It's Like "Party Crashers" Gone Wild


Imagine a party, a big party of about a hundred people at a mansion, with food and drinks deluxe. Music of the first caliber is coming from a band. The nicest people you would want to meet, all gathered in a party that goes on for hours. All is peaceful, all is family and friends.

Then the monstrous party crashers "discover" the party at the mansion. They're a gang of a half dozen outsiders, criminals for the most part, who say they came to "explore" the party. They are not part of the friends or family. They were not invited. They are not part of the neighborhood or even of the city. Rude. Loud. Smelly. Dirty. Vulgar. Taking food and drink as if it was owed to them. They demand that the band play their favorite songs. They try to start picking up on the younger teenage girls who are resisting them at every attempt. They start stealing jewels and money from inside the house. They rape several women in the bathrooms, and the young girls get raped in the bedrooms. They put poison in the punch and immediately a couple of dozen persons are killed after drinking. They pull out guns and kill the owners of the house in front of everyone and then declare that it is now their party, their mansion, and that everyone has to do as they say or they too will be killed..

The party crashers massacre 90 people, in all, at the party and leave 10 left to rape and to serve them as slaves. They declare that they now own the house, cars, and bank accounts of everyone who came to the party. They go through the dead bodies for wallets and jewelry, even clothes to wear. They stay for days and move from house to house in the rich neighborhood stealing, raping, killing, enslaving, torturing, and declaring everything that they have stolen to be theirs.

This goes on for 500 days before the few people who have survived in the neighborhood revolt against them.


Imagine this is our Nican Tlaca "Western Hemisphere" where the "party crashers" are the Europeans who "discovered" and "explored" and took (stole) everything that they now posses. It's not too far off from what has happened to us, except that you have to ask, "Where are the police in all of this?" The police represent justice, morality, ethics. Yes, the police need to bring justice to these party crashers.