SPANIARD Antonio Banderas

Signed By Disney To Play




Mexica Movement
Defends ZAPATA

Movie project is cancelled

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VICTORY FOR OUR PEOPLE. Good news for our people. After picketing Disneyland for over a year (2001-2002) Disney has agreed to stop the racist film that they were planning on the life of Emiliano Zapata.

Our picketing of Disneyland is over. We successfully stopped the traitor Gregory Nava's production of his ZAPATA film, which was slated to star the Spaniard Antonio Banderas.

Disney confirmed that it has stopped production on their racist attempt to do a film on the life of Emiliano Zapata. The Los Angeles newspaper LA WEEKLY confirmed that Disney no longer has plans to make their ZAPATA film. They had signed Antonio Banderas (a Spaniard—a European, a white person) to put on brown makeup in order to play EMILIANO ZAPATA (a Mexican—an Indigenous person, a nonwhite person).

The Mexica Movement had declared a boycott and picket against Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland.

In our press release we had made a demand for a formal and sincere apology from Disney Studios, in the form of an official change in its overall racist hiring habits and how it deals with the Mexican and “Central American” community as Indigenous people.

We are still demanding this change in policy from Disney at all of its Disney-owned corporations—including ABC television!

When we spoke to Andrea Marozas, senior vice president of communications, we explained to her that Emiliano Zapata was a Mexican hero—that he was a full-blood Nahuatl-speaking Indigenous person. In his lifetime he was specifically disgusted with the way racist Spaniards treated our people and all Indigenous people. Antonio Banderas playing him would be to dishonor his memory and to insult our people—an insult to all Indigenous people.

We further explained our complaint to Ms. Marozas by comparing this casting to having Brad Pitt play Malcolm X or Tom Hanks playing Martin Luther King. Or maybe comparing it to having a descendant of Benedict Arnold playing George Washington.

Hollywood has had the RACIST habit of NOT hiring Mexicans to play Mexicans in lead roles. In TRAFFIC (a Puerto Rican), in SELENA (a Puerto Rican), LA BAMBA (more non-Mexicans), and now the Frida Kahlo with more non-Mexicans playing Mexicans. Hollywood REFUSES TO HIRE MEXICANS TO PLAY MEXICANS.

We are encouraging all people of all races and cultures to join us in the boycott of all Disney related businesses; and to call Andrea Marozas’ office at (818) 560-4212 or to fax her complaints at (818) 260-9391. We want to let Disney Studios know that the casting of a European (Banderas) to play an Indigenous person (Emiliano Zapata) is not acceptable, that it was a racist act! We demand a formal apology.

It took the Mexica Movement over one year of picketing and confrontation to stop this ZAPATA film. We were the only organization that confronted this racist act against our people. We waited for support from other supposedly "Indigenous focused" groups to assist in the defense of the honor of Zapata, but no one aided us, nor did they do it on their own. The same thing happened with the racist ROAD TO EL DORADO film and the FRIDA film.

What is it that holds our people from showing some courage? Why are we so afraid to defend the interests of our people?

Find out what a disaster we are in, and the total treason of our artists and writers when it comes to our identity, heritage, and the future of our people. Many of these artists are now presenting Malinche as a hero. How sad. How treasonous. Our people need to re-learn what honor is. Defend our people! Defend Zapata!


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