Last Updates June 19, 2010

Cuauhtlatohuac Chimalli Huitzilopochtli


100 Million Human Beings

What is the value of human life?
How can it be measured?
Numbers and statistics?
Is this the measure of human life?
How can it be?
How can the value of human life be quantified?
How can it be reduced to a sentence and numbers?

We know of this genocide
100 million of our people killed
Savagely, cowardly, horribly, monstrously killed
Hanged, burned alive, shot, stabbed, mutilated
Decapitated, gutted, scalped, strangled
Tortured to death, death by sickness and disease
100 Million of us
100 million of our people
100 million human beings
100 million

One Hundred Million people
Fathers and mothers
sons and daughters
Uncles, aunts, nieces and nephews
Brothers, sisters, cousins
Elders, grandfathers, grandmothers
Friends and lovers
Wives and husbands
Children, infants
Unborn babies
Savagely killed
Families destroyed
Some before they could even begin

Carpenters, Lawyers, Teachers, Judges
Artists, Poets, Painters, Sculpters
Engineers, Architects, Construction Workers
Farmers, Hunters, Weavers, Potters
Scientists, Mathematicians, Doctors, Historians
Human beings working and making a living
Human beings acting with purpose and meaning
Barbarically killed
Careers halted and ceased

One hundred million people
One hundred million individuals
One hundred million different people
Each with a separate, individual essence
With different personalities
With hobbies
With likes and dislikes
With favorite foods, favorite games
People with ideas
People with emotions
People with hopes and dreams
People with aspirations of the future
Horribly killed
Never to share again their human experience

Human beings
Human beings who shared their life here on earth with you and I
Human beings with unique languages and cultures
Human beings who talked, joked, laughed, cried
Human beings who loved
Human beings who felt jealous
Who felt rage
Who felt joy
Who felt sadness
Human beings who suffered and pleasured
Who hugged and kissed
Who made love and gave birth
Human beings who expressed themselves
Who sang and danced
Who created works of art
Who wrote poetry
Human beings who pondered the universe
Who philosophized
Who sought meaning and truth
Who fought for what they believed in
Human beings who kept track of their past and planned their future
Human beings who went to school
Who went to work
Who got up early
Who were sometimes late
Who were punished
Who were rewarded
Human beings
Just like you and I
Just like anyone else

100 million human beings were killed
100 million individuals
100 million minds
100 million spirits
Every aspect of being for every person
Every nuance of their personality
Every thought to ever enter their head
Every hope, every dream
Every smile, every tear, every laugh
Everything that made every person what they were
Their lives
Their very lives
The essence of their being
Ceasing to exist

What is the value of 100 million human lives?
What is the value of one human life?
What does it really mean
When you hear:
“A genocide of 100 million lives?”
Is it just a sentence?
Just a number?
Just a statistic?
Remember what that sentence implies
100 million separate, individual, unique, rational beings
100 million lives lived and experienced
Every single one
Utterly vanquished
Savagely put to an end

Remember this
Carry it in your heart always
Ponder the meaning
Of the killing of 100 million lives
Know what significance this holds
To the morality of valuing human life
Know the absolute burden
Of such a savage genocide

Let us never take lightly
What this means
Let us carry this burden
Of 100 million lives lost
With dignity
With honor
With respect
With reverence
With true acknowledgement

My people
This is our burden
It is our Liberation
Our right to be ourselves
Our right
To fight for our freedom
In the names of our lost sisters and brothers
We are them
They are us
Through us, they live
Let us live our lives as a dedication to their memory
To fight in their name
For our Land
For our freedom
For the justice and the honor that is rightfully theirs and ours

-Cuauhtlatohuac Chimalli Huitzilopochtli



“You Can’t Say That!”


“You can’t say that!”
“You can’t say that!”

My own people tell me this
When I speak in defense of our own nations
When I confront the white supremacists
And show them I am not afraid
I am not afraid to confront
I am not afraid to speak boldly and proudly
I am not afraid to resist the lies of racism

I know who I am
I know the truth of our glorious past
The truth of European crimes, the truth of the evil that is white supremacy
I am not afraid
I show the enemies of my people
That I work for justice
Absolute, uncompromising justice
For my people

“You can’t say that!”
“You can’t say that!”

How sad it is
That in fear and cowardice
My people refuse to assert who they are
In ignorance and self-hate
They deny their own greatness and dignity

On their knees, they speak softly…
Bound by the chains of racism, they cannot walk their Warrior path…
That sacred path they were meant to walk…
That sacred path first carved by our ancestors…
In greatness it was carved…
In knowledge, in wisdom, in truth, in courage it was carved…
That sacred path that human beings are meant to walk…
How sad it is, for my people

Our hearts should be filled with pride
When we speak of who we are
We should be proud to have such a heritage!
Such a magnificent past!
We should have our rightful anger that we have been made victims and slaves
Of ignorance, of racism, of colonialism
We should never allow ourselves to be told who we are or what is ours by white supremacy
That evil lie that rules our very reality…

Instead, we are still in a state of perpetual death
A living death, of who we truly are

“You can’t say that!”
Denying ourselves…
“You can’t say that!”
Denying our very existence…

Where there should be pride
There is shame
Where there should be knowledge
There is ignorance
Where there should be honor
There is cowardice
Where there should be selflessness
There is greed
Where there should be anger
There is fear

How can this be?
My people, you must wake up!!!
Wake up from your slumber in the darkness of colonialism!
Free your mind of this evil that has been unjustly planted within you!
Embrace your heritage!
Embrace your Warrior Path!
Embrace the sacred knowledge of our people!
Embrace yourself!
Embrace Liberation!

