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Olin Tezcatlipoca

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I love my people:
the Nican Tlaca,
the Indigenous people of this continent,
the Full-blood and the Mixed-blood,
all of them
from the North to the South
from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.

I love who we are
as civilizations and cultures:
a people of genius, passion, creativity.

I love all of who are,
who we were,
the whole of our past,
where we were once
a people of original civilizations
going back to 3700 B.C.

We built our first civilizations
in the Caral Supe area
in the south of our continent, in Peru,
there our civilizations were first born and grew.

Our civilizations
are older
than the civilizations of Egypt,
older than anything in Europe.

We were the first people who approached Our Creator
in a scientific way,
a way that was
all about loving Our Creator
through science and logic, understanding and enlightenments,
and not
of fearing Our Creator
through superstition and delusion, ignorance and fantasy,
pretense and hypocrisy.
We were a people devoted to Our Creator
in a scientific and logical way

We were also a people
who invented
original approaches to
astronomy, mathematics, writing, calendar making,
engineering, architecture, art , education, medicine,
agriculture, literature, government,
and so much more.

All of these great accomplishments
are unknown by our people
in any
real way.

We don't care
about these accomplishments
even when we learn about them.

But we need to learn a new way to learn:
to learn without the Europeans
telling us what is important,
telling us what is in our interests.

What should really matter today
is the beauty of our past,
the reality of our past,
not the white supremacist lies:
that defame and insult us.
We should know
of the past science and the genius
of our people,
and the future potential of our people.

All of this knowledge of accomplishments and genius
should be
a great motivator for our people
but it’s not.
It’s not there

if we studied our heritage,
if we were guided in our studies
with pride and honor,
if it was popular to embrace
our heritage of great accomplishments,
then we would once again live in pride as a free people.

All of this would make us the pride of the world,
if we were conscious of the facts
of the great accomplishments of our people,
the great potential of our people.

All of this knowledge and pride
would wake
the warrior and intellectual in our people,
would wake the honor in our people,
would wake the courage and the discipline
of a great people, of us.

But all of this would require us to
be educated in our heritage
and to be
brave in confronting
the fact that we are being robbed every day
of the wealth of our continent,
all of this enriching
of the European colonial settlers on our continent.
They grow rich from the minerals, forests, farmland,
and the other wealth of our continent
while we are forced to live in poverty, slavery, ignorance and disgrace.

The white supremacists claim that we
did nothing with our land
and that they made better use of it.
Where in Europe could they get “free land”
Where in Europe could they get “free gold and silver”
Where in Europe could they get “free slaves”
Where in Europe could they get any of that.
But we believe that Columbus was all about exploration
not about getting free land, free gold, free slaves
and killing our people with smallpox.
We believe the Pilgrims were here for freedom.
They were here for free land, free gold and free silver
and killing our people with smallpox.

Spaniards or English, they came to our lands
as criminals.
They came only as thieves and pirates,
murderers and rapists,
slavers and deceitful people,
immoral people, unethical people,
only as white supremacists.

Only with those criminal minds
could they have achieve what they achieved:
the theft of a whole continent
and the holocaust killing of 95% of the population
a genocide of smallpox
that killed 70 to 100 million of our people.
That’s quite an accomplishment.
We are only the 5% that survived
of what was our population in the 16th century.
We control 0% of our continent, 0% of our own wealth.
We are 100% slaves of the white race.
Slaves without chains on our wrists and feet
but chains on our minds and our hearts.

They must have monuments and books
of pride
to show all of that infamy.
But they don’t,
they hide all of that criminal, savage, inhuman behavior
and at the same time
hide all of our civilizations
and our accomplishments,
our cities that were larger
than he cities of Europe,
and the simple fact
that this is still our continent
and that
all of the wealth of this continent is still ours.

This can all be corrected, made into truth and justice.
But we actually need to do something
and not just wait for the white man to give us truth or justice.

