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Genocide is defined as:

"...the planned annihilation [killing] of a national [Mexican/ 'Central American']
or racial group [Nican Tlaca] by a variety of actions [biological warfare,
oppression, enslavement, denial of Indigenous identity
] aimed at undermining
the foundations essential [our Pre-European Anahuac history and the wealth of our continent ]
to the survival of the group as a group".

Genocide, in context of this website, needs to be understood. In AMERICAN HOLOCAUST David Stannard puts it this way:

"...genocide is the coordinated and planned annihilation of a national, religious, or racial group by a variety of actions aimed at undermining the foundations essential to the survival of the group as a group. [Raphael] Lemkin conceived of genocide as 'a composite of different acts of persecution or destruction'. His definition included attacks on political and social institutions, culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of the group.

Even non-lethal acts that undermined the liberty, dignity, and personal security of members of a group constituted genocide if they contributed to weakening the viability of the group ["Native Americans", Mexicans, and 'Central Americans' as a united Nican Tlaca people]. Under Lemkin's definition, acts of ethnocide... also qualified as genocide.

Genocide is the denial of the right of existence to entire human groups, as homicide is the denial of the right to live of individual human beings..."

We, the Nican Tlaca people of Mexican, "Central American", and "Native American/ First Nation " descent, the people of Anahuac, are ignorant of the fact that everyday of our lives we live as slaves to European culture and European people in the "United States"---and Canada, Mexico and "Central America". We are colonial possessions of Europeans. The false Hispanic and Latino labels intentionally confuse us as to our true identity.

We are ignorant of the destructive and exterminating goals of the European assimilation process that is being used against us. Assimilation's goal is the complete genocide of our people.

Ignorance has kept us unaware of the Genocidal horror being committed against us. Ignorance has also kept us from the great history and accomplishments of our Anahuac civilizations.

Our great history of accomplishments, and our land, should be our pride. But we have been robbed of that pride, and our land and its wealth.

Once we learn this great history of our people we will regain our true pride. Once we know of the full meaning of the crimes of the Europeans, we will know that we have only one option: we have to take back our history, our land, and its wealth.

We are ignorant of the fact that we have the option of having a great future for our people---without Europeans in our lives or on our land.

Today it seems unimaginable to us that we could ever be without Europeans controlling our lives---or our land. They have made it seem impossible for us to ever be free from their control of our land or our lives. Europeans and their descendants have tortured that false idea of European undefeatable superiority, and hopeless inferiority for us---they have pounded this defeatist and cowardly mentality into our blood, flesh, breath, and heart for over 500 years.

But for those of us who study our ancestors, we know that we have to be free from Europeans. We can imagine total liberation. We know that it is possible, and that it is an absolute necessity to be free from Europeans. We of the Mexica (Meh-she-kah) Movement are now working for that total liberation.

We know that the process of gaining liberation requires an obligation to regain our history and our heritage, our honor, and our land.

We can gain all of the necessary knowledge that will liberate us when we seriously, positively, and constructively study our history (without Eurocentric colonialist interpretations). In that study we can find the beauty of who we are as a people and the barbaric crimes of the Europeans---if we open up our eyes to the reality of our enslavement to the Europeans of Europe and the Europeans on our land. These semi-independent Europeans on our land call themselves "Americans", Cubans of Miami, and "Criollos of Mexico and 'Central America'". They are in fact colonialists.

We have to see the absolute need to be free from these colonialists and their monstrous and parasitic control of our lives and our land. Yes, it is still our land, no matter what the European thieves say! We just have to find the courage to tell them that this is our land, and that all of the wealth of our land belongs to us. If we do not say this we are in fact saying that we approve of our slavery and of the theft of our wealth and land---and what does that say of us!?

All of our people have to see that the only honorable choice for us is to regain our heritage and our land---to be liberated. When we wake up to the "reality" understanding of all of this, we will see that we have been fraudulently and perversely taught to identify with the Europeans, their history, their religion, their destiny and their interests---and we will also see that their interests are to continue to enrich themselves (as thieves) from our land, at our expense.

The wealth of our land and our slave-wage labor are what has made Europeans wealthy all over this planet for the last 500 years. This theft and Genocide has been done by people who now call themselves "white", "American", and "descendants of Spaniards".

None of these people would have wealth today if their ancestors had not stolen our land, killed 95% of our population, and made slaves of the remainder of our people (read AMERICAN HOLOCAUST-Stannard).

500 years ago Europeans needed us to stay ignorant, and today they still need us to stay ignorant. But, they have also made sure that we have become a self-hating and European-loving people. We have been brutally trained to become a very happy group of ignorant slaves! They give us the micro-crumbs of capitalism and we are happy. They give us stupid songs to sing and meaningless sports to watch on dumb-tv and we are happy. They give us drugs, alcohol and hypocrite Christianity, and we are happy. We are so grateful to our criminal European masters for giving us the opportunity to copulate with their race (the "voluntary" rape of our people, assimilation as genocide). They have taught us to want to be just like them.

