RECOMENDED BOOK: June 16, 2010


BEFORE COLUMBUS by Charles C. Mann

This is a refreshing new look at our continent as it existed before the European invasions.

** Proves that we had the second oldest civilization in the world going back to 3500 B.C. But even the latest carbon-14 dating pushes it back to 3700 B.C. This is older than anything in the world other than Sumeria (in what is today Iraq).

** Proves that Nican Tlaca (“Native Americans” of this whole continent) were building pyramids at least 500 years before Egypt. This shoots down all of that Afro-centric racist nonsense that African civilized us.

** Proves that our continent was not an empty wilderness of savages and unused land (that had no collective ownership). It proves that the majority of our population was living in cities and large towns throughout the north and south of our continent.

** Huaricanga (3500 B.C.) in Peru is now the oldest of our cities found so far. This should be a great pride for all Nican Tlaca. Our ancestors were building great cities and civilizations three thousand years before the Europeans.

** The book makes a great statement saying that we were the first people in the world to have a mandatory education system. And still, our people don’t have an interest in being serious about learning their heritage.

** The book says that we had a larger number of poetry, philosophy, and other materials that survived than all of the materials of the Greeks in Europe. Keep in mind that the Europeans burned the majority of our books.

** The book makes a point to say that more public human sacrifice was going on in Europe than in all of our civilizations. In Europe the inquisition and the executions of petty thieves or other people who disobeyed the command or beliefs of the church or the state were sacrificed to the god Jesus or to the god of Money and Greed.

** The book makes great emphasis on the use of smallpox as a weapon for the “military” (weapons of mass destruction) successes of the Europeans. It doesn’t say it strong enough, but it mentions that smallpox was the main ally of the Europeans everywhere that they went on our continent.

GO TO and enter BEFORE COLUMBUS by Charles C. Mann. The book is $16.95.