1. Why are we not Hispanic or Latino?

Hispanics are the culture, land, things, and people of Spain. Mexicans and "Central Americans" have been fighting Hispanics for almost 500 years. To call ourselves Hispanics is to make a mockery of ourselves and to make the final surrender to the Spaniards. We are descendants of Mexicas, of the people of Anahuac, not Spaniards.  Latinos have traditionally been the white people of "Latin America", but they have fooled some of our people into thinking they are now white, that they are European.

Hispanics/Latinos are those who have oppressed the Mixed-blood and the Full-blood Nican Tlaca (Indigenous people) of the Western Hemisphere. Latino is not anything to be proud of.  Europeans should be ashamed of themselves for the crimes they have committed upon us for the last 500 years. 

Yes, some of our people identify with the white people in order to exploit our own people. There are always traitors in every group of people. Today the people of European descent are the ones who control Spanish and English language media. That control over media and education has
brainwashed our people to believe that we are Hispanic\Latino, that Europe is our heritage.  What vomit, poison, and insult are these labels on our people.

2. Aren't we all part white anyway?

African Americans are mostly part white. You don't see African American people calling themselves white or European. You don't see them bragging of the little white blood that they have. They identify as African Americans, not as African-European Americans. Malcolm X was part white but that didn't make him a Euro-Afro, and he didn't identify with whatever white blood was in him.  Malcolm X knew that whatever white blood was in him was the result of rape, racism, and oppession.

Jews of European descent are mostly white, but they call themselves Jews or Jewish and never Jewish American or Euro-Jews or anything silly like that.

We people of Mexican and "Central American" descent do tend to cling to those few drops of white blood that is mostly the result of rape. It's sad. We have been mentally abused and culturally castrated to believe such self-hating nonsense. To clarify maybe even more let's look at Filipinos. They have Spanish surnames and some have some Spanish blood, but they don't call themselves Hispanic. They speak English but that doesn't make them English or British.  Find a mirror. If you see a white person in the mirror, then you are white. If you don't see a white person, then you know you are Indigenous.

Sad that we have to put it to this test. Some of our darkest people are still going to see a white person in the mirror.

And those of our people who are the lightest:  remember that no matter how light your skin is, it's only a scar.  Europeans are not just occupying our continent, they are occuping the DNA of most of our people.

3. Isn't Spain our mother country.

If you are a real Hispanic\Latino white person, yes. If you are a Mixed-blood Nican Tlaca (so-called Mestizo) or full blood Nican Tlaca (Indigenous person), of course not. Spain is no more our motherland than England is our fatherland.

4. But aren't we part of La Raza Cosmica, a great blend of Europeans and Indians? Isn't that what makes us special?

That is a European-imposed concept dropped on us to get us to celebrate the rape of our people, to pretend that we took part in the theft of our
own continent and wealth, and to get us to happily ignore the cultural castration of our people. 

But we are special as a people in that we are part of over 4,000 years of Anahuac civilizations. Over 4,000 years of being one culture. Over 4,000 years of accomplishments and only 500 years of being slaves to people from another world. That is where we are special. Special in that we can regain out greatness as a people.

5. But our language, our names, our blood, our religion, our heritage is Spain!

Don't get so emotional about this. I know that you as a vendido want to think of yourself as a European, a Spaniard and that you hate the thought
that you could in even the remotest way be "Indian". But this is information for the majority of our people who are not vendido. They have
to remember, again, that African Americans speak English, have British names, have some white blood, have the religion of Europe, but does that make them British or European ?! You get it, we are not white, not European!

6. Isn't the Mexica Movement divisive?

Yes. We want to divide our selves from the white-Hispanic and white-Latino ----SPANIARDS---who wants to continue exploiting our people. We want to separate ourselves from the Cuban, the Argentine, the Spaniard, and all European descent people who have come to our land to steal it, to steal our wealth, to enslave our people to their European interests, and to culturally castrate our people by taking away our proud Nican Tlaca Mexica Anahuac identity.

But, we Mexicans and "Central Americans do want to unite as one people with the so-called Native Americans of what is called "North America". That is the unity that we want. We all share one race, our Anahuac heritage of corn, our continent, languages, history, origins, history of European Invasion and Genocide, and so much more, because we are one people divided by European borders on our one continent.

7. But I'm not an Indian. I almost look white. How can I claim to be Indian?

Then you must be a white person. I was mistaken. I thought you were one of my people, a vendido, but one of my people. But you 're not. It's clear that you desperately want to think of yourself as white. Go down to Mississippi or the Simi Valley in California and see if they consider you white.

Personally I wish you were white, so that people like you would not confuse our people. But I look at you and a white person is not what I see. I see a person who is definitely not white.

8. OK, I'm part Indian. But I'm not an Indian.

Then go to Europe and see if they will accept you as one of their children. In your case they will definitely look at you as a brown Michael
Jackson---a wanna-be-white who is obviously not white.

9. Okay, okay. Now, all of the responses you have given me would lead me to conclude that you are a Nationalist. Are you now or have you ever been a Nationalist, maybe even a communist?

Like Emiliano, Cuauhtemoc, Cortina, Murietta, and all of the Nationalists of the last five centuries, I am proud to say yes, I am a nationalist. All of those of us who are Mexica Warriors of the Mexica Movement are Nationalists.

We are not communists because we don't need European concepts to take our people back to who we are. We are an Nican Tlaca Mexica People of Anahuac.  Nationalists for our people. We don't need to be communists.

l0. But this is the greatest country in the world. Great opportunities! A multicultural society! Why would you cling to such a backward way of thinking. Every country in the world is going multinational. The whole world is giving up nationalism, why haven't you?

Because I'm proud of who my people are. I am proud of being part of our Anahuac heritage. When you finally know about all of the civilization of
which we are a part, there is no need to look to Europe for your pride. It is right here, in our land, our continent, and in our Nican Tlaca Mexica Anahuac history and identity.

The whole world is going European---Yes! But I do not want to be part of that Eurocentric Western World. I want to be part of our Mexica world. My heritage is the Olmeca, the Zapotec, the Maya, Teotihuacan, the Toltec, the Mexica, and the other civilizations and cultures of "Mesoamerica "---not Europe.

More importantly, you have to remember that I am a Mexica Warrior! I am not you. I do not want to be a slave in a whiteman's world.
Notice that the Jew hangs on to his or her identity, and participates in the "modern" world without losing their sense of who they are---who they
really are!

We can be modern-day Mexica without losing our independent identity and without being "backwards". We'll update, computers and things, without being a subheading of European or of any other group on this planet.

Our Mexica world is waiting for us to reclaim it. Our Mexica Movement is working to educate our people towards taking back our past and our future.  The future is being made right now. We are making sure that our world, the world of the people of Mexican, "Central American", and "Native American" descent, is Mexica and that it is definitely not Hispanic, Latino, Mestizo, or Raza. We want a Mexica future for our people.  That is what our struggle is about.

Vendidos and vendidas are our biggest obstacle. They promote self-hate and they promote the enslavement of our people to a European world and to a European future.  They must be confronted. We must stop them from poisoning the minds of our people. We must stop them from creating new vendidos and vendidas.

This interview is over vendido!










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