We welcome Europeans to our web site

We welcome Europeans,

and European descent people on our continent,

who have the necessary intelligence and conscience,

morality and ethics,

to be awakened to the horror

and the criminal atrocities that their people

have collectively done to us over the last 500 years.


These are just some of the crimes committed against us by Europeans:



*****In the whole of the "Western Hemisphere ("the Americas")

70 to 100 million of our people were killed,

mostly using biological warfare

in the form of smallpox .


*****Massacres of our leadership that left us without

our warrior class and without an intelligentsia

to mount a realistic way to resist

the European invasions of our lands and our continent.


*****Destruction of our cities, libraries, education systems,

and the culture of our languages and theology.


******Theft of our farmlands, resources, and ownership

of our continents ("North and South America").


*****Many more monstrous crimes that were savage, immoral,

and beyond what would be expected of a supposedly civilized people:


rape, slavery, torture, mutilation, kidnapping, extortion, piracy, and

the theft of the gold, silver, and other wealth

that was in our treasuries.



We welcome you as fellow human beings

to the knowledge

that we are presenting to our people

on this web site.

The whole world needs to know of the crimes of the Europeans

that were,

and are being,

committed against us.

In the last 500 years of our enslavement to Europeans

we have been forced 

to stay in ignorance of our full value as human beings.

We have been forced

to stay in ignorance of the glory of our civilizations.

We have been forced

to stay in poverty

because we have been deprived of the ownership

of the wealth of our continent.

This enforced ignorance has made our people

a self-hating people, a people who are self-hating and who yet know nothing

of who they really are,

of the true and full value and greatness of our civilizations,

and the contributions

that we have made to the overall intellectual enrichment of the world.

This self-hate has produced an insane and obsessive love of Europeans

by our people.

This self-hate has our people

dying in the gang culture that kills us body and mind,

that kills our dignity and honor,

that kills the intellectual potential of our people.

This self-hate has our people

dying in assimilation to white culture and white dna,

keeping us deprived of our beautiful past

and deprived of an independent future

----a future that is independent from Europeans,

a future where Europeans don't control our lives

or the wealth of our continent.

You need to know that you, Europeans,

are collectively profiting as a race from the theft of our continent.

You are profiting from the Genocide of our people.

You are profiting from your theft, occupation, presence, and the exploitation

of our continent.

Your mere presence on our continent

has deprived us of our full potential as human beings

for the last 500 years.
This applies to the bad and the good Europeans,
to the racists and the non-racists.


Solution can be found to all of the crimes of the Europeans

---our holocaust, our poverty, our rape, our cultural castration,

and our enslavement to European interests---

if truth is found, if justice is found,

if full and complete reconstruction of our nation is put into motion,

if we are given back ALL of what has been stolen from us.

But if we the Nican Tlaca Mexica Anahuac nation

stay in ignorance and in poverty,

it means that Europeans can stay wealthy and in possession

of all of what they have stolen from us.

On the other hand, if we gain knowledge of the pre-1492 history of our people,

that history that makes up 99% of our history,

and the full knowledge of the crimes of the Europeans

over the last 500 years,

Europeans will be hopefully shamed

and forced to acknowledge

that they are collectively thieves of our continent,

Genocidal murderers,

and that they are in a criminal occupation, possession ,

and exploitation

of our continent and all of its wealth.

From this knowledge, justice should move

to full reparations for our people.

Moral and ethical Europeans themselves

can add more

to bringing about this awareness of the crimes

of the last 500 years than we can,

because they have the resources and the social acceptance

that are necessary to get this knowledge out

to their people, to our people, and to the rest of the world.

If you as a human being

believe in truth, in justice, in morality, in ethics,

and in what is right,

then you have an obligation to bring all of this knowledge

to the light of day

into books,

into the classroom,

into the television sets,

into the general awareness of all human beings on this planet.







This is not just about something in the past, to be forgotten.

This is something that we the Nican Tlaca Mexica Anahuac Nation

live and suffer everyday

and that you, Europeans, enjoy and profit from everyday.

Europeans have justified Jews taking back their ancestral land
in Palestine with violence,
a land that they had left or been forced out of over 2,000 years ago,
based on the fact that it is their homeland.

Following that same European logic for a moment,
it should also be logical that all we, Nican Tlaca,
should also take our land back, our continent,
and be free from 500 years of European control,
and that Europeans should voluntarily and willingly
want to go home to their homeland, Europe,
so that we can be completely free from Europeans.
And if we decide that Europeans can stay,
let us make that decision.

It has only been 500 years
since we lost control of our continent to Spaniard Europeans.
Only 400 years since the English Europeans invaded.
Only 150 years since English American Europeans invaded
into what is called Mexico to steal half of its land.
You can't have rules that are good for whites (and Jews)
and yet deny us the same rules, the same logic, the same justice,
and expect us to shut up and to live in injustice.

This whole continent is our homeland.
We are not bound by the colonial illegal boundaries
of the Europeans ( Spaniards, French, English, or their colonial nations).

We have no obligation to be foreigners in our own land, on our own continent.
We have an obligation to struggle to be free and independent from Europeans.

You as ethical and moral human beings have an obligation,
in the tradition of John Brown the abolitionist,
to end this colonialism, this theft, this monstrous injustice.

This colonialism on our continent (what you call "North America")
must end,

as was done in Algeria, in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia),
and as needs to be done in South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

We cannot be wished away, nor forever be ignored
because sooner more than later
our people will demand justice and liberation.

We as human beings in the Mexica Movement
will not allow ourselves,
nor will we allow our people,
to live as slaves
in this European-made hell
that Europeans have made out of our continent;

nor will we allow our people to be divided
by European colonialism,
a colonialism of racism, poverty and oppression,
and death, that controls our lives
in Canada, "the U.S.", Mexico, "Central America",
and the rest of this "Western Hemisphere.

Europeans have a homeland: EUROPE.
We are only asking unwelcomed guests (racists) to leave our home.
These racist Europeans have a home to go to.
The non-racists can be part of a transition to our full independence,
it's not as if Europeans are being asked to go into the Atlantic Ocean.
They have a beautiful home called Europe

The non-European world does not owe Europeans a living
from our lands, our continents, or our labor.
The world is not obligated to serve European interests
in the way that you are not obligated to keep a cancer in your body
or in the way that you do not allow parasites to feed off of your body.
A cancer must be removed
and parasites must also be removed,
for the sake of your life as a healthy human being.

The non-European world is not obligated
to allow the criminal actions of Europeans to continue.

We Nican Tlaca of all of Cemanahuac ("Western Hemisphere")
have no obligation to be foreigners
on our own land, on our own continent
---and poor because we have been robbed
of the natural resource wealth of our continent---
just because Europeans have "declared" borders
on our continent
---telling us where we can go and where we cannot go.

The only obligation that we have
is the obligation to struggle to be free and independent
from Europeans.

You as ethical and moral human beings have an obligation,
in the tradition of John Brown the abolitionist,
to end this colonialism, this theft, this monstrous injustice.



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