We need to take back our heritage
and we need to take back
the warrior courage of our ancestors,
but in a way that is intelligent
and that will bring the actions that will
educate and liberate our people.
We don't need drugs or materialism.
We don't need capitalism or communism.
We don’t need rituals and ceremonies,
or music and dancing, nor hiphop or danza.
We need education for total liberation,
we need actions, not words,
not the bullshit of New Age,
or the nonsense of Eastern religions,
Taoism, Buddhism,
or the slavery, cowardice, fantasies,
hypocrisy and lies
of Christianity.

Our actions
should be
for educating our people in our interests
as a Nican Tlaca people, a united Nican Tlaca people.
Our actions should be honorable and
and an inspiration
for all of the non-white nations of this planet.
We should not behave
as the Europeans have behaved
in the last 500 years:
with dishonor, lies, and violence.
We need to embrace our heritage,
as it would have progressed
in the last 500 years,
---not stuck in 1491 without progress
as the cowards of our people want us to think
and the negativity that the vendidos want us to see.

We should become a renewed creative force in the world.
We should be the scientists, the innovators,
the sparks of genius
all of humanity to a better world,
as we once did,
with our ancestors.

So much beauty and genius is ours to take pride in
but it is in a dim light, in darkness.
It is in slavery, in poverty.
It is in ignorance of that beauty and genius.

We are in ignorance
of the accomplishments of our ancestors.
We should be beaming with pride every day.
We should love each other
for being part
of so much genius and beauty.

But that is not the way it is at all.
We just see each other
as gangsters,
losers, drug addicts, potential prison inmates,
and potential victims of each other.
We see ourselves
as poverty,
and as a people with no future, no past.
To us in our igrnorance,
being Nican Tlaca
only means seeing ourselves
only as the orange sellers in the street,
as the ignorance of our people,
as the foolish people that we appear to be.

Even when we are millionaires
and well educated with PhDs
and our own businesses
we are just as ignorant about our heritage
as the poorest
and the least educated of our people.
We, as wealthy people,
as Eurocentric educated people,
are just as unproud of our people
as the least educated and the poorest of our people.

So, just being educated is not enough.
We need to be educated in our interests as Nican Tlaca.
We need to be educated as a race of people
who once did great things
and who are capable
of doing great things in the future.

But poor or rich, educated or ignorant,
we are today proud of all the wrong things,
stupid things, ignorant things.
We are proud of the materialistic things,
egotistical things,
drugs and all the toys,
the things that European culture has given us to play with,
in exchange for making us slaves,
in exchange for staying cowards,
and in exchange for
them continuing to steal all of the wealth of our continent,
in exchange for us keeping quiet,
for not challenging white supremacy.

All of this ignorance, poverty, and disgrace
makes no sense for a people
with such a rich heritage,
such vast amounts of proof
for our genius and creativity.

We have
hundreds of sacred sites, archeological sites,
with thousands of buildings
and tens of thousands of pieces of art,
and hundreds of pages of our literature
that have survived,
in spite of all of the destruction
and the burnings
that the Europeans did…
…but most of our people do not care
about any of it, not in any real way.

We have NOT been taught to appreciate
the importance and the beauty of our heritage.
We have not been taught to appreciate such genius.

It is the foreigners
who are the majority
at the sacred archeological sites
and it is the foreigners who appreciated our heritage
and write books about the beauty
and genius of our people.
Ironically it is the non-racist European foreigners
who now adore
the great accomplishments of our heritage.
They appreciate the beauty, genius, and greatness
of our ancestors.

Meanwhile instead of creating beauty
and works of genius
we sing stupid songs of love and lust,
with words that do not educate or liberate.

We get drunk, watch soccer and novelas,
listen to the colonialism
that Christina la gusana gives us on tv,
that Don Francisco the German Spanish speaker vomits on us.

They also waste our time and money
with Lakers, tattoos, gang culture,
or in the culture of drug addiction and alcoholism.
A waste of time.
A waste of money.
Time that could have been used in educating and liberating.
Money that could have been used in educating and liberating.
The rich and the poor of us do all of this,
and all the in-between of us do these pendejadas too,
these wastes of time, these wastes of our life.

We have been crippled intellectually,
philosophically, psychologically.
We have been mutilated and disconnected
from our heritage and our lands.