Europeans continue their enrichment from our land, and they continue the slow-motion genocide of our people. For over 500 years they have slow-motion used terrorism, the theft of our wealth, and the assimilation of our people, as different means with which to slowly destroy us as a people (read YEAR 501-Chomsky).

In order to accomplish their goals they have taught us to fraudulently call ourselves "mestizo" and "raza", or "Hispanic" and "Latino" or "American", and to pretend some false or weak blood-historical ties to Europe and/or the Spaniards (see GLOSSARY in this book).

But if we honestly look into our mirror, our families, our history, and our people as a whole, we will see the truth of who we are: the Nican Tlaca of Anahuac, the full-blood and the mixed-blood, the light and the dark; we are the scarred survivors of a holocaust.

It is sad that we have been taught to love the lies that the Europeans tell us and the lies that we repeat to ourselves.

Many of our people now dye their hair and bleach their skin to bring out what is supposedly the true European blood in them. This is so sad and shameful. Europeans laugh at our people when we do this. We should also be laughing at our people when they do this, but we don't. But why don't we? Fake blond or red hair on our people is a lie.

A little over 500 years ago we were a great civilization, equal and in most instances better than the culture of the Europeans. Europeans criminally and monstrously destroyed our civilizations and killed 95% of our population---23 million of our people were killed in Mexico and "Central America", and another 10 million in what is called Canada and the United States!

This is the part of our history that has been kept secret and forbidden. It is our birthright as human beings to know this, as is our right to our continent. The whole world needs to know this. Europeans have a special duty to learn this, if they are now truly a civilized, ethical, and moral people as they claim.

When you finish reading this book you will understand why so much has been hidden from us and why Europeans don't want us or their own people to know of our heritage and of their crimes against us (read LATIN AMERICA-Chomsky).

This book is not about hating Europeans! It is about loving our own heritage and our own people.

On the other hand if you study the general European materials in schools written about our people, you will notice that whenever Europeans speak of our civilizations they speak of "savage human sacrifice" and "primitive culture" as a way to demean our civilizations and to kill our interest in the accomplishments of our people (our pride). This is somehow not looked at as spreading hate about us, nor is this supposed to be racist in any way. They say that they're just telling the truth. Why don't they tell the truth about that "refined Greek civilization" and its core cultural factor of men having sex with boys or that all of the "Greek" ideas were really Egyptian and Middle Eastern inventions and ideas? How about telling the truth about Christianity's forced recruitment technique of killing and torturing people as a way of terrorizing people into becoming Christian. The reality is that they teach us to hate ourselves and they also teach their people to hate us. They teach us the lie that they are superior, and the lie that we are inferior.

Europeans control our media and education systems in order to reinforce their lies about themselves and about us. Through their media and education systems they trick us into looking at ourselves as "almost passable" Europeans. We have been taught by them to love European culture and the European people. We have been taught to want to be like them and to hate ourselves, and to be a part of them, even if only to serve them.

We have been told that we are somehow artificial Europeans by the fact that the majority of us speak only their languages (English and/or Spanish) and because some of us have had their DNA raped into us and that we carry their cancerous and parasitic blood in us. They have scarred, defiled, and wounded us with their presence on our land and in our flesh. This is not a permanent condition. We can recover.

We can, in the future, cure ourselves of the curse of their blood and their occupation of our land, and with a careful and studied reconstruction of ourselves as the Mexica Nican Tlaca people of Anahuac. We can (with time and the educational work of liberation) be rid of Europeans from our lives and our land. We can do this with the Anahuac education of our people, the Anahuac education of the Europeans, and the Anahuac education of the rest of the world.

Yes, with this book we want to teach you to love our heritage and our people. We also want to teach you (Nican Tlaca and European colonialists) to help our people to free themselves from all Europeans.

We need you to have all of this knowledge in our people's interests, and the courage to defend those interests.

We Are The 5% That Survived!

Throughout this campaign of terror, theft, and Genocide, that Europeans have euphemistically called "discovery and exploration", they behaved exactly like murderous terrorists, pirates, barbaric vandals, graverobbers, enslavers, thieves, liars, rapists, and a culture of uncivilized people. They used deceit, dishonesty, and their general dishonorable behavior, as tools against us.

They also used biological weapons as their cowardly weapon of choice against us-in the form of smallpox and other diseases to which they knew we had no immune defenses. This monstrous biological warfare and their uncivilized behavior are what truly destroyed the military defenses of our people. It was not horses or canons, or "military genius" that defeated us and killed millions of our people.

For those who say that Spain and the rest of Europe did not know that they were spreading biological weapons on our people, we respond:

Compare the present-day situation with AIDS and the colonialist-period diseases (primarily smallpox) that the Europeans used as a biological weapon against us.

We'll use an example of a person who has AIDS. This person (he or she) is a carrier of the disease (meaning that they themselves don't die or show symptoms from AIDS). That AIDS infected carrier then has sex with several people. These people later die from that sexual contact. At first that carrier may not have known that they had the disease or that they are carriers of the disease. But from the point that they do know that they are killing people by having sex with them, from point, that infected person has the moral duty to stop spreading their disease.

