by Olin Tezcatlipoca Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved.


Warriors today do not need guns and bombs, or bows and arrows,
and not violence and terrorism to be noble courageous warriors.

We need knowledge of our history and our true identity,
discipline and unity, and the courage to defend our people against
the colonialism and the white supremacy that is genocide on our people,
an attempt to dehumanize us, assimilate us, and thus exterminate us as a people.

These are days of an unseen and unknown evil genocide
that makes our people fear the terrorism of the European settlers on our continent.
We have been made cowards in confronting colonialism and white supremacy
from 500 years of cultural castration and enslavement to the white race,
enslavement to the European natives on our continent.

Yes, there is ugliness in the savage behavior of the Europeans.
But they have taken from us not just our land and its wealth,
they have taken the beauty and genius of our people
that produced great civilizations,
civilizations that had great noble courageous warriors.

But we are not that anymore.
Today we are only courageous at killing our own people in gangs,
or killing the enemies of white supremacy
in the militaries of the Settler Nations on our continent.
We need to rebuild our warriors as defenders of our people.

We are in a time where the warriors must step forward to protect our people:

Let our rituals and ceremonies today be made of commitments, oaths, and obligations
to form discipline in our lives, to rededicate our lives to learning and teaching our history.
Let our rituals and ceremonies consecrate the new warriors for our people,
men and women warriors dedicating themselves to the liberation of our people.
Let us be the essence of warriors: defending our people, confronting our enemies.
Let us be warriors of honor, warriors of discipline, warriors with a love for their people,
love for their nation, as were our glorious ancestors.
Let us learn love for freedom and liberation. Let us also remember that we must be intelligent, and well studied, fully disciplined in how we conduct ourselves as warriors.

Warriors today do not need guns and bombs or bows and arrows,
and not violence and terrorism to be noble courageous warriors.
Warriors today become warriors when they use their intelligence,
their study, their collective minds and our collective leadership.
We are warriors today when we educate and organize as one people,
one people confronting the evils of the thefts of our lands.
We are warriors today when we confront the greed and immorality
of the theft of our resources; and when we confront the disregard
for the pollution, the rape of our lands and rivers.
We are warriors when we confront
the racism and genocide that is destroying our humanity,
that is devastating our people.
Warriors today can confront all of this colonialism,
the false white supremacy,
this assimilation, the genocide.

We can confront all of these evils that European settlers have inflicted on us
with demands for justice, with demands for the truth of the crimes of colonialism.
We must become true warriors, dedicated to ending all of the evil
being done against our people.
We can do this with the aid of studying our heritage, with studying the knowledge
of the crimes of European colonialism, the crimes of the European settlers.
Armed with all of this knowledge, and with our courage, we can confront the evils
of the European settlers.

We can be warriors with protests and boycotts, with civil disobedience,
with education, education that is in our interests.
We must become full warriors educating and organizing.
Warriors working collectively and united.

And we can do this all with using Youtube and Facebook,
with websites, blogs, tweets, and emails.

We can wake our people, strengthen our people, enlighten our people
with lectures and posters and teach-ins; all of this can and should be done
with intelligence, a new discipline, and the power of knowledge,
in dignity, honor, and courage.

We do not need guns and bombs to be warriors for our people.
We need knowledge and courage.
We need unity across all of our continent.