We have been divided
by European borders, European languages,
and we have been divided
by the rape of our people,
by the scarring of our DNA.
We have been deeply damaged
by the cultural castration of our people,
that cultural castration which
is our disconnect from our ancestors,
our disconnect from our full humanity.

We have been robbed of our land and its wealth.
We somehow need to understand the importance
of being robbed of our land and its wealth.

In Mexico, “Central America”, Canada, the U.S.
and throughout all of our continent
whites control and profit
from the wealth of our continent.
And we just watch them
steal it and steal it from us.

In the meantime if someone steals
one of our toys or our car
we are willing to kill
for the music, the money.
We don’t get it.
We don’t want to get it.

Our land, our continent
our mother and our father
and they are being raped.
And we do nothing.
We do not care.
We have been taught to not care.

We have also been robbed of our identity
and we now only have
the false Hispanic/Latino identities,
our identities as the slaves of the white race.

We are also left without an ounce of courage
when it comes to defending our people,
unless it’s personal, or gang related,
or going to fight for the white man
in some non-white lands.

And we are not thinkers, only thinkers of irrelevancies.
We gladly intellectualize about the Renaissance,
European literature, art, and Romans and Greeks.

We find courage, intellect, and pride for all the wrong things.
We go out and kill for the USA.
Killing non-white people
who never did us any wrong.
But we will continue to defend the white man,
the one who killed 95% of our people
and stole 100% of our land
and all of its wealth.
That we will do, with our lives,
losing arms and legs, losing our lives proudly.

And we will kill each other
for no good reason
or for money or for sex.

Who taught us all of this shit, this dishonor,
this selfishness, this foolishness?
It is not our heritage.

Greed is placed before us as good,
immorality as normal,
cheating, stealing, and dishonor
are all things that
we learned from white people.

We have learned to be evil and dishonorable
just like them.
We have succeeded in being
totally just like them,
except that we are still their slaves,
and they are still stealing the wealth of our continent.

This is how bad it is.
But it gets worse.

Add to this that we call ourselves Hispanic or Latino.
Add to this that the Spaniard Cubans
and the Spaniards and other Europeans born in Mexico
and the other Latin Colonial Settler Nations
control all of our governments, the media and education,
and the wealth of our people.
They control it all.

Add to this that all of our writers and artists,
professors and intellectuals,
have sold out to the colonial Hispanic/Latino interests
that control our lives.

But then there is also the illusion, the falseness
that just because some of us
intellectually understand all of this
holocaust and genocide of our people
and that we are outraged by all of this;
we think
that understanding and outrage
are actually “ACTIONS”.
Knowledge and outrage
does not mean that we are changing
any of this disgrace
that our people are in.

Our main problem is still white supremacy.
White supremacy is our problem.
The end of white supremacy is the end of all of our problems.
Ending white supremacy would end colonialism.
Ending colonialism
would end the European occupation of our continent.

White supremacy keeps us enslaved to white culture
and to enriching white people on our continent,
and keeping us poor, in disgrace, in dishonor.

You get rid of colonialism and white supremacy
and we are a free people
working and planning
for the liberated future of our people.
It’s that simple.

But the situation seems hopeless.
We hear it from our people
in their cowardice and ignorance,
they say:
“You can’t do anything about it”
“You better just look out for yourself,
because we’re losers as a people.”
“You can’t fight the white man,
he’ll kill you man”

But there is hope.
We have been in this holocaust, this genocide,
for over 500 years.
But there is hope.

We can get out of this
but it requires more
than just talk, or me writing this,
or your reading this,
or hearing this.
It requires that you participate
in the work that we are doing,
that you help out
with all of what it takes
to educate and liberate our people.

But first
we all should learn to have shame in not participating
in the education and liberation of our people
---especially when we are at parties wasting time
or shopping spending money on useless toys or junk.
It is because we just party and spend money shopping
and do drugs or alcohol
that we are failing to educate and liberate
ourselves and our people.

We need to be shamed for our cowardice,
for our failure to learn and to teach,
for our failure to get up off our knees
from white supremacy.

And then there’s activities that we need to stop
that keep us from being thinkers:
when we are too involved in gangs and crime
or doing the drugs and alcoholism,
that keeps us slaves;
again we are failing to educate and liberate ourselves
or to help our people.

