Mexica Movement Declaration
Against Chicana/Chicano Studies     323/981-0352    

Chicana/Chicano Studies

Chicana/Chicano Studies
Has Betrayed Its Original Intent

The Colonialist and Racist Hispanic/Latino Agenda

Now Dominates Chicana/Chicano Studies

Last updated: April 5, 2007 and December 30 , 2005
  Based On the UCLA March 5, 1998 Mexica Movement Demand  

Over the last twentyfive years Chicana/Chicano Studies has suffered from a series of attacks, sabotages, and guttings of what was once the hope for the rebirth of our Anahuac heritage, the rebirth of our Calmecas (universities), and the beginnings of Anahuac liberation.  But this dream has been mostly destroyed by a large and powerful vendido factor within the faculty of Chicana/Chicano Studies.

These professors, gusanos-vendidos, have, without significant or meaningful challenge, poisoned Chicana/Chicano Studies with their Hispanic/Latino racist agenda.  This has been done at every campus where Chicana/Chicano Studies exists.  This was done with a treasonous attitude, pro-colonialist sentiments, anti-Indigenous racism, and a  Eurocentric revisionist goal.

These vendido and vendida professors have aggressively worked to rape, castrate, mutilate, and pervert Chicana/Chicano as a word and as a revolutionary and nationalist concept.

These vendidos/vendidas have injected the worst of Marxist, anarchist, feminist, gay/lesbian, New Age, and other foreign ideas into what should have been a purely Anahuac-centric liberating process.

These vendidos at the major universities, with the help of the worst of the treasonous Mechas, have worked to covertly destroy Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) identity, Anahuac-centered history, and Mexica (“Aztec”) heritage from the essence of what should have been the liberating process within Chicana/Chicano Studies. This has been done at Chicana/Chicano Studies Departments at colleges and universities everywhere, and even at most high schools with Chicana/Chicano Studies classes. They have also suffered from this Hispanic/Latino attack.

The key Eurocentric racist components of the racist Latino/Hispanic agenda have primarily been:  ONE, an apologist attitude or tone toward the genocidal European (Spaniard and British) crimes and colonialism; TWO, the numbing injection of the cowardice and pretensions of New Age Religion (phony"spirituality")—being passed off as our theology; THREE, the Christianity and European corrupted-perveted rituals of "Aztec" danza as "spiritual" entertainment (Las Vegas exhibitionist fantasies of what our culture was); FOUR, injecting into Chicana/Chicano Studies the sex-oriented domination of the extreme feminist/gay/lesbian agenda (which is the treasonous sexism and sex obsession ideas of "our sex organs and our pleasures are more important than what happens to our people or our culture"); and FIVE, the aggressive romanticizing/glamorization and promotion of gang culture (with murderous impacts on our communities ) as "art and part of our culture" found in low-life crime and gang literature and films that encourage gang culture (ALWAYS RUNNING; AMERICAN ME; BLOOD IN BLOOD OUT, and other lesser known monstrosities).

All of these concepts have taken on a destructive, racist, and disrespectful attitude toward our people as Nican Tlaca (Indigenous).  These racist, selfish, and Eurocentric ideas have crippled our potential for collective, positive, and liberating leadership. These attacks on our history and identity have distorted our true heritage, stunted our positive anti-colonial attitudes, culturally focused us on collaboration with the European occupation, historically distorted the reality of who we are as a people (failing to tell us that it is not about the last 500 years when the Europeans invaded, its about the last 50,000 when we were free from Europeans).  Overall what is now called Chicana/Chicano Studies has assaulted and defamed our Nican Tlaca Mexica Anahuac heritage at all of its foundations.

Chicana/Chicano Studies now covertly celebrates the invasion, rape, occupation, and the destruction of our nation. The examples are all in this document.


Hispanic is perfectly correct for Spaniards and their true full blood European descendants.Latino is okay for Italians, French, and Spaniards and their true descendants and their full-blood European descendants. But these Hispanic/Latino identities have no business in Chicana/Chicano Studies.  This Hispanic/Latino agenda has vigorously added new energy to the colonizing of our people, a people who are already suffering from being a colonized people.  They have done this by re-energizing the worst of our people's European-taught self-hate and promoting a European-focused identity for our people.

This Hispanic/Latino identity for us is first of all a lie for 100% of our people (Remember that the Criollos born in Mexico are not Mexican in heritage, blood, nor in their sympathies for the plights of our people). Second, this is a criminal attack on our identity and our heritage. For more on this Those with a Hispanic/Latino agenda could have started their own studies without destroying Chicana/Chicano Studies.

