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This link explains what the Mexica Movement is and what it is not. We hope this page answers most of the distortions of what we are all about.
Zapata is our role model of a hero. He lived his life with the motto that said more or less, "I would rather die fighting for freedom than live the rest of my life on my knees. "
There is a lot of confusion in the internet. There are people who take credit for the work that we do. Let's be clear: there is no generic form of Mexica Movement, only Mexica Movement.
Here you will find clarification on how the Mexica Movement views issues such as Nican Tlaca identity, Nican Tlaca unity, and ongoing white supremacy and colonialism.
Our latest blog is from June 9, 2010 titled WORTHY OF NOTE. This is a new approach to how we communicate with our supporters.
This is a poem that explains our history, the current condition of our people, and the hope that exists for us when we understand the great accomplishments of our people.
Here you will find a few sample emails of key issues that we responded to. Feel free to email us on what has helped you most from the materials on our website.
We challenge anyone to match even 10% of what Mexica Movement has accomplished for Nican Tlaca issues of education and liberation. Here you will find samples of our actions.
There are several websites and youtube accounts out there that have directly stolen our materials and are now passing them off as their own creations. This is a bad European habit.
These Youtube videos focus on lectures that clarify a lot of the key issues affecting our people in regards to history, idenity, theology, and a lot more.
Become part of the Mexica Movement. Click above to find out how you can become a member or a supporter. Don't procrastinate. We need your help.
These Youtube videos cover events, protests, and other work of the Mexica Movement. We produce a lot of videos to make it easier to understand the basic issues of liberation.

Check out THERE IS ONLY ONE MEXICA MOVEMENT above (top right side) for clarification on our positions.
This section is here in this section for new people to be clear on what makes Mexica Movement different from
Marxists, Capitalists, Anarchists, and the New Age "spirituality", "cosmic energy"/"rituals-ceremonies",
"danza", Matachines/Concheros, and other nonsense, treason, and cowardice that confuses our peopl

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Basic Knowledge That You Need
Our Credentials: Who We Are!
Quotes In The News About Mexica Movement.
Journal of Actions of the Mexica Movement.
Crimes Of The Europeans
Older Actions of Mexica Movement
Confused About Identity?
Treason Of Chicano Studies
What Is Nican Tlaca?
Racism Of Spanish Language Television
Why Mexica As Identity For All Of US?
Boycott Disney
What About The Good White People?
Great Mural Of East Los Angeles
What's The Difference Between Bad Whites And Good Whites?
What Is Racism?
Nahuatl Names
Who Are The Real "Illegals"?
Educational Youtube Videos: Anahuac Pilgrimage
History Of Racist Immigration Laws
Educational Youtube Videos: Mexica Movement
Colonial White Supremacist Borders
Educational Youtube Videos: Anahuac Warrior
Introduction To Anahuac Theology
Audio Download: Heritage Denied
"Spirituality" Is A European Concept

New Essay: Viva la Raza?
The White Supremacy
Behind "La Raza"

New Essay:

Challenging the White Supremacy
In Chicana Feminism

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BEFORE YOU MAKE JUDGEMENTS OF OUR WEBSITE please read our NOTE OF CAUTION.  This link takes you to a kind of mental detox area for people who have been poisoned by the "Europeans are superior and never did anything wrong" point of view.  Here you will be asked to be open minded in how your read our materials.  It's important that you be conscious of the Eurocentric thinking that is embedded in our minds and in the media and the education system.  Remember truth and justice are not unreasonable demands.


Purchase the posters that the Mexica Movement  produces.  

Do this as often as you can afford. Or you can just donate money straight out without purchase of anything, just make a note: MY LIBERATION DONATION.  Do this monthly if you you can afford it.

Liberation is not free, it has to be struggled for, and it has to pay the bills for the "free" fliers, posters, and websites.

Yes, the words and actions that you find on this website are strong, do not be afraid.  This is what knowledge looks like when it's coming from our people.  This is what courage looks like.

Now find the courage to read the materials, intelligently, and then to share what you are learning.  But you have to support the work that we are doing by sending at least a dollar. If you don't even do that then you are part of the problem.

Yes, it takes money to liberate our people, as if that is a big surprise to you.  Don't procrastinate.  Do not be afraid of the big white man. Knowledge and Courage are things that you can get used to.