Even when you spend all your time on your private business
making money, money, money,
money becomes your life
and you are still a slave,
an ignorant slave.

Learn shame, but also learn honor and discipline.
Learn to live your life in a meaningful way:
the way of education and liberation for our people.

We at the Mexica Movement
will continue to beat the drum of knowledge,
for knowledge through the internet,
at protests,
with lectures,
pickets, boycotts,
and continuous education
for the liberation of our people.
We are teaching Nican Tlaca knowledge,
enabling courage and vision for our people
to learn more.
We will continue to be warriors defending our people
against the white supremacy of the Anglos
and the white supremacy of the Miami Cubans
and the white supremacy of the Spaniards who control
Mexico and the rest of the Spanish-speaking areas of our continent.

We will continue to work to open the eyes of our people,
point out all of the ongoing evils being done to our people
by white supremacists like
Lou Dobbs, Mel Gibson,
or Christina la gusana,
or by white supremacist vendidos like
Eddie Olmos, Lalo Alcaraz, or Sandra Cisneros.

We need to be honest about all of this.
We all need to do something about this,
not just read or talk.
We can be reading and talking about this
for the next 500 years
and nothing will change,
unless we take actions,
actions like the work that we are doing
with the Mexica Movement

Come join us
in our work, donate money for the expenses
that come with doing the work that we do.
We need help, lawyers, artists, internet help.

Everyone wants someone else to take care of the problems
someone else to pay the bills,
to fight for us, to teach us.
They declare all of this
from their seated position
on the keyboard of the internet.
That is how we have been conditioned to react:
to do nothing.

Actually doing something
seems to be the biggest problem
for our people.
It’s not so much the white man,
but what the white man has done to our minds,
what the white man has done to our courage.

Don’t be one of those:
“Yes, tomorrow I will help”
“Oh, I really support you”
“Yeah, yeah, you’re right, ahh…good luck”

Sit and think about this
and figure out
just exactly
what it is that you can do to help
in the education and liberation work
that we are doing at the Mexica Movement.

I know, we don’t have a tradition of working
to end white supremacy
and to end the colonialism
that rules our lives.
It is not part of our colonial culture.

It’s time we started.
Let’s start a tradition of
liberation through Nican Tlaca education
through the work of the Mexica Movement

Let’s start by learning to honestly love our people,
so that we can all say honestly and proudly:

I love my people:
the Nican Tlaca,
the Indigenous people of this continent,
the Full-blood and the Mixed-blood,
all of them
from the North to the South
from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.

I love who we are
as civilizations and cultures:
a people of genius, passion, creativity;
I love all of who are,
who we were,
the whole of our past
where we were
a people of civilizations going back to 3700 B.C.,
civilizations older civilization than Egypt.
We were a people who approached Our Creator
in scientific way that was all about loving Our Creator
and not of fearing Our Creator.
We were also a people who invented original approaches to
astronomy, mathematics, writing, calendar making,
engineering, architecture, art , education, medicine,
agriculture, literature, government, and so much more.

I love my people: past, present, and future;
and I will live every day
to educate and liberate myself
so that I can continue to educate and liberate my people.

It is a beautiful thing to authentically
love your people,
with pride,
and with a sense
that you are participating
in what it takes to get them out of
the enslaved condition that we all live in.

This is the invitation:
The Mexica Movement needs your help
in helping us
educate and liberate our people.

Those of you who are intelligent enough,
and with courage enough,
to be part of this liberation movement
should immediately start getting involved.

No more fear, no more procrastination,
don't worry what you family thinks
or what your vendido or vendida friends think.

Use your intelligence, embrace your courage
and be part of the education and liberation work
of the Mexica Movement.


LAKERS WIN IN 2009 (and the same thing in 2010, and again and again)

My people, my people!
Look at my people
out in the streets “celebrating” the Lakers
setting fires, attacking buses, running wild in the streets,
driving with Lakers flags and yelling
out the windows
as if they have been liberated from white supremacy,
as if victory over the European colonial occupation forces
has finally been achieved,
as if freedom from
the colonial settlers on our continent has arrived.