Feminism in its civil rights aspect is a GREAT IDEA, an idea that still has more work to achieve all of its goals, but when it is used to nullify Chicana/Chicano Studies and to delete or dilute the Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) component emphasis of the curriculum, it is then that this version of feminism becomes racist and treason. Feminism as a idea is great and progressive when it is fighting for equality and against sexism. And yes, it should fight sexism in our own culture.  But when it is used as a purely sexist or gay/lesbian tool against all males or to dominate or negate the progressive idealism of Chicana/Chicano Studies with a feminist/gay/lesbian agenda, it is then that they are in full mimic of their white feminist/gay/lesbian racist masters, and thus become traitors to their own people.  Those with a Feminist or Gay/Lesbian agenda could have started their own studies without destroying Chicana/Chicano Studies.

Gay/Lesbian as a movement for equality and against discrimination is a positive idea.  But when the gay/lesbian agenda is used to dominate, dilute, or destroy Chicana/Chicano Studies or to attack our heritage, it is then that they become treason to our people.  They become traitors who give priority to their sexuality over the liberation of our people. Those with a Gay/Lesbian agenda could have started their own studies without destroying Chicana/Chicano Studies.

Christianity, when it is emptied of racism, Eurocentrism, and superstitions, and when it is used as a guide to "treat others as you would have yourself treated", can be a positive influence in people's lives.  But when it is used to destroy our culture and our theology, it is then that it becomes an enemy of our people and a force that we must confront. Christianity was the driving force in the Genocide that killed 95% of our people.

Read this clarification section well and in a studied fashion, before you go off defensively or wildly emotional.  This declaration is not racist against Europeans, nor is it against feminism, gay/lesbian people, or people who are sincere in their Christianity.  This declaration is a defense of what was once a positive and developing Chicana/Chicano Studies that would have guided our people to a collective leadership for the liberation of Anahuac. 

What we are totally against in all of its disguises is the New Age perversion of our culture, its "peaceful warrior" crap, their desecration of our rituals, and the making a toy of our theology.

The same that is said for all New Age pretensions and crimes against our culture also goes for all of the danzantes with their "Christian elements", "energy" superstitions, and false warrior pretensions that dishonor our ancestors.



Another key idea that has destroyed Chicana/Chicano Studies is the Eurocentric, colonialist, racist, and illogical idea of the necessity of Chicana/Chicano Studies "being inclusive”. In their treasonous idea Chicana/Chicano now includes an Argentine, and in some cases even Spaniards now living in Spain. 

In being more “inclusive”, we, as Nican Tlaca people, have been unceremoniously excluded or diluted from our history, and our pride as Mexica and as the people of Anahuac and the owners of this continent has been outright rejected. 

Because of the influence of Gusano-Cuban control of our Spanish language media we are already being forced to be “inclusive” of whites (Europeans) to the point of re-embracing them as our masters and our superiors, and excluding of ourselves as Nican Tlaca by having our identity, history, and heritage destroyed by the Criollo (Spanish descent) Miami machine that promotes Hispanic/Latino. 

Now to find our own people happily working with the Gusano-Cubano racist colonial machine destroying our identity, our history, and our Anahuac pride seems unbelievable, but it is a fact. We have the overwhelming majority of the Chicana/Chicano studies professors promoting Latino or both Latino and Hispanic.

“Hispanic/Latino unity” is a running theme within this perversion of Chicana/Chicano Studies. Unity with Cubans, Argentines, and Españoles is seen as a positive thing, not a colonizing thing or a Pavlovian need for white masters and role models.

In what way is the destruction of our history and our identity a positive thing for us? It is of course a positive thing for Europeans who are participating in the destruction of our identity and heritage, and our knowledge of our rights to the vast wealth of this continent. In no way is this monstrosity a positive thing for our people!

What this new form of colonialism does is to assure European domination over our people and our people’s wealth, the wealth that is this continent and the wealth of our dominant and growing demographics.

How else can foreign occupation and domination of our people be a positive thing? For European descendants, it is positive in that it means that their racist colonialist agenda has completely infected the media, arts, education, and all the remnants of our people’s culture. It has brought us under more direct control of the racist descendants of the people who killed 95% of our population, destroyed our civilizations, and stole the wealth of our continent from us.

