Karl Marx was a good man. 

He meant well.  He did some great things.  But we as Nican Tlaca don't need the European Karl Marx to present to us the socialist-collective ideas of our ancestors, which inspired him. We can interpret our ancestors to ourselves better than he can.

And we don't need Che Guevara either.  He is not a hero for our people. This criollo has been passed off a Mexican, as an Indigenous person and as a Mixed-blood person.  He is of complete European descent. 

We have our own heroes.  We don't need the "cool looking" Che to inspire us.  We have Cuauhtemoc, Tupac Amaru, Tecumseh, Frida Kahlo, Emiliano Zapata, and many more.  And if we did want heroes that are not our people we could have Malcolm X, Ho Chi Minh, or John Brown who did much more than Che ever did.

Che is the darling of commercial media.  He is the poster boy of poser revolutionaries.  He is chic in Paris and amongst white boy liberals of "America".  Che is a dead end as far as being anything that will lead us to liberation.  There is nothing original or memorable in the writings of Che.  So next time some vendido or some poser tells you about Che remind him or her that Che is not part of our people, not Nican Tlaca.  Che is a white guy.  

In struggling for liberation in the last 500 years, we have made a lot of mistakes. The worst of our mistakes were the actions that embraced European solutions to our problems of European occupation.

Over the centuries Europeans have offered us meaningless friendship, peace, "Christianity", relocations, reservations, "equality", revolution, capitalism, Marxism, anarchy, money, and even assimilation into the "white" race.

Under our present circumstances, we don't have the luxury of trying out any more of their dead-end "solutions". This applies even to the best of the "well meaning" European people's Eurocentric Marxist missionary work. These solutions only offer us internationalist European-led solutions, or Marxist social agendas. These Marxist agendas ignore or minimize the ongoing colonialism and the past and the ongoing racist crimes of the Europeans.

The best solutions that the Marxists are offering us were researched by Karl Marx from our Nican Tlaca societies. We don't need the European Karl Marx interpreting the success of our ancestors' collective societies to us. With proper study, we can interpret ourselves to ourselves a lot better than Mr. Karl Marx.

But worse than the Marxist approach for our people, is the suicidal embrace of individualism, materialism, capitalism, "Christianity", sexism (the machismo and the feminist approaches are both sexist), new age superstitions, and the many other forms of selfishness that exist. Each of these approaches offer us the "opportunity" to work within colonialism---and the guaranteed extermination of our people.  Che and Marxism are "soft genocide" for our people.  They offer "colonialism lite".  We should not just pass on Marxism, we should see it for what is now is, a dead end for our people.