that his "American Me" and his "Road to El Dorado" film have to to our people.

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