This “Hispanic/Latino unity” is more of a move against all things Nican Tlaca in our people than anything about unity. This is more to subliminally give praise to the Europeans for their invasions of our continent, destruction of our civilization and their genocide of our people. This is more about destroying all hope that our people will ever be truly independent from Europeans. This means the long-term death and extermination of our people.

This “Hispanic/Latino” culture promotes gang culture in all of its dangerous, deadly, and destructive elements. They promote gang music, gang killings, the gang way of dressing, gang tagging, gang talk, gang terror, gang drug dealing, gang drug use, gang crime, and the gang cultural destruction of our people.

This is the gang culture which starts with our children being encouraged and in some cases being forced to read ALWAYS RUNNING by Luis Rodriguez, and viewing movies like AMERICAN ME and BLOOD IN, BLOOD OUT. They also are forcibly injected the criminal poisons of video games like GRAND THEFT AUTO and other crime-focused video games. These are the scripts for our people to enter the gang culture, gang crime, the prison system, and the killing of tens of thousands of our people.

Yes, Chicana/Chicano Studies promotes gangs. Gangs as art. Gangs as cultural phenomenon. Gangs as psychological studies. Gangs and prisons as cycles of violence. Really cool stuff that can be discussed in Chicana/Chicano Studies.  No solutions, just glamorizing gang culture, nostalgia, and bullshitting while our people are killing each other.

They teach this crap instead of giving us pride of our Anahuac accomplishments, our civilizations, and to be aware of the monstrous crimes of the Spaniards and other Europeans against our people.  We are told that the past doesn’t matter, that it is what we do today individually (individualistically) that counts. Even when they do present our accomplishments and the crimes of the Europeans, they present them in a negative way or in a way that we cannot fully appreciate what our genius has accomplished in the world and how savage, criminal, and monstrous were the crimes of the Europeans.

The devastating effects of this omission of our positive contributions to the world and the deliberate whitewashing of European crimes against us can be seen in our communities. Increase in rates of crime, gangs, tagging, drugs, and shame in our community can be totally attributed to what Chicana/Chicano Studies DID NOT DO. They should have been the wells of knowledge, pride, motivation, and a renaissance of Nican Tlaca Mexica Anahuac heritage. Instead their priority has been to promote Eurocentric thought (Raza Cosmica and “Yo Soy Joaquin”), gang culture (“American Me” and “Always Running”), sex focus (feminism and gay/lesbian), New Age Eurocentric cult, and the Genocidal “Latin” concepts of Hispanic/Latino unity (unity under white people like “Cristina la gusana” and vendidos like Eddie Olmos).

The results of this catastrophe in Chicana/Chicano Studies is seen in how we live our lives under the daily propaganda that is bombarded against us daily with Spanish language television and other media that promotes the “Latino”/“Hispanic” agenda. Not one person with significant influence in education, media, arts, or politics is fighting this Genocide against our people. We see and hear all of these attacks on our heritage and not one of these so-called leaders is defending our people. We, Mexica Movement, don't consider ourselves influential enough to make significant enough impacts in the fields of education, media, arts, or politics—but we are trying.

Meanwhile the results of the gang killings grow day by day, week by week, year by year. The percentage of our people who know someone with a prison record, gang involvement, or are victims of gang killings, grows greater than university graduates or even people in car accidents.

On the passive-aggressive part we see our people, mostly women but some men, dying their hair blond or reddish and bleaching their skin to try to look European, buying blue-eyed contacts, and showing shame in even calling themselves Chicana/Chicano or Mexicano/Mexicana---while taking Chicana/Chicano Studies.

All of what has been said of Chicana/Chicano and Mexican can also be said of our people out of “Central America”. Remember Mexicans and “Central Americans” are one people. This should be our real focus of unity, not unity with Spaniards and their descendants.

Today we have no political, educational, or any other so-called traditional “Mexican-American” or “Central American” leaders who are jointly speaking as people of Anahuac, as Mexicans, as Salvadoreans, as Guatemalans, as Nicaraguans, as Hondurans, as Costa Ricans, or as the Mexica people of Anahuac. They only speak as Hispanic/Latino people, as a colonized people.

We of the Mexica Movement write this for and as Nican Tlaca (Indigenous people), Mixed-blood and Full-blood Nican Tlaca, Mexicans and “Central Americans”, and for the so-called Native Americans and First Nation people of this whole continent.




In short, Chicana/Chicano Studies have been betrayed and we are protesting the near-destruction of its Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) core integrity.