This section gives you a quick introduction to the basic ideas of the Mexica Movement.  Think of his as a sort of detox first step to cleanse you of all of the lies and propaganda that we all are forced to consume through the Eurocentric education system and the mass media.  Let this section be your temporary escape out of the Matrix of injustices in which we all now live in.  Follow this up with KNOWLEDGE BEGINS HERE two boxes down below.
Today, we are all born into a colonized condition that has been going on for 500 years. We have been cut off from our sources of whole knowledge and our warrior societies that shaped the heritage and dignity of our people.  We are all psychologically damaged from centuries of terrorism and genocide at the hands of the European savages who have enslaved us, raped us, and made fools and dogs out of us.  There is a way that we can changes all of that.  We can be part of the Mexica Movement.
Begin your liberation here.  This link contains a brief history of our people.  This information will help you understand the colonial reality in which we live. Here you will find some clarification on identity.  Here you will also have most of your questions about our heritage answered.  This is an online copy of Olin Tezcatlipoca's book ANAHUAC.
This link will show you that Mexica Movement is more than just a Nican Tlaca rights educational organization.  We are also out in the streets in protests, in the schools giving lectures, at events, and with videos and knowledge on the internet.  You can also see that we confront white supremacists and the traitors amongst our own people. We hope that you see that our work in both intellectual and hands-on work confronting evil.

There is a horrible ignorance about the accomplishments of our Nican Tlaca ancestors.  There is a white supremacist emphasis on everything negative about our heritage.  Here we point out a few of the most important contributions that we as Nican Tlaca have given to the world. 

We had civilizations that were older than any civilization of Europe.  (Remember that Europe did not invent the wheel, agriculture, writing, mathematics, or any of the roots of what are called Western Civilization.  Those are all accomplishments of the Middle East.)

We developed our own civilizations, writing systems, books, mathematics, the concept of zero, the best calendar system in the world (even for today), better knowledge of astronomy and medicine (better than what existed in Europe at the time of their barbaric invasions and terrorism of our people), engineering, cities, commerce systems, and and great cuisines (using chocolate, vanilla, chiles, corn, beans, squash, and other foods that we developed).

We had free hospitals, free schools and universities for males and females, libraries, botanical gardens, zoos, public restrooms, and egalitarian and democratic societies scattered throughout our continent that was full of cities and beautiful tribal cultures.

Here you will find some clarity about our continent that is falsely called "North America".  You will find that this continent is not part of Europe and that this is Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) land is all ours.  This section will have you better understand the current conditions of our people. This ties in with clarifying all  of the nonsense that says that we are illegals in any part of our continent. The whole of this Cemanahuac continent is ours as Nican Tlaca, and Anahuac belongs to the culture of Nican Tlaca up here in the north.

Nican Tlaca is a term coined by the Mexica Movement.  This is a term that uses one of our languages, Nahuatl, as a way to describe ourselves.  Nican Tlaca means "We the people here".  It is used when referring to all of our people, the Indigenous people of this Cemanahuac continent ("North and South America").  Click the button on left for more details.

Most of our people are ignorant or confused about their own identity. They hear the "Hispanic/Latino" white labeling of our people and they know there is something wrong when a Maya and a Spaniard are considered the same people, even if the Maya speaks no Spanish.  So, here we give you a little tour to hopefully clarify for you your identity.  If you are "Central American", this applies to you also. " South American" non-whites fall under Nican Tlaca.
The Mexica (falsely called Aztec) were our last great Anahuac civilization. Mexica civilization is the only one of our Anahuac civilizations that we can reconstruct from a variety of sources (codices, artifacts, histories, theology, philosophy, and other materials).  Embracing Mexica collective identity and culture in no way diminishes our other civilizations or our regional or tribal identities.  In reality Mexica identity is a unifying civilization that embraces all Nican Tlaca as equal brothers and sisters.







It's ironic, monstrous in a sense, shameless, and mostly it is criminal for the European people of the world who invented and who have used racism with deadly and enslaving consequences upon the non-white world, to now claim that they are the victims of racism when non-white people point out the white supremacist crimes that Europeans have committed around the world.  The concept of racism needs to be analyzed and presented to its proper owner:  the white race.

White people as a whole have inflicted the largest holocausts in the history of humanity. 

White people have stolen more lands from other races than anyone in the history of humanity.  That is not anything to brag about.  Thieving, whether on an individual basis or done on the collective efforts of an entire race, is always morally wrong and criminal.  To derive benefit from those thefts is immoral and a crime against the human beings who were robbed.

White people have enslaved more people than anyone else in the history of the world.   We are today enslaved to European interests, on our own land.  The wealth of our continent enriches the white race.  They will not let go of our wealth and they will not free us from the enslaved condition in which we now live. 

