El Requerimiento [The Requirement]
1514 Under the Savage and Immoral Charles I of Spain

This racist and criminal document of the Spanish invaders was read to our people, the Nican Tlaca (the Indigenous people of Cemanahuac, "the
Western Hemisphere" ) everywhere that they went.

The racist and savage document
fraudulently and immorally says that Spain has a right to enslave our people in all of Cemanahuac. It also gives a monstrous reason for their "just war" against our people.

Spaniards fiendishly drew up this racist document so that they could "legally" enslave our people. Notice the savage nature of the warning in the last paragraph to those of our people who do not submit. Of course, not knowing the Spanish language, most of our people had no idea what was being said during the reading, but found themselves enslaved or killed, robbed, raped, and mutilated nonetheless.

Below is a modernized and blunt, non-Eurocentric, translation of El Requerimiento. At the end of this modern translation is an English translation of this actual Genocidal Declaration.

European Genocidal Declaration:
We have come

[ Europeans came uninvited. They were told to go away everywhere that they arrived on our continent.
We did not want them to stay. We still do not want them on our continent.
We do not want them to continue stealing the wealth of our continent.
We do not want our lives controlled, enslaved, by them.
See READING COLUMBUS by Margarita Zamora. ]

to terrorize your people,
[ From 1492 on when Europeans invaded the Caribbean, and in all of the other places of our land, of our continent,
that they went to, their savage tools were terrorism in the form of unprovoked violence and killings, kidnappings,
extortion, rapings, torture, thefts, vandalism, graverobberies, massacres, and enslavements.
See AMERICAN HOLOCAUST by David Stannard. ]

to bring a holocaust to you,
[ Europeans killed 95% of our population in the whole of Cemanahuac (the "Western Hemisphere").
In our whole continent they killed between a minimum of 70 million and as much as 100 million of our people's lives.
In Mexico and "Central America they killed 23 million. In Canada and the "US" they killed another 10 million.
See COURSE OF MEXICAN HISTORY by Michael Myers & William Sheridan]

to steal your wealth, your lands,
[ They stole our gold and silver from our treasuries as if it was theirs to freely take.
They also stole from the art of our temples, from the personal possessions of our people,
and from our cemetaries. They stole our farmlands, our forests, and the labor of our people.
They were too lazy to do any of the work themselves, they used our wealth and our labor to make them rich.
At first they enslaved our people to do their work, but when their Biological Warfare killed 95% of our people
they needed someone else to do the work which they were unwilling to do.
They then brought in Africans as slaves to do the work that they refused to do.

your whole continent!
[ These thefts were done in the tribal areas of the Caribbean, the cities and civilizations of Mexico, "Central America", and the Inca lands.
See STOLEN CONTINENT by Ronald Wright. ]


We plan to violate your laws,
[They knew that our land, the whole continent, was owned collectively and that it could not be taken in part or whole, sold, or bought.
See LIES MY TEACHER TOLD ME by James Lowen. ]

trespass on your property,
[ They were told to get off of our lands but they persisted.
They felt that Europeans do not have to obey non-European laws
or non-European rights to land or wealth or even to their very lives .
See AMERICAN HOLOCAUST by David Stannard. ]

and kill you with smallpox
[ This was the secret of European "military" success against our people.
They did not "conquer" us in a noble war as they have portrayed.
They infected us with the uncivilized tool of biological warfare.

and our other cowardly
[ They did all of the major massacres against our people when we were unarmed,
and were not expecting to be killed in such a savage manner by people who proclaimed themselves civilized and religious.
See IN DEFENSE OF THE INDIANS by Bartolome de Las Casas. ]

biological weapons
[ Upon landing in the Caribbean Europeans discovered that the mere touch by a smallpox infected person was enough to
set off the spread of the disease throughout a village or town or region that would kill between 90 to 100% of our people
that were exposed to their disease. We had no immunity toward this disease because it did not exist on our continent.
See SMALLPOX by David Koplow (p.13) ]

of mass destruction.
[ This mass destruction was an intentional Genocide upon our people, an "ethnic cleansing",
that left "empty" land for Europeans to "settle".
This weapon was used in Hawaii, South Africa, and other places in the world where non-Europeans had no immunity toward Smallpox.
See NEW WORLD ENCOUNTERS by Stephen Greenblatt. ]