Rise from your knees, my people!
Rise out of the smoldering pit of fear!
Stand on your feet, my people
Stand firmly on this land
Your land
Our land
This land of our ancestors’ greatness
This land of great civilizations
Stand firmly, and remember our land is here
Stand firmly, and speak proudly of your heritage
Speak proudly of the Olmeca, the Tolteca, the Maya, the Mexica, the Anazasi, the Totonac, the Purepecha, and all other of our great Civilizations and Cultures!
Speak of our great cities, Cholula, Tenochtitlan, Teotihuacan, Cahokia, Tlatelolco, Tlacopan, Texcoco, Tikal, Uxmal, Palenque
Speak of the crimes against us, slavery, rape, theft, trespassing, racism, and genocide of 100 million of our brothers and sisters
Stand and speak as Warriors, my people!
Be Warriors in defense of your nations!

Arm yourself with truth
Walk the Warrior path of justice!
Walk the path to free your people!
Know that your life will be lived so that your descendants may be free
Today, remember and embrace this phrase:
We will be free
We will be free
My people, there will be a day
A day when our nations are here once again
A proud day, when our people will finally celebrate and shout to each other:
“We are free!”
“We are free!”
“We are free!”
“We are free!”

-Cuauhtlatohuac Chimalli Huitzilopochtli



A Message To White Supremacy

I see you, my enemy…
I smell your stench in every corner of my land
I have watched as your putrid disease infects the minds and hearts of the innocent
Of my people
Of those who may have noble hearts
Of those who would have fought for justice
It is your vile corruption that has been the foundation of our slavery
It is your foul vomit and excretion that keeps our souls chained to the walls of ignorance
You disgusting sliver of shit!
I see you, my enemy
My enemy

As I see you in the streets
The streets built over the bones of my people
I look into your eyes
I look ever so profoundly into your wicked, soulless, and bitter eyes
I see every wish, every hope, every single desire you long for
And I see the utter void of the basis of your pitiful quest for evil
You would have us be slaves, or otherwise dead
You would have our land and its wealth be for your comfort and safety
You would have us kneel at your feet
You would have us brainwashed into thinking like you
You would have us be your dogs
You would have us eat at your scraps
You would have us serve you and your despicable desires
You would have us hate ourselves
You would have us hate who we are
You would have us be white supremacists
You would have us surrender our humanity
Our dignity
Our reason
Our hope
Our very existence as a people
These are your hopes and dreams
For us,
It is only death

My enemy
I will tell you who I am
I will tell you what I am
I am everything you hate
I am everything you fear
I am everything you fight against
I am everything you work to destroy
What you hope for
I despise
What you wish for
I spit on
What you bleed for
I laugh at
What you pray for
I toil day and night to dismantle
What you cry for
I celebrate
What you hate
I love
What you fear
I embrace
When you cringe
I smile
When you feel afraid
I rejoice
Wherever you go, my enemy
I will go
Whenever you seek to openly corrupt my people
I will be there to fight and resist
Whenever you may feel that you can succeed
I will be there to crush your feeling
And when that blessed day comes
When you are removed from the hearts and minds of my people
Of all of humanity
I will be at peace

My enemy
My worthless, cowardly, barbaric, dishonorable, and disgusting enemy
I am your worst nightmare
I am your worst fear
I am the manifestation of everything you loathe
I am the voice in the back of your mind
Reminding you of the futility of your agenda
I am your doubt
I am your sadness
I am your wounds
I am your pain
I am your phantom
I am your shadow
I am your betrayal
I am your sickness
I am your darkness
I am your enemy

Everything you have made
Everything you have built
I oppose
I am anti-Amerikkkan
I am anti-Kkkanadian
I am anti-Mejikkko
I am anti-Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and all the rest
I am anti-colonial occupation
YOUR colonial occupations
The colonial occupations of white supremacy
I am anti-capitalist
I am anti-socialist
I am anti-communist
I am anti-marxist
I am anti-che
I am anti-fascist
I am anti-racist
I am anti-democrat
I am anti-republican
I am anti-independent
I am against any label you attempt to give us
As chains in your prison
The prison of white supremacy

I am pro-freedom
I am pro-justice
I am pro-humanity
I am pro-reason and logic
I am pro-Mexica
I am pro-Anahuac
I am pro-Cemanahuac
I am pro-Nican Tlaca
I am pro-the unification of Indigenous Peoples of this continent
I am for knowledge and courage for our people
Against the terrorism of white supremacy
I am for the liberation of my people
From white supremacy

My enemy
The sole purpose of my life is to see everything you hold dear
Destroyed, vanquished, obliterated, and dead
With every aspect of my being
With every part of who I am
I will not rest until it is done
Until all that you sweat and bleed for
Has fallen and crumbled
I will be the light in your darkness
I will be your enemy