Throughout all of the 500 year history of terrorism, massacres, genocide, and the other evils of white supremacy, there were always good Europeans in Europe and good white people in their colonies who fought against the evils of their brothers and sisters.  This is why we know that not all white people are evil.

John Brown was a white man who brought down the evils of slavery with every day of his life and with the last breath of his life when he was hanged.  He is a hero for all of humanity.  White people need to follow in the steps of John Brown and not George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and the other white surpemacist slavers who are the heroes of "America."

Click the John Brown images on the left to get more information.

You need to understand the viciousness, savage nature, false Christianity, false claim to being civilized, and the thousands of crimes that Europeans have committed on our people.  This section will help you understand the savage crimes of the Europeans.  This will also help you see Europeans for who they really are.   Get to know the reality of the crimes of the Europeans. Read AMERICAN HOLOCAUST by David Stannard if you don't believe us .
Smallpox is the ugly big secret of European "success" at "conquering" our people and other people around the world.  The whole world needs to know the details of how they used their primitive knowledge of smallpox as a means of "ethnic cleansing" of whole continents, the destruction of civilizations, and the genocide of 70 to 100 million human lives. 
Spaniards are the most despicable and most savage of all of the Europeans who came as terrorists upon our people.  They committed the worst of crimes upon our people.  And now to be identified with them, to be labeled as part of their people, that is the most shameless crime that they have committed against us in the last two centuries.
On our continent of Cemanahuac ("Western Hemisphere") illegal immigration began in 1492 with the trespassing of that terrorist  criminal Christopher Columbus.  The relatives of the rapist, thief, slaver, grave robber, and genocidal criminal have been coming onto our continent without our permission for the last 500 years.  NOW these European squatters have the audacity to claim our continent and its wealth for themselves and to declare us "illegal immigrants" on our own lands.
There are so many lies and so much ignorance about immigration to this continent. The worst of all of the lies is to say that Nican Tlaca are illegal to this part of the "United States". It's equivalent to telling an Aboriginal person of Australia that he or she cannot cross from one Australian territory to another.  But white people can go wherever they want.  All of the "North and South America" are controlled (but not owned) by white people.  They can have fantasies about borders and "illegals all they want.  The truth and reality are another matter.






click on the poster

Some of the worst racist stereotypes are actually promoted by our own people. These "comedians" and "social critics" promote white supremacist views of our people, for profit.  These are men who have long-ago sold out our people.  Some of the worst are Gustavo Arellano, Carlos Mencia, Eddie Olmos, Lalo Alcaraz, Paul Rodriguez, Culture Clash, and  Gregory Nava.
Over the last twenty years or more we have had a series of vendidos who wanted to justify their own white supremacy (self-hate) by trying to break the truth, logic, or demands for justice that the Mexica Movement promotes.  Here in this section is a sampling of the attitude and shameless aggression of these vendidos. We're pretty sure that you've met this man or woman at a party who announces that they are "Latino/Hispanic" and that they're "American" and that they hate anything that questions "the beauty of what is America" and "the conquest".

Sometimes we need to use the boldest tradition of our ancestors, poetry, to get ideas across.  Sometimes just telling history is not enough to break the chains that enslave our minds.

Sometimes we have to give our minds the seeds of imagination in order to be true thinkers.

Sometimes we have to hear our hearts beating in the songs of  poetry, the blood of poetry.

Sometimes poetry is the only way that we can liberate our people's minds and their hearts.

Let's examine what happened to Chicano Studies in the last thirty years. 

How did Chicano Studies go from being a radical liberating source of knowledge and leadership development into a source of treason and cowardice?

How did it become this pro-colonial "Latino/Hispanic" monstrosity that has Malinche as a hero, Che as a hero, and has our true heroes in the trash?

Who are, or were, the traitors who have used one of the tools of liberation as a tool to disillusion our young people?

How did Chicano Studies turn into Latino Studies and Hispanic Studies?

How did Chicano Studies turn into a school for vendidos?

Why are you not doing anything about this?

Every day we are forced to see spanish language television and magazines with all of the white faces and not our faces or our interests.  And the few times when we do see our faces, they are always promoted in a negative, demeaning, and dehumanizing way.  The Mexican criollo (white) and Cuban gusanos (parasites) that control spanish language television and magazines are white supremacist entities that we must grow the courage to confront.  We need to demand the creative jobs that will promote not just the beautiful Nican Tlaca faces of our people but also the beautiful stories and histories of our people and our Anahuac heritage.