Here, in this demand, we have explained some simple facts and we will explain some more simple facts.

Chicana And Chicano

Chicana and Chicano comes from the word Mexica (Meh-shee-kah). In Spanish if you are a Mexica you become a Mechicano.

Mechicanos was the original way that the Spaniards called our people of the city of Tenochtitlan, which in turn became a way to refer to all of the people of Anahuac, which at that time and for four thousand years had culturally included what is called “Central America” and Aztlan-Chicomoztoc (the rest of what is called “North America”).

In the late 16th century the pronunciation was of Mechicano was changed to Mejicano due to a change in the pronunciation of the letter “x” in Spain.

Chicana and Chicano are just a shortened version of Mexica.


Mexica is the Nahuatl name of the original inhabitant Nican Tlaca people of Tenochtitlan, which was the largest city of Anahuac with a population of over 350,000 inhabitants. In 1519, the Mexica were the cultural heirs of over 3,500 years of Anahuac civilization.

Our civilization started well before 2300 B.C. with the Olmeca. We were and are also the Zapoteca, Teotihuacano, Maya, Mixteco, Tolteca, Pipil, Hopi, Shoshone, and finally the Mexica, along with dozens of our other cultures and civilizations, who are all part of our Anahuac heritage. The actual “Mexica” were mostly destroyed in a Spaniard Nazi-like Genocide and then were finally exterminated through an ethnocide that has left no true-blood known descendants of the Mexica. But Mexica culture and history have survived. Mexica has allowed us to survive for four centuries after the Europeans originally forced their way onto our continent and committed the Genocide of 23 million (95%) of our population in Mexico and “Central America”, along with 10 million more killed in what is called the “US” and Canada. Mexica is what we are attempting to reconstruct as an identity and as a culture, empty of all the Spanish and Eurocentric corruptions. There is a great body of work that exists on the culture of the Mexica and that is being ignored by the Latino/Hispanic focused traitors in Chicana/Chicano Studies. Mexica is the collective identity for all of Anahuac because it has all of the necessary elements to help us reconstruct our heritage. Mexica is ideal for the vast majority of us who have been disconnected or raped out of our Nican Tlaca civilization or tribal origins. For the minority of us who know our full identity, language, blood, history, civilization origins (Maya, Zapotec, Mixtec, etc), tribal origins (Comanche, Mohawk, Chumash, Raramuri, etc), Mexica is our tool for unity of all of our heritage on this continent, while maintaining our regional heritage.

Mexica has extensive documents on language, history, theology, philosphy, art, and other elements that will strengthen us as a nation, a nation free from European control of our lives.


Anahuac means “the land between the waters” in our Nahuatl language. Geographically it includes what archeologists and historians refer to as Mesoamerica—but it also includes the lands north and south of there which are part of our one same heritage.

Culturally and historically Anahuac has included what today is called “Central America”, Mexico, Canada, the whole of the "continental United States".

Prior to 1848 there was no such thing as the “U.S. Southwest”. Prior to 1823 there was no such thing as “Central American”. Prior to 1803 there was no such place as "The Western United States" west of the Mississippi. Prior to 1492 there was no such thing as a European colony on any of the lands of our Cemanahuac ("Western Hemisphere") continent. We were all part of one heritage, one people: of different languages, different regional governments and different geography—but all of one nation (in the modern sense of the word).

This sense of nation is much like Italy was at one time (prior to the 20th century) and as it is today. Italy was once a nation of independent city-states and principalities that were an accumulation of its Greek and Arab southern part and its Germanic and Roman northern and central part. They formed the modern nation of Italy which is culturally, historically and linguistically based on its Roman heritage.

We are in a similar but not exact situation with our Mexica-Anahuac culture, history, society, and identity. Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) is our racial identity. Mexica is our way of unifying all of our Anahuac people into one modern nation, based on the extensive amount of written material available on Mexica civilization. The Anahuac component recognizes all of our languages, histories, and variations on our one culture (urban and tribal). Mexica is the only one of our societies that we can, realistically, and with dignity and honor, reconstruct into a viable nation. Chicana/Chicano is perfectly acceptable as a variation on Mexica. “Chicana and Chicano” is part our heritage.

Chicana/Chicano Studies should be, and at on time was, originally set up as the study of the people of Mexican (Anahuac) descent in “The United States”—Aztlan (northern part of our continent).