But we do not even know that we are colonized
or that we are an occupied people
or that we need to be liberated!

But this Lakers shit is not a celebration of anything to do with our people.
This is pure commercial-inspired emotional masturbation.
Absolutely nothing positive will come of this.
These “Lakers fans” will only have a little less cash in their pockets
and present us as a total embarrassment in front of the whole world.
In past “victories” there have even been people killed in these "celebrations."
Many are arrested each time.
And all for what?

It’s not as if we have nothing to be proud of.
We have great accomplishments, ancient civilizations,
and the beauty of our Nican Tlaca cultures.
But we know nothing of all of this.
Before 1492 we had the best knowledge of astronomy, calendars, mathematics, medicine, anatomy, botany, writing systems, books, educations systems, architecture, art, and so much more
but none of this do we know
even in the minimalist real sense.

What do we have to show for the last 500 years of white supremacist occupation?
Europeans killed 95% of our people and we don’t care.
70 to 100 million of our people throughout our continent
were killed and we don’t care.
But we care about the Lakers.
What fools we are.
What slaves and fools they have made of us.

They destroyed our cities and our libraries, and we don’t care.
They raped our people and culturally castrated us, and we don’t care.
They have made us their slaves and robbed us of all of our land,
all of our wealth has been stolen from us, and we don’t care.
They force us into poverty on our rich continent,
and we don't care.
They steal from our continent everyday,
and we don't care.

But Lakers, we care, we will kill for Lakers, go to jail for Lakers,
burn buses, set fires, lose a day of work for the Lakers: that we will do.

We know Lakers, Dodgers, Raiders, “Futbol”, and boxers,
baseball players,
nothing that can be called real pride, our pride.
We have no real knowledge of Olmecs, Caral, Zapotecs, Teotihuacan,
Tajin, Mayas, Mexica, and the rest of our civilizations.

We know rancheras, rap, hip hop, metal, punk, European classics, polkas,
and the best of the pendejadas and the narco songs
that prevent us from doing any real thinking:
we ain’t thinking because we’re “into our music."
We seem to have a sign that reads:
"Please do not disturb
the musical masturbation
going on inside my head!
Please don't make me think!"

My people, my people
when will we all learn
true pride, and a real sense of honor
don't come out of music or sports
or drugs or obsessions with money or sex.
The Lakers are irrelevant,
none of our people are even on the team!!!!!!!!!
The real deal is the genocide that is going on in our neighborhoods
and the reservations, and the pueblitos.
And yeah, the killings by the gangs in the cities.
And the drugs that make our people stupid and stupider.
And the cowardice and selfishness of our people
that keeps us slaves of the white world,
spits us out as fools to the rest of the world.

Okay, okay, ok, no one really cares, I get it.
Our people are slaves, unable to think themselves out of their
European-made oppression.
But some one of you out there must care
and do the right thing
by joining in our struggle
to educate and liberate our people!

All the rest of our people
are just waiting for the end of the world, or heaven,
or Jesus resurrected in his blond hair
or some doomsday
or some New Age 2012
or something not requiring study of our heritage, courage,
or to actually do something
to educate and liberate our people.

Ignorant cowards and fools we are:
calling ourselves Hispanics and Latinos.

Ignorant slaves and punks we are:
doing the white man's dirty work.

The white supremacist man tells us that
we got better things to do
other than to think.
We burn incense, hit the bong, play the tunes,
and sleep through life
because having real courage is out of the question:
unless we join the USA Armed Forces
or join a gang
and then go off and kill innocent people
for no real reason,
for no reason
that serves the interests of our people.

Everything about this
white supremacist controlled world is fake, a lie,
and a tool for white people to rule.

We have been conditioned for 500 years to kiss their ass,
to kneel when told to,
to love them
and their pinche Lakers.
We have been conditioned to be their punks.
No matter what we do
we seem to always end up their slaves:
slaves in the field
or multi-millionaire slaves with our own businesses
serving the white supremacist world
betraying our people,
betraying our ancestors.