There is a lot of confusion about which books to read.  Here we save you some time by listing the key books that you should read.  The are listed in the order in which you should read them.  It's important that you actually read these books, so that you can confirm the facts for yourself.  It is a good habit to read these books about our heritage.
For those of you white supremacists who visit our web page, who might still have some intelligence and some heart in you, this page is for you.  Here you will learn a few things that you may not have been taught in your all-white schools or in the racist books that you were taught from.  You have a chance here to look at the facts and to embrace logic.
Disney has a long history of white supremacy. It's a history that is well documented (just google disney racism).  They have been blatantly anti-African descent people.  In the case of our people it hasn't been as bad as the attacks on African descent people, but it has been racist, dehumanizing, and humiliating.  Our last battle with them over having Antonio Banderas (a European Spaniard) to play Emiliano Zapata was a battle that we fought and won.  It took us over a year to stop and kill their film but we did it.  Hardly anyone heard our battle but it was done.  And now there is no film of Emiliano Zapata "starring Antonio Banderas".
Over the years we have had articles published on the actions of the Mexica Movement.  Los Angeles Times, La Opinion, Los Angeles Magazines, LA Weekly, OC Weekly, Los Angeles Daily News, Chicago Tribune, Telenovelas, Newtimes, and of course dozens of online magazines. We also have television segments from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX News, Telemundo, Univision, and smaller local television and radio.  We put this here as part of the resume of the work that we have done. These are just some of our media credentials on doing Nican Tlaca rights and liberation work in our communities.
Our Nican Tlaca Mexica Anahuac theology was not a religion.  Religion requires a belief in something you cannot prove (Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, or to say that Jesus Christ is someone equal to Our Creator).  Our theology is a scientific study of Our Creator and the Creation as one entity.  We did not believe in "gods".  We acknowledged all of the manifested actions of Our Creator and gave them names (explained in link). We did not believe in New Age "energy" as being equivalent to Our Creator.  We were not all about human sacrifice (more human sacrifice went on in the hundreds of thousands killed in the European"Roman circus", burning witches and heretics killed in the name of Jesus Christ, and the tortures and executions that the dictatorial Kings and Queens of Europe, and the Church, demanded).
Europeans have distorted and destroyed most of our theology.  In the last few decades the superstitions of the white Eurocentric New Age nonsense has been imposed on the theology of our Anahuac theology.  Key amongst the concepts has been this "spirituality" b.s. that has torn at the roots of our theology and replaced it with fiction of Carlos Castaneda (father of New Age) and other fools and traitors who insist on defiling our theology.
Nahuatl is the language which gives us  Chocolate, Chile, Chihuahua, Oaxaca, Guatemala, escuincle, chicle, and many other words.  Here is a link to help you better understand the Nahuatl language which was the dominant language from Mexico to Costa Rica.  Keep in mind that learning the language is not the most important thing.  You must learn your Anahuac history first, participate in educating your brothers and sisters out of their ignorance, and then participate in the liberation of all of our people from the colonial occupation in which we now live.
This is the largest mural in the world on the subject of our Anahuac heritage, the crimes of the Europeans, and a call for the liberation of all Nican Tlaca.  The mural project called ANAHUAC MURAL is located on the outside walls of Roosevelt High School in East Los Angeles, California. The mural has been targeted by white supremacist Fox Television as a wall that must be destroyed (too much truth for them to handle).  The Los Angeles Times also did an article on it.
This will help you find other subjects on our website.  Keep in mind that everything is not here.  We also have as a website and three youtube accounts (listed above this frame with buttons). If you still can't find something feel free to email us to help you find that segment of our website.














     Who's been shoving Che down our throats all these years?  He's not our hero!  He's not part of our people! We don't need the European-Argentine Che Guevara as our hero!  We have our own heroes! Why not Zapata or Sandino?  Why not Tecumseh or Tupac Amaru?  Why not Cuauhtemoc or Citlalmina?  Why not Frida or Diego Rivera?  We don't need Marxists as our heroes?

     We need to know who we are: Nican Tlaca Race, Mexica Culture, Anahuac Nation. We are not "Latins", "Latinos" or "Hispanics"!

     We need to know our Anahuac history and our heroes in order to know who we are! We need to become heroes!

This is a new segment to our website.  Please be patient as we build this links page up.  Most of our links will be educational.  Use these links to supplement the materials that we have on our website here. 

If you have any good links to recommend please email those links to us.

This is just a sampling of the emails that we get.  We get a lot of thank you letters for clarifying our history and our identity.  There is not one place where our people can go anywhere on this continent where they can get a clear understanding, backed by facts, of who we are as a people in a positive and constructive manner.  And this is the only place where our words against white supremacists are matched by our actions.