We will torture, mutilate, and rape
[ The Catholic church's inquisition, the natural cruelty of the Spaniards, English, French, Dutch, and Portuguese,
added to the killings and massacres of our people.
See AMERICAN HOLOCAUST by David Stannard. ]

your population, make slaves of them,
[ This rape and enslavement of our population continued to the present day in many forms.
See EXTERMINATE THEM by Edward D. Castillo. ]

make them ignorant, and destroy
[ In the tribal areas we had our own forms of education that told us of science, mathematics,
structure of society, medicine, astronomy, agriculture, and all of the other useful things that are needed in our daily lives.
In the cities and large towns this was done through a mandatory education system for the general population and a higher university system
that involved books, libraries, and the equivalent, or mostly something much better, than what was taught in Europe.
All of this was destroyed so that our people would remain too ignorant to question the injustices that the Europeans were inflicting on our people.

their pride and their sense of honor.
[ Pride is what makes a nation strong. Honor is what maintains a nation as strong and independent.
We have been deprived of our real pride and our real honor.

See MEXICO PROFUNDO by Guillermo Bonfil Batalla. ]

We will also murder your leadership,
[This was done in the most dishonorable way in the Caribbean, in Mexico, in the Inca area,
in the area that is called the "Southeastern United States," and in other parts of the world.
The racists monsters read each other's memoirs and letters to be better "conquerors"
(liars, thieves, dishonest racist men, and monsters in the shape of men).
See CONQUEST OF MEXICO by Bernal Diaz Del Castillo

annihilate your warrior societies,
[The worst example of this was done on the Feast of Huitzilopochtli
where 10,000 unarmed warrior were participating in a sacred ceremony.
The Spaniard Europeans slaughtered every one of them.
This happened again in the Inca area where 7,000 unarmed warriors
were also participating in a sacred ceremony without any means to defend themselves.
See CONQUEST OF MEXICO by Bernal Diaz Del Castillo ]

burn your books, destroy your art,
[ Bishop Torquemada and Bishop Landa were the worst savages in this.
Torquemada bragged of burning 10,000 books in just one city.
Landa also bragged of destroying all of the Maya libraries.
See DAILY LIFE OF THE AZTECS by Jacques Soustelle. ]

prohibit your universities,
[ This monstrous act was done to keep us from our own pride and our own sense of honor.
Our professors were executed and the books were also burned at the universities.
King Philip II of Spain issued a law in 1577 that would in effect keep our people ignorant of our heritage to this day.

kill your teachers, dismantle your cities,
[ The university professors were killed in the same slaughters that killed our warriors in the Mexica and Inca areas.
The masonry from our cities and towns was used to build the new European cities and towns in Cemanahuac ("Western Hemisphere").

and bring an end to all
[ They intended to kill all of our population.

of your glory and civilizations.
[ This was done so that we would never be able to rise up against them. This has been successful for the most part.
See LITTLE MATTER OF GENOCIDE by Ward Churchill. ]

You will never again know
[ Even book written by Europeans about our cities and civilizations were destroyed or almost destroyed.
See FLORENTINE CODEX by Bernardino de Sahagun and
CANTARES MEXICANOS and a few other books that were written by Europeans in anthropological studies. ]

any real truth, real freedom,
[ Today we only know the truth that Europeans want us to know.
We are not allowed to think for ourselves or in our people's interests
as a Nican Tlaca (Indigenous People)---even in Mexico and "Central America".
See MEXICO PROFUNDO by Guillermo Bonfil Batalla. ]

real pride, or real honor.
[ We are only allowed the pride of being colonial (Hispanic/Latino) or semi-colonial (Mexico and "Central America").
Real pride and real honor require true knowledge of our heritage,
a warrior class, and independence—-all of which we do not have.
See LATIN AMERICA by Noam Chomsky. ]



We will bring to you
[They forced many things upon our people:
their presence on our continent and their control of the wealth of resources of our continent.
Our gold and silver of the 16th century developed Europe from being a backward country
(China was the most developed nation at the time).
Our gold and silver from California, Nevada, and Colorado
developed the "United States" into the dominant world power.
See YEAR 501 by Noam Chomsky. ]

all of the hells of Europe.
[ Their hypocritical church, their savage civilization, their immoral societies, and their notions of racial superiority
were what allowed Europeans to freely commit crimes against the non-European world.