We will not learn of ourselves from sports, songs,
or the writings of vendidos and vendidas.
We will not learn it from white people
We will not learn it even from
the good revolutionary-thinking black people
and definitely not from Che or Marxists.

We can only learn of ourselves from our ancestors,
But not by dressing up “Indian” at Pow Wows or burning incense.
Even worse than that is to do sweatlodge rituals and sundances
pretending to be warriors
but not actually upholding the duties of warriors
by aggressively defending our people and confronting
the enemies of our people.

This Lakers crap, the “futbol”, or the next boxing match, or “party”
and all the numbing music seems to be all we live for.
We only seem to want money and sex.
We only seem to need the white man's approval.
We know nothing of real honor, real dignity,
because we have no knowledge, no leaders, no freedom.

But there’s more to life than for us to be
the clowns and fools of the white man.

Knowledge is there waiting for us
but we have to approach it, earn it, share it,
take pride in it, and live with it.




Olin Tezcatlipoca
Mexica Handbook Poems Part One
The following are revisions of poems from the Mexica Handbook that I wrote in 1995. I have mostly updated the language and added new insights.

All Poems Copyright ©1995 / ©2008 Olin Tezcatlipoca

The first poem below is translated directly below this one that is in the Spanish language.



Paletero te mataron
Paletero de Chihuahua,
de Oaxaca, Jalisco,
San Luis Potosi,

Paletero te mataron
y sin nombre te enterraron

Paletero Mexicano
no supiste de Mexicas
y orgullo verdadero
no sonaste
dueno de tu vida

A balazos te mataron
y por dolares te mataron
por pocos
te quitaron la vida,
unos pandilleros
te dejaron muerto
como perro,
como cosa

En ignorancia te mataron
…..guerrero sin armas

Mataron, este principe: Mexica
este paletero
este hermano
este humano
este hombre en pobresa
este que pudo ser un tu,
un yo

Aqui se marca su muerte
aqui Mexica, te recordamos
aqui, Mexica, te enterramos
nuestro corazon

AQUI MEXICA!!!!!!!!!!
…..dentro nuestro

The poem above in the Spanish language and below translated into English was written after an early 1990’s article in the LA Times that told of a paletero (the guys who push ice cream carts) who had been robbed and killed. These guys make practically no money, but still some gangsters robbed him and killed him. The article said they found no identification on him and that no one had come to claim his body. He was buried without a name, without anyone to say some words for him. Here are some words for him.

PALETERO (Ice Cream Vendor)

Paletero, they killed you
Paletero from Chihuahua,
from Oaxaca, Jalisco,
San Luis Potosi,

Paletero they killed you
and without a name they buried you

Mexican Paletero
you never knew of Mexicas
or true pride
You never dreamed of
you never dreamed of being
the owner of your own life

With bullets they killed you
for dollars they killed you
for just a few
they took from you your life
these gangsters
left you dead
like a dog
as if a thing
of no consequence
In ignorance they killed you
paletero paletero
soldier without weapons

They killed this Mexica noble
this paletero
this brother
this human being
this man of poverty
this one who could have been a you
or a me

Here we mark his death
here Mexica, we remember you
here Mexica, we bury you
our hearts

RIGHT HERE MEXICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
within our poor hearts
we bury you
we remember you……………


This “mestizaje” idea lies to us
in songs we have been taught to want to hear,
been forced to want to hear
been forced to need to hear

Ignorance is the crime
that has
been sown into our hearts, our eyes
been melted to our tongues, our blood
been burnt into our brains, our dignity
been plowed into our sex organs, our dreams

This careful white fake color of mestizo
upon the Nican Tlaca, Indigenous, us
is scarred heavily in our sighs, our kneeling
It white washes us
of who we are
of our ownership of our land, our continent
It white washes us
of anything worthy of measure or weight
It white washes us
of our very existence
This false whiteness
has been made to look
like it is a crime of our own doing

We are like dummies
who talk and talk
not knowing that we are puppets

We are like cartoons
drawn to look and talk
like “mestizos”,
happy in our rape
happy in the scar of rape
happy in our ignorance
happy playing the white man’s game
happy with the toys we get
happy like ignorant children
who believe in Santa Claus