Chicana/Chicano Studies should not be Chicana/Chicano and Latina/o Studies. That would be like having Jewish and Nazi Studies, as if they were one field of studies, as if the Yiddish and Germanic are one and the same, as if Jewish and Nazi were interchangeable.

Chicana/Chicano Studies should not be Hispanic, Latino, Mestizo or Raza Studies.

NOT LATINO: Latino just means Latin in the Spanish language. Latinos are the Latins: Southern Europeans—the Spaniards, French, and Portuguese. Calling ourselves “Latino” makes us cultural slaves of Europeans, of Spaniards and their descendants. Latino is cultural suicide when we use it. Latino is cultural ethnocide when promoted by the Spaniards and their descendants. It betrays our true Nican Tlaca ancestors . Latino is ANTI-INDIGENOUS and ANTI-ANAHUAC. Latino is part of the continuing Spaniard colonization of our people. Latino unites us as cultural and economic slaves of the white Spanish speakers of colonial “Latin America”.

NOT HISPANIC: Hispanic are the Spaniards, the people of Spain. We are not Spaniard! We are the Mexica of Anahuac! We are Chicana and Chicano! Calling ourselves “Hispanic” denies us our true Anahuac Mexica identity, history, and heritage. Hispanic enslaves us to the interest of the “Spanish” white world. Calling ourselves Hispanic is like African-Americans calling themselves British because the speak English, have British surnames, and have some white blood in them.

NOT MESTIZO: Mestizo is not an identity. It is not a nationality. It simply means “mixed” in the Spanish language. Calling ourselves “Mestizo” is a way of rejecting our Anahuac Mexica identity. The mestizo concept as an identity stresses the false “beauty” of our supposed Spanish side at the expense of our true Nican Tlaca beauty and history.

NOT RAZA: Raza is not an identity. It is basically the same thing as Mestizo—it takes pride in Spanish blood and puts shame in our Nican Tlaca blood and culture. Calling ourselves “Raza” is a way of saying: “I’m not an 'Indio', I have some, mostly, Spanish blood”. Why say Raza when you can say Mexican, Chicano, Mexicano, Salvadoreño, Guatemalteco, or better yet Mexica. Raza is the insult that the Spaniards gave us along with “hijos de la chingada”. In Mexico “Dia de la Raza” is celebrated on October 12—Columbus Day. Imagine that, we are celebrating the rape of our nation. Raza is not a term to take pride in— it is a racist insult.



With all of this having been declared, we do here in this demand say that: if the Chicana/Chicano Studies Department is not proceeding with an exclusive Anahuac Mexica focus (Mixed-Blood and Full-blood Nican Tlaca people included), and if there is a “Latino” and/or “Hispanic” flavor, compromise, domination, injection, tolerance of, or duality (Latino/Chicana and Chicano) focus, it will be a clear betrayal of our heritage, betrayal to our ancestors, and a betrayal to our descendants to come.

Latino, Hispanic, Mestizo, and Raza should be removed from the wording and spirit of what makes up UCLA and other Chicana and Chicano Studies department.

BUT if there is opposition to our DEMAND and there is an unrelenting need for Latino or Hispanic, then, very simply, we DEMAND that those Chicana/Chicano Studies Departments who insist on Latino and/or Hispanic should be called Spanish Studies, Pro-Colonialism Spaniard Studies, or The Hernando Cortez Center for the preservation of Latin American Spanish and European Domination of the Indigenous People of the Western Hemisphere. Then it will be called for what it is.

We have seen our Nican Tlaca, Mexican, “Central American”, and Anahuac identity, history, and heritage destroyed, mutilated and betrayed by people who are supposedly our people in the education, media, government, and even by Hispanicized and colonized Chicana/o Studies Departments. We are making our stand here.

Our first demand
of this declaration is for the liberation of Chicana/Chicano Studies, from all vendidas and vendidos. Teaching Chicana/Chicano Studies should be limited to those who have demonstrated an understanding and a love for our history and heritage. We prefer that our own people teach these studies, but we will take a European or a person of any other race over any vendida or a vendido who has proven his or her treason to the concept of Chicana/Chicano Studies.

Our second demand is for a Mexica and Maya focus of Chicana/Chicano Studies, and that it should be 90% of the material studied. The other 10% should consist of the period from 1519 to the present day, with a special focus on the Spaniard biological warfare that caused the holocaust of 95% of our population in the 16th century.

Long live Cuauhtemoc! Long live Citlalmina!
Long Live A Liberated Anahuac!