You will only know
[ We are not allowed our history, our pride, our honor, or our independence.
We only know our existence in context of Europeans and European colonialism.
See WRETCHED OF THE EARTH by Frantz Fanon. ]

our greed, our racism, our immorality,
[ European greed is unsurpassed in the history of humanity.
European racism is unsurpassed in the history of humanity.
European immorality is unsurpassed in the history of humanity.
They do not know how to make justice or to give the full truth of what they did to us
without being dishonest apologists for their crimes
or making new injustices or new lies to cover up the crimes of their ancestors.
See anything written by Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, James Lowen, Ward Churchill, and many others. ]

our inhumanity, our guiltless crimes.
[ Europeans have been told of their crimes and of the savage way in which they have treated the non-European world.
Their two excuses for leaving all of their crimes in motion are that
it was "so long ago in the past" and that nothing can be done about it now.
The problems of the Jews were so long ago (2,000 years versus only 500 years for us)
and yet they have no problem "finding justice for the Jews" (at the expense of the Palestinians).
They seem to have no problem forcing justice on other nations who have done wrong.
They just refuse do it here on our land, our continent.
They refuse to even apologize for the crimes and injustices
that their people have collectively committed here on our continent.



All of this we will do to you
[ They continue to rob us of the wealth of our continent without giving it a second thought.
Worse still we are not conscious of the magnitude of these crimes and these injustices against our people.

in the name of civilization,
[ The current Europeans are more the descendants of the Germanic savage tribes
than really being descendants of Romans and Greeks.
The Vandal tribes, the piracy, the savage nature of the Germanic tribes
can be traced down to the modern day actions of George Bush
in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Sadly there is no one book that tells you all of this.
You have to do quite a bit of research to catch on that Europeans are not really civilized.
The put on the airs of being civilized but their actions speak of nothing but savagery, piracy, and criminal behavior. ]

in the name of Jesus Christ!
[ This is the biggest fraud of European culture.
In what way are Europeans Christian
in the basic "treat others as you would have others treat you"?
Historically it doesn't exist.
You don't need a book to figure this one out.
Just look at their history of crimes against our people.
Really think about this one.
Make a list of Christian behavior in their treatment of our people over the last 500 years.
There is not one good thing that they have done for us since they broke and entered into our continent.
Would they have liked for us to do to them what they have done to us?
Yeah! Real Christians these Europeans. Christians from some European hell. ]

This European Colonial Declaration
summary of European crimes.

This declaration is
based on the 1514 European Spaniard
document called El Requerimiento.
Read the summary of the text below
and an abridgement of the text to see
the savagery of the Europeans for yourself.

El Requerimiento [The Requirement]
1514 Under the Savage and Immoral Charles I of Spain

This racist and criminal document of the Spanish invaders was read to our people, the Nican Tlaca (the Indigenous people of Cemanahuac, "the
Western Hemisphere" ) everywhere that they went.

The racist and savage document
fraudulently and immorally says that Spain has a right to enslave our people in all of Cemanahuac. It also gives a monstrous reason for their "just war" against our people.

Spaniards fiendishly drew up this racist document so that they could "legally" enslave our people. Notice the savage nature of the warning in the last paragraph to those of our people who do not submit. Of course, not knowing the Spanish language, most of our people had no idea what was being said during the reading, but found themselves enslaved or killed, robbed, raped, and mutilated nonetheless.


On behalf of the king and the queen, subjugators of barbarous peoples, we, their servants,
notify and make known to you as best we are able,
that God, Our Lord, living and eternal, created the heavens and the earth, and a man and a woman,
of whom you and we and all other people of the world were, and are, the descendants.