We don’t see the white hands
that make us move
every minute-second
of our meaningless existence

In another sense we are much
the land, our continent
like the slave, like
the whore:
to be used
for the white man’s delight,
at their European pleasure and profit, their destruction of our soul and humanity

And what do we do?
We sit and wait
for praise,
for pity,
for pay,
for empty gesture of their love

And we revel in their whiteness, their superiority
instead of rebelling with righteous indignation

I cannot scream loud enough,
the GENOCIDE that we are in

My people do not have the ears to hear
the heart to anger
the courage to rise up
because they have been
conditioned to slavery
for the last 500 years

My people do not have the knowledge or courage

Is there another name,
a name for this?

Are we like
some zombies
walking in darkness
some post-hypnotic spell,
like some vampire’s victims
doomed to a parasitic “Master”
who calls and we obey?

Or are we like some werewolf
that was bitten
and now only serves the call of the moon.
We salivate and eat our own flesh,
devour our remnant humanity.

We suffer all of this
in lesser or greater
degrees of ignorance and slavery:
we are house slave
field slave
dead slave
in a alley OD’ed with drugs
in alcoholism
in absolute poverty
or like wild dogs we are tearing at the flesh of our people
as corporate employees,
as the capitalist,
the exploiter of our own people

We leave our people in a ditch, rotting with maggots,
the stench of our cowardice
is something we can no longer smell or recognize

Are we the living dead with white parasites eating at our thoughts, our dignity, our humanity?

And nothing can save us:
except destroying “the Master”,
destroying everything that is European in us.

This is like a bad movie
that goes on for hours
without interruption,
without a chance
to go outside
to vomit the lies of this white movie
or to cleanse the DNA
that has us
to an expiration from the human race.

It is days and weeks and years and centuries,
some 500 years,
and we still dare not walk out of this
BAD MOVIE about our humanity
where we applaud our ignorance and our cowardice
where we applaud the rape of our people
where we applaud the destruction of our civilizations
where we cheer for the massacres of our people
where we are cheering for our own demise
where we cheer for our submissive orderliness

We have been taught well
by our “Masters”
on the role of slave and fool.
We play our roles so well.

This English-Spanish song of “mestizo”
makes us white as in being whited out, erased, deleted.
“Mestizo” negates our existence
of any worthy measure as human beings

We need to walk out of this BAD MOVIE CALLED “MESTIZO”
and we need to tear up this theater of our demise, of our genocide, of our enslavement.


I live a painful and fatal
that I can only explain this way:

My English
and my Spanish tongues,
they’re both affixed to me,
false native, afflicted to me
made part of me,
soldered to my bones,
to the lining of my brain

Quisiera darle un baile
a esta lengua espanola,
I’d like to give this
English tongue a dance:

Let it taste
the dark numbing secrets
of despair in the slavery of my every day of life;
let it hear the devastation
of its lies
and smell the smeared defecation
on its European soul
echoing all the lives they killed;
let it understand
the crimes and abominations
in its poor excuse for a soul
of the 70 to 100 million of our lives that Europeans killed,
the land that they stole from us,
the poverty that they put us in;
let Europeans know hunger
and thirst
let them never know honor, dignity, or pride
as they have made us suffer

After all of that I’d like to,
with these hands of mine,
cut out its raisin-sized-excuse-for-a-heart
and then, and then….

I’d like to,
again and again
until the end of the universe,
stick a
painful fatal metaphor
of unpleasured justice
up its collective
racist ass

so that they scream
until all of the universe can hear them,
in their unpleasured pain;
and then I’d say:

That’s for the 70 to 100 million of my people
that you killed
with massacres, executions,
with your use of smallpox as a weapon

This damnation
that I speak to you
is for your theft of all of our lands, all of our wealth,
for leaving us in poverty,
making us foreigners on our own lands,
for killing us like beasts,
for treating us like beasts

Yes, you white supremacist monsters
disguised as human beings.

