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On this AZTEC INFORMATION web site you will find a lot of information about the words Aztec and Aztlan, and the word that many of you have never heard, Mexica (Meh-shee-kah)

This information is presented by the Mexica Movement.  We are a Nican Tlaca (Indigeous) rights educatonal organization for people of Mexican, "Central American", and "Native American" descent of the continent that is falsely called "North America". 

On this web site we are introducing you to all aspects of the word "Aztec."  We are also listing for you many of the book titles that you can find at your local library or that you can order from your local bookstore or from  [ hit the key word Aztec at ] on the internet.  We also list books that are no longer in print or are no longer easily available but that are related to the word Aztec.

There are many books today that are related to the word Aztec, which were written in reference to people who built one of the world's greatest civilizations in the world prior to the European invasion of 1519, the people who were our ancestors, the Mexica. Again, the proper and correct name of the people who are called Aztecs and who built the marvelous city of Tenochtitlan, is Mexica. 

We never called ourselves "Aztec."  Not even the Spaniards called us Aztec.  Aztec is the 19th century invention of one Englishman named Kingsborough and one American named Prescott. 

Many of the books that we will be presenting to you on this page are books that make up the Mexica Movement's Library, while others will be books and articles that are used as reference in our research.

Because the Mexica Movement is an Indigenous right educational organization, we have made it our responsibility to properly introduce the books and articles related to the Mexica which are improperly called Aztec.


In most cases when we are introduced to the word Aztec we are given the racist and self-serving version of the civilization of the Mexica.  We are told that the Mexica of the valley of Mexico who encountered Hernan Cortez and his Spanish invading soldier-pirates in the beginning of the sixteenth century were inferior to the Europeans.

The sixteenth century Spaniards were left in amazement as they trespassed into the city of Tenochtitlan, where for the first time they saw government assigned street cleaners beautifying a city that was the home of a population of 350,000 people.  London was Europe's largest city and it only had a population of about 80,000 people. 

Little by little you will see the lies that we have all been fed about the Mexica (Aztecs).

The word Aztec is a real word derived from the word Aztlan, which was the ancestral northern home of several groups of people that migrated into the valley of Mexico and its surrounding areas.  We are talking about the people of Tenochtitlan (Mexica), Tlaxcala, Chalco, Xochimilco, Malinalco, Texcoco, and Huexotzinco. The different waves of these northern migrants all knew that they had a common origin in Aztlan and Chicomoztoc, which was different from the majority of the people in what became known as the Valley of Mexico.

The word Aztec is consistently misused to only identify the Mexica as coming from Aztlan-Chicomoztoc while leaving out the other groups that settled in the valley of Mexico who are also of Aztlan origin.

We must add that the Mexica never called themselves Aztecs, we say this because not one document (primary source) exists today where the Mexica called themselves Aztecs.  The other names that the Mexica did call themselves were Culhua or Tenochca, which can be found in primary sources like the Florentine Codices. The Florentine Codices are a series of books written in the middle of the sixteenth century by a Spanish priest who was commissioned by the Spanish government to study the every day life of the Mexica, so that they could be destroyed.

As you begin researching on the Mexica (“Aztec”) we will point out what authors we recommend and in what books you should begin your research of the word “Aztec”.





Mexica Movement: NOT Hispanic! NOT Latino!