But when that person continues to have unprotected sex knowing this, and more people die from that sexual contact, this person is now a murderer. That murderer can selfishly justify to himself or herself that they cannot help themselves from having sex because their sexual appetite is so strong. The reality is that they know they are killing people. They know that it is wrong but they are deriving personal pleasure from the act of sex and they feel that they cannot stop that pleasure even if it kills dozens or hundreds of humans.

If that person was a moral person they would simply stop having sex or at least use condoms while engaging in sex to cut the percentage of those killed. But when this person doesn't care about human life and their monstrous greed for sex is unquenchable, and they knowingly continue to have unprotected sex, they have then become serial killers, mass murderers, monsters.

We can compare this scenario with what the Europeans did when they invaded our lands. They immediately saw the deadly effects of contact with our people in the islands of the Caribbean. Within one generation they saw the death that they had impaled our people on. 90 to 100 percent of all of our people on those islands who they came in contact with were killed by European biological warfare.

Columbus and his pirates spread this biological warfare (in the form of small pox) throughout the rest of the Caribbean (they killed 10 million human beings). Cortez used this same weapon in Anahuac (23 million killed). Pizarro used it in the Inca areas (20 million killed). Europeans continued to use this biological weapon all the way down to the establishment of the 18th century "missions" in California. Individual "Americans" and the "U.S." government used smallpox with blankets in the 19th century as a way to "clear Indians off the land" (this made an additional 10 million of our people that were killed in the rest of "North America" from the point that the English and French Europeans invaded our lands there).

The Europeans' monstrous initial appetite for our gold and the enslavement of our labor quickly became a genocidal appetite for our land. Immediately after they saw that they were killing us with their diseases, they could have simply stopped contact with us (if they were a decent caring people) and taken their people back to Europe (which would have been the moral thing to do), but their greed had them coming to our land in boatloads (as pirates, invaders, terrorists, squatters and killing machines), killing us in every possible way that they could, whenever they made contact with us.

They knew of their deadly effect on our people, but they (like the AIDS carrier in the earlier story) didn't stop.

This uncivilized and criminal Genocidal behavior has become not just the crime of Columbus and Cortez, it has now become the collective and ongoing crime of the Europeans in Europe and their descendants on our land. Europe and the European squatters on our land continue to benefit from the crimes of their ancestors.

From the first hour of October 12, 1492 when Europeans illegally first landed on our land, they changed their reality, their morality, and their truth forever:

European Terrorism on Our Continent,
and Crimes Against Our People became
"discovery and conquest", "expansion",
"gaining land".

Stealing All of Our Continent and Wealth, and Making Us Poor,
became the birth of the lies of "white superiority",
and "manifest destiny".

Murdering Our Leaders, and Massacring Our Women and Children
became "military operations", "necessary actions",
"a civilizing force".

Enslavement of Our People
and Continent to the Interests
of Europeans became
"the birth of captialism"
and a crime against humanity.

European "accomplishments" based on Stealing Our Wealth became
"Western Civilization".

And the Monstrous Evils of Colonialism, Slavery, and Genocide
became "America",
"the American way",

and the lies, poverty, and slavery that we live today.

There has been nothing civilized, "Christian", moral, or ethical in the behavior of Europeans since the moment that they illegally set foot on our land. They killed unarmed men, women, and children in the tens of millions. They assaulted, mutilated and tortured our people in order to keep us terrorized, and in a state of constant submission to the process of genocide.

In the last 500 years, in addition to the terrorizing of our Anahuac people, the theft of our lands and the theft of our wealth and natural resources, we have seen: the enslavement of our people; our life-or-death forced conversion to Christianity; the destruction of our Anahuac cities; the burning of our libraries; the execution of our leaders; the theft and/or destruction of our cultural wealth; the theft of our labor; and the theft of our true Anahuac identity, history, heritage, and theology.

But the worst of all of their crimes was, and still remains being, the genocide of 23 million of our people (the 95 % of our population that was savagely killed from 1519 to 1580). Additionally, another 60 to 80 million (or more) Nican Tlaca were annihilated in Cemanahuac ("Western Hemisphere") in the last 500 years.

This genocide is worse than the Jewish, Armenian, African, or any other holocaust or genocide in the history of humanity. We have only begun to seriously understand this in the last 50 years. We are only now beginning to see the monstrous effects that this has had on us as a people.

In order to more properly understand the immensity of this, you have to know that in 1519, Anahuac had a population of about 25 million human beings. In 1519, China also had about 25 million human beings. Today China has over 1,300,000,000 (one billion, 300 million) people. This means that there are over one billion of our people who are not alive today. There are only a little over 150 million people of Anahuac heritage who are alive today. We are what is left of Anahuac's possible one billion people.

The European Genocide of our people destroyed our Einsteins, Shakespeares, Newtons, and all of the other possibilities for greatness that our nation had in the last 500 years.

We must learn all of this history of Genocide in order to properly honor our ancestors. We must remember all of the European crimes committed against us.

We must today, honor and defend our ancestors, and our descendants, by teaching everyone all of the history of Anahuac, including the past and ongoing crimes of the Europeans.


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