I have a deeper anger
in my heart
but I only know
the smallest part of your crimes
descendants of Europeans,
you proud members of the white race,
I only know the smallest part of your crimes
I have only been able
to voice this curse
in your
and your Spanish tongues, espanoles hijos del diablo,
European children of satan.
I only know the smallest part of your crimes
and in that fact,
I feel more of a slave
to whatever spec
of Europe is
raped-tainted, scarred
into my DNA, into my land, into my soul, into my very being
I shudder with the horror of all of your dehumanizing violations
that you have perpetrated on my people

I feel slave to eyes, brain, heart
and everything human and decent in me
that stops me
from making death
upon you all
as once
you made death upon my people

killing all but the few of us
who have survived

I feel like an eagle without wings, blinded
a lion without teeth or claws,
a man without arms or legs or voice
I feel my humanity is not whole
I feel like blowing up the whole universe

But I will not be like the beasts who tore us from life, who tore us from our continent,
who tore us from our dignity and the fullness of our humanity

But still,
I’d like to end forever
your violations
of our Nican Tlaca humanity,
our Indigenous humanity

But I must first remove
the curse of you in my ignorance
the curse that stops my cries that cry out for more knowledge
the curse of you that makes me fear you, hate you
the curse of you in my people’s cowardice
the curse of you in how my people admire you
the curse of you in how we are your slaves, slaves without chains
the curse of you in everything that we see and touch and think
the curse of you on my continent
the curse of you in my soul,
the curse of you in my heart,
the curse of you in my existence

I curse you back
that we be free from you
I curse you back
that once we are free from you
that we never have to deal with you
in your current heartless beast you are

But somewhere down the line
I would want you
to enter once again
the one family of humanity

once you have let go all of what you have stolen
from all the nations
of the earth.

You must return all the lands and wealth
that you have stolen

You must free all of us that you have at your feet as slaves
serving you today, serving the white race everywhere on our planet

I want to live in a world
where neither you nor I are cursed
where neither is slave nor master
where we are all in our homes and all in balance with the world
and at peace in our hearts


pour us lies no more, no more
Suffer us, drown us
our own
red blood, human blood,
no more, no more

It is a fatal irony
that we Nican Tlaca,
the Indigenous people of this continent
do endure your presence on our land;
we as lambs to you as wolves

We each have our own deep deceptions,

We take your false realities
We take them for your benefit
You give them for your benefit

We lambs taste
every day your crimes
and we passive lick your lies,
calling it our deserved meal------------fate

We must take responsibility for our own cowardice,
for the killing of our souls,
for the damnation that we live,
for the irrelevance in which we exist and die
You the wolf who kills
and steals and lies
are true to your own nature
of cold tooth and cold blood
and vicious selfish self
You cannot help yourself,
your nature or your crime

We know you are our brothers in humanity,
but we have made too many excuses for your crimes

You feel honestly entitled to keep stealing, taking, killing,
and enslaving with lies and guns and terrorism

You do it to us and you do it to the rest of the non-white world

You seem to not be able to help yourself
You seem to be oblivious to the people you oppress and terrorize

Even as your mouth holds and swallows
our blood and flesh,
and destroys our humanity,
your blood feast continues

We cannot seem to find a way out of the living hell
that you have brought into our lives

We ask you to leave us:
Go back to Europe, your homeland
Leave us to our lands, our homeland, our continent
Leave us here without you

Wolf go home, we will try to forget you, try to forgive you
Wolf go home from all of the lands all over the world,
all the lands that you have stolen,
all the people who you have enslaved,
all the people you have impoverished,
all the people whose full humanity you have taken away

Leave us empty of your terrorism, of your white supremacy
Leave us, go home
to Europe

Leave the world at peace
Leave the world that you have at your feet, at your feet with terror
Walk away and don’t look back

is it that difficult to understand
the injustices that you have impaled us on?

must the world revolt
to put you in your place?

you are a small fraction of the human race,
you cannot live forever
off the blood and sweat
of the rest of us
stealing our lands, making us your slaves

Sooner or later
the balance of the world
will be put back in place

It would be better that you looked into the mirror now
and saw the beast you have become
and make corrections to yourself
and make justices to yourself,
than to look at the eyes of your brothers and sisters
in humanity
who are filled with rage and hate
and who can only think of your demise,
who can only think of their liberation
from the terror you brought into our lives