Because of the great numbers of people who have come from the union of these two
in the five thousand years, which have run their course since the world was created,
it became necessary that some should go in one direction and that others should go in another.
Thus they became divided into many kingdoms and many provinces,
since they could not all remain or sustain themselves in one place.
Of all these people God, Our Lord, chose one, who was called Saint Peter,
to be the lord and the one who was to be superior to all the other people of the world, whom all should obey.
[Here Europeans start putting words into the supposed mouth of Our Creator, blasphemy!
Our creator supposedly told them to kill, steal, enslave, rape, and commit genocide. ]

He was to be the head of the entire human race, wherever men might exist.
God gave him the world for his kingdom and jurisdiction.
God also permitted him to be and establish himself in any other part of the world to judge and govern all peoples,
whether Christian, Moors, Jew, Gentiles, or those of any other sects and beliefs that there might be.
[Racists! Liars! ]
He was called the Pope. One of the past Popes who succeeded Saint Peter, as Lord of the Earth
gave these islands and Mainland's of the Ocean Sea [the Atlantic Ocean] to the said King and Queen
and to their successors, with everything that there is in them, as is set forth in certain documents
which were drawn up regarding this donation in the manner described, which you may see if you so desire.
[The Pope had no right to give away our continent nor to enslave our people, nor to kill our people.
Here we see where the church is deeply imbedded in genocide, slavery, murder, and other crimes.]

In consequence, Their Highnesses are Kings and Lords of these islands and mainland by virtue of said donation.
[The Pope gives away something that doesn't belong to him. The King/Queen then go off to steal what has been okayed
for theft and enslavement by the Pope. Racism, theft, enslavement, murder, and genocide are clearly the intent as you read more below.]

Certain other isles and almost all [the native peoples] to whom this summons has been read have accepted
Their Highnesses as such Kings and Lords, and have served, and serve, them as their subjects as they should, and must, do,
with good will and without offering any resistance. You are constrained and obliged to do the same as they.
[Those of our people who did surrender did so only after massacres, torture, mutilations,
and the spread of biological warfare in the form of smallpox.]

Consequently, as we best may, we beseech and demand that you understand fully this that we have said to you and ponder it,
so that you may understand and deliberate upon it for a just and fair period,
[They knew they couldn't be understood. This was all just an excuse to "legally" do their crimes.]
and that you accept the Church and Superior Organization of the whole world and recognize the Supreme Pontiff, called the Pope,
and that in his name, you acknowledge the King and Queen, as the lords and superior authorities of these islands and Mainlands
by virtue of the said donation.
[You can't give away what doesn't belong to you. You can't legally own stolen property.
You are technically, legally, still a trespasser. You are illegally in violation of the basic laws of humanity.]

If you do not do this, however, or resort maliciously to delay,
we warn you that, with the aid of God,
[Again, blasphemy!]
we will enter your land against you with force
[Admitting that it is our land and that they are terrorists]
and will make war in every place
and by every means we can and are able,
[They used biological warfare as their main weapon of mass destruction against our people.]
and we will then subject you to the yoke and authority of the Church and Their Highnesses.
[Again, Church and European government partners in crimes against humanity.]
We will take you and your wives and children and make them slaves,
[By what authority does any human being have the right to enslave another human being?]
and as such we will sell them, and will dispose of you and them as Their Highnesses order.
And we will take your property
[Theft as part of Church and European partnership in crimes.]
and will do to you all the harm and evil we can,
[Authorized by the Church to do all sorts of harm and evil that they can upon our people. How monstrous!].
as is done to vassals who will not obey their lord or who do not wish to accept him, or who resist and defy him.
[Europeans were not our lords, are not our lords, and they must be resisted with moves for liberation today.]
We avow that the deaths and harm which you will receive
thereby will be your own blame,
[They break and enter our lands, without our people doing any harm to them,
and they feel that they can blame us when we are killed for resisting their invasion or their attempts to enslave us.]

and not that of Their Highnesses,
nor ours, nor of the gentlemen who come with us.
[They would have like to have killed 100% of our people and to replace us with African slaves. It didn't go that way. We are now capable of educating our people on the crimes of the Europeans. We are capable of liberating ourselves from Europeans.]