In January of this year (see letter below) the Mexica Movement made a series of phone calls, faxes, emails, and other communications in an attempt to abort another obvious white supremacist film: Ron Howard's The Serpent and the Eagle.

We were successful in having the project killed but Ron Howard refused to put anything in writing. It has now been 10 months and all notices and publicity of this film COMING SOON have ended. We still don’t trust Ron Howard or his company to keep the project dead, so we are making public our last letter to Ron Howard’s company, Imagine Entertainment.

We are doing this to make sure that they keep that hideous racist monster of a film dead.

This was the last of our letters to Ron Howard's office:

January 16, 2009

Louisa Velis
Imagine Entertainment Company

Dear Ms. Velis,

Following our phone conversation yesterday evening with an attorney representing Ron Howard, there seems to be some confusion regarding what it is we are asking for. The attorney stated that Ron Howard no longer owns the film project known as The Serpent and the Eagle and that we should, instead speak with Paramount Studios regarding this project.

However, since 2002, this film project has been associated 100% with Ron Howard. Therefore, we are demanding that Ron Howard disassociate himself 100% from this project. It has been Ron Howard’s name that has given credibility to this white supremacist project (via press releases and interviews) and so it should be Ron Howard’s name that terminates this project.

A simple, written statement to that effect would suffice for our purposes. A satisfactory statement could simply say:

1) Ron Howard no longer owns or controls the project known as The Serpent and the Eagle.
2) Ron Howard is no longer involved in the project known as The Serpent and the Eagle.
3) Ron Howard will not – under any circumstances – have any future interest or involvement in developing the project known as The Serpent and the Eagle.

Feel free to copy and paste the above text, verbatim, if need be. We are willing to wait until 5 P.M. on Thursday, January 22, 2009 for a written statement that reflects the verbal statements made by you (Louisa Velis) regarding Ron Howard’s withdrawal from this project.

Our own plans to launch a campaign to abort this project will proceed, as we have stated in our previous letters.

Olin Tezcatlipoca
Director, Mexica Movement
P.O. Box 5088
Huntington Park, CA 90255-9088
(323) 981-0352




This is our second major film that we have aborted (Disney's Zapata film was the other) before it became a film.


Tlazocahmati to all of you who were involved in this fight!


Olin Tezcatlipoca,

Director of Mexica Movement

November 7, 2009



January 8, 2009

Louisa Velis
Imagine Entertainment Company

Dear Ms. Velis,

Per our phone conversation on the morning of Friday, January 8, 2009, we (Mexica Movement) understood from you that Ron Howard will no longer be involved in the film known as The Serpent and The Eagle. You reassured us that the film was “not on the radar” as far as Ron Howard and Imagine Entertainment Company are concerned.

This is a positive move as far as we are concerned, but we continue to insist that this film project be abandoned altogether, permanently, and with no chance of being resurrected at a later date. As such, we insist that Ron Howard put the following in writing:

A) That the film known as The Serpent and The Eagle has been cancelled, and
B) That the film project will not be transferred elsewhere, thereby eliminating the possibility of it being revived at a later date.

As you know, our concern is that this film would put a romantic gloss over the historically-documented Spanish-European genocide committed against Indigenous Peoples of the Western Hemisphere. This film would be tantamount to creating a romantic biography of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.

Sadly, Ron Howard has already lent his name to two films (The Missing and Alamo) that depict Indigenous People/Mexicans as evil savages with virtually no redeemable qualities to speak of. Through these two films, Ron Howard has clearly demonstrated a conscious intent to portray Indigenous People through racist stereotypes. He has cinematically countenanced the legacy of European genocide and colonialism by employing these stereotypes. Ron Howard’s cinematic attacks against our community must stop.

And so we will allow Ron Howard until January 19, 2009 in which to provide us with a written statement confirming his intent to permanently abandon The Serpent and The Eagle. If it is not possible or convenient for Ron Howard to declare this in writing, we will launch a picketing campaign against Ron Howard and all of his current and upcoming film projects. These are not idle threats we are making; as you saw in the credentials packet we mailed you (this was clippings from our protests against Disney, Eddie Olmos for Road to El Dorado, Salma Hyeck for Frida, along with Steven Spielberg for Road To El Dorado), we have extensive experience in confronting racism.

We look forward to a definitive statement from Ron Howard.

Olin Tezcatlipoca
Director, Mexica Movement